Modifying Paleo for Autoimmune Conditions (i.e., The Autoimmune Protocol)

SIBO Treatment: Antibiotics or Diet?

It can affect different areas of the stomach cardia, body and antrum and may be erosive or non-erosive in nature. His advice was to have a procedure that would widen my nostrils and increase air flow. Or some other reason you know of? Lunch — plaintain chips cooked in palm oil. I am not the best about writing about emotions or I would have done it… food is more my thing.

“Is _____ included in the elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol?”

Mickey Trescott is a cook and one of the bloggers behind Autoimmune Wellness. You also can find her on Instagram. This affordable ebook includes:. I have noticed a BIG difference in how I feel by avoiding nightshades.

I do have a question about the category. Is it a nightshade? What are your thoughts? Hello im struggling with eczema ive been on the aip diet for about month. Ive got still problems with my digestive system like gases and gurgling. Im taking candida stop NOW and some healthy fats. Thanks for your help. Hi Maciek, I would recommend working with a practitioner who can take a history and give you some supplement suggestions. This is not something I can do without further information.

I am going to give this diet plan a real good try. I am kinda worried about one thing. I have a blood clot disease called APLS. Is this going to hurt all the other effort I make?

Everyone should be speaking to their doc, anyways, when changing their diet. I had a rash for years-diagnosed at Eventually covered my face, scalp, and back. Talk about an ugly crustacen! One thing I have learned over the years-children if offered healthy choices, will choose correctly. I was forced and power-struggled over food as a child. Now I am having to go back and learn to listen to my body tell me what I should be eating.

About 24 hours for the rash to fully appear, be itchy, fiery, and welty. Then oozes clear fluid which crusts, Peaks at 3 days-about the normal time for inflammation, then clears over the next 7. The price is too high. BTW, yes, I have been to doctors-many doctors over the years. I had too many symptoms I was told. I had and I use past tense because at age 57 my thyroid tests are finally normal. Am hoping for a clear colonoscopy this time for UC. I find amazing I am finally losing weight with more than enough food to eat, and feel better than I have ever.

Did not come fast, took alot of patience. Started with her approach. Moved to the elimination lists she offers. In my experience gut and skin problems are very related, and garlic and onions are foods that the bacteria in SIBO love. I would ask your doctor to have a hydrogen breath test to rule this out, because you might find that treating this problem if it is the root of your issue resolves things. I am at a loss where to begin as there are so many books and suggestions.

I do need guidance from a pro but wonder what kind of pro? Thanks Janice in FL. Hi Janice, I recommend looking for a doc on primaldocs. I find I am learning more about myself, through yours and every one else s comments.

I would recommend drinking water sounds odd but I have seen specialist for years. Fodmaps was also recommended. This did not work well for me it blocked things up.

I found drinking water helped lots but onions, eggs, protein shakes, dairy, cauliflower, cabbage are triggers for gas. If I am stressed I will also expect gas. If you have diverticular disease it will also impact gas production. From someone with thyroid, diverticular and bowel for along time I found if you have water 2lt a day things improve.

Dehydration can cause many digestive issues. Yukalt probiotic also gives gas but puts good bacteria in the gut which buffers the immune system. So I have gas most days.

I noticed that I still had stomach gurgling and realized the probiotics I was taking were soy based or dairy based. A lot of candida supplements are based on these too and since switching to rice based or cutting them out completely i found a massive difference. Also with the foods to include on the AP diet, juicing everyday with the veggies and fruits is great first thing in the morning to help candida.

Laura, Yes, this is a common problem with supplements—have you seen this article from our contributor Susan? Hi Maria, I think you might find this article interesting: The two chiles that you listed are misspelled.

It should be jalapeños, and habaneros. Thanks for the print friendly guides. Now see I have been doing it all wrong, all those eggs! Made a recipe for bread that uses almond meal, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds plus of course 4 eggs! I have also been eating pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and macadamias!

So glad cashews are not on this list as I just made a cashew cream to use making cream soups and sauces. I realize this restricted list is mean as an elimination diet and that one can gradually add some items and check to see if they cause any problems. Thought you might find this interesting: Many people with my condition are using a VERY similar diet to yours, except the main difference is we have to cut out virtually all amylose starch in order to get symptomatic relief ie.

Oh, and we can also eat most nuts and many seed but not cashews, peanuts, sunflower seeds. Thanks for linking to your blog, and letting me know of the forum! I thought black pepper was okay. Answered my own question by reading this from Paleo Mom: My question is taking tumeric for pain. This is great thanks!. One question I see that chicken is on the list but not turkey.

Can you explain why it is on the foods to avoid? Sarah Ballantyne has a great article on that topic here: Thanks for the info! A few questions- are baking soda and kombucha okay? I have your book and have just startred the process! Made bone broth first and have been drinking that. Rashelle, I am so happy you like it! That recipe is one of my favorites. I have tried dehydrating the pulp to make crackers, but they tasted kind of bland, nothing like the chai! If you come up with anything good, let me know!

I wanted to ask about cacao. I know that you have cocoa listed as foods to avoid but is cacao acceptable? Thanks for your time! I have celiac disease and just found out I might have to get my thyroid out due to thyroid nodules.

Would you recommend the autoimmune protocol for me? I have heard that the paleo diet in general is really good in helping maintain a healthy weight post thyroidectomy.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Hi Steph, I would definitely recommend the autoimmune protocol to you. Most hypothyroidism is autoimmune in nature. I would strongly suggest, unless your biopsy indicates that your nodules are cancerous that you get a second opinion on the removal. A lot of doctors are quick to remove when they are not necessary, and it is a hard surgery to recover from.

My total Thyroid removal was a very easy surgery. With this diet My body is feeling great again. The only recovery problem was they never told me to watch my diet. All this information is great!!

Thank you so much for your advice!! I have 5 nodules and one for sure is causing constriction in my throat. Sigh i dont want to have my thyroid out, but i dont want to risk cancer either! Hmmm lots to think about and pray about. How did you find out about the nodules—was it because you felt throat constriction? Just wondering what I might need to watch for. Good luck to you in deciding what to do! You mention that if you have thyroid disease, it is good to have an ultrasound every year.

Wow…do I just request that I have this done? Rosemary, yes it should be part of your regular thyroid maintenance. I would definitely request it! Steph, Have you had an Ulta sound and a Biopsy. I had a huge Goiter and it was obstructing my airway and my swallowing. I constantly felt like I had Strep Throat lost my voice. I was being monitored every 3 months. I made a choice and it was right for me. When the Dr removed it. It was the worst Goiter he had ever seen. I was instantly relieved of the swallowing and brealthing.

I had Hoshimotos Disease. The only problem it has taken 8 years with these diets I am finally dropping weight and all my aches are gone. Thank God I see the light. Monitor your self and try to see what your individual body needs. Your nodules may decrease. Do not worry about removal at all if the Dr mentions it research and get 2 opinions at least. You still have Hashimotos and Immune System dysfunction, even with the Thyroid removed.

I particularly like her printout guides. Changing our world, one thing at a time. I was not eating cruciferous veg, fruit any or root vegetables because of my thyroid condition and candida that the docs wanted to starve of all sugars. The menu ideas are amazing and I love having SO much food to work with.

I actually had to hold myself back at the grocery store because so much food is actually allowed! My only real challenge ahead is kicking the coffee. Should be there in about 3 days. I am weary of candida diets without firm testing to determine that is what you should be doing — if you have a problem, you should probably be seeing a practitioner who is skilled at using prescription or herbal antifungals to help the process along. Let me know how it goes! I have Hasimoto, take a grain of natur-throid.

Wow, gave up so many goitrogen veggies that helped me manage my wt, really truly, can I eat the veggies raw, like in a nutibullet smoothie? This time of year it is hard to avoid heirloom tomatoes and some corn on the cob. But if it means I will lose wt, then, I will. Mickey, I just bought your cookbook. Are you saying you would do this as an elimination diet and then try to add things back in slowly. My question is if I did the AIP recommendation above and then I added back in eggs to see if they would bother me and they did not, is that to say eggs is ok, or are there other items so consider surrounding eggs?

I would add them at the end or last. Unfortunately they affect almost everyone with autoimmune disease, but you could be the lucky one!

Shelly, yes, you should do the elimination diet and then reintroduce things slowly. I would not start with eggs — the research shows that the white is pretty likely to be a problem. I would advise starting with seeds, then nuts, then start experimenting with egg yolk. Once you are pretty comfortable with these It could take up to another whole month , then you can start bringing in the whites. I am particularly cautious with eggs because of the research done by Sarah on thepaleomom.

So it makes me wonder if at the end of the re-intro period you could try just use egg yolks, since I think they are the part that has the most nutrition. Thank you for your time. Hi Brynn, Yes, according to Sarah Ballantyne egg yolk is a stage 1 reintroduction and can be introduced sooner than egg whites.

I have had a partial thyroidectomy due to nodules wish I had known about AI protocol years ago and Fibromalygia. Would adding fermented foods be the thing to add to help this or do you have any other advice?

Yes, adding fermented vegetables would be a great solution. You could also try taking magnesium. You might be low in bifidobacter species probiotic, which would be another thing to try. Also, are you properly hydrated? Lastly, sometimes our bodies need time to adjust to a new diet. Thanks for the info. I do stay hydrated and I am taking magnesium powder at night which helps me to sleep. I will add in some fermented veggies and probiotic to see if that will help! I have hashi;s and stay hydrated I would rather drink than eat and still had bathroom issues.

Just starting to add meat back into my diet. I tried Kimchi, but it did not improve the bathroom issue. I then read Dr. This has been the best supplement I have ever tried! No, really, the best!!! Cheryl, yes, low HCL can be quite problematic in people with autoimmune disease. I am happy you found something that works for you! Any chance of your ebook being printed or even made into an app? I will announce when I know more details! If it helps, the ebook is fully linked up and interactive.

It is easy to navigate, for an ebook. I notice you are including goitergens? I started Nutribulletting and all the kale and other greens seem to be the culprits that threw me into a flare after 12 yrs.

I want to do the elimination diet and get the leaky gut and hashimotos under control but there are such conflicting ingredients. Peggy, I do not believe goitrogens to be a problem, after looking at the research Sarah Ballantyne The Paleo Mom has done. I personally eat them raw almost every day, and I am healthy and full of energy. Are you sure something else in your diet or your life maybe stress could have caused your flare? Sometimes we like to peg these things on food, when in reality there are lots of factors that effect autoimmune disease.

They are vegetables that tend to be very high in nutrients that are hard to get elsewhere. Sarah is coming out with a book at the end of this year with over 2, medical references backing up why this protocol is effective. I encourage you to check out her website, thepaleomom. Thank you so much for all this info. I plan on buying your book Friday! I was diagnosed hashi a little over a year ago.

I have two questions for you… 1 I recently found out that tomatoes were nightshades and have been ignoring it since that is my favorite salad ingredient. I do still find myself needing naps in the middle of the day so what are the chances that tomatoes are causing that? We are driving to Florida for a 6 day visit to Disney. My mother in law set up a dinner plan for us to eat out each day for lunch and dinner.

Needless to say it took me about a week to recover even though I special ordered food. I can only assume that I received gluten somehow.

I was thinking about taking my juicer so I could at least load up on vitamins and minerals, but is there anything I can do about the eating out? Make sure to wait at least a month, and that you are also removing other sources of nightshades eggplant, peppers, paprika, curry, cayenne.

I think it would be really hard to do the autoimmune protocol elimination diet while on a vacation like that. I would try to do your best with some of the suggestions I made in the video, but I think you will be limited in your options not having a kitchen. Try only to eat at places that can give you a gluten free meal. I would recommend to anyone to visit a kinesiologist or nutrition response practitioner toxins out which foods exactly to avoid. I have hashimotos and my elimination includes many foods on the permitted list while many others on the forbidden list are fine.

The first acceptable one, yes, alphabetically, is alfalfa. This is a veggie that boosts the immune system. Yes — this list is for the autoimmune protocol, it is not comprehensive for all gut-healing protocols a person could be on.

We are all unique! Thank you for sharing so much information with us. Can you let us know if mushrooms or nutritional yeast would be acceptable? Mushrooms and nutritional yeast is ok — make sure it is grown on sugar beets and certified gluten free. Hi Mickey — I have gluten sensitivity and have been Paleo for a while now, and just finished a 21DSD with no improvements in the condition of my chin and jawline acne.

My current diet is heavy in eggs and nightshades, so my next thought was to try the AIP to see if it will help me with my acne and infertility. Do you think someone with these symptoms is a good candidate to potentially benefit from the AIP? If you have some underlying autoimmune issues AIP will help, but I would still try and get some testing done at the same time. How are you going these days? I know this is a super old comment, but I was just browsing this post today and thought I would respond.

The symptoms you listed match it exactly. The excess insulin causes the ovaries to produce more testosterone, which causes infertility, acne, and also weight gain. A lot of times the treatment is to go on low carb diets, but you can also try different birth controls as well as metformin.

I was diagnosed with it a couple years ago, and have been on metformin since then. My testosterone has gone down significantly since then, but I am hoping to go off of metformin when I start AIP. Thank you so much for this. I appreciate these printouts. I have your book and it looks really great. Do you favor bone broth over other broths chicken or beef due to the nutritional content or does bone broth encompass them all depending on where you bones come from.

I noticed that coffee and tea are not listed on either list. I realize that caffeine can be an issue and should likely be avoided in an elimination diet. I am wondering your thoughts on herbal teas during the elimination phase. Hi Jen, Bone broth is better than others because it is more nutritious — it has more minerals, gelatin and collagen. It is very good for healing the gut lining. Coffee is not allowed on the autoimmune protocol, but tea is fine.

Herbal teas are OK but be sure to avoid anything immune stimulating, like green tea or echinacea. Be careful with peppermint because it is very dehydrating. I like to make ginger infusions with a squeeze of lemon. Hi Mickey getting ready to start this is any meats ok?

Pistachios are nuts and not allowed. Thanks for your help and information. I wanted to ask you if cashews are considered nuts. They are not on your list and there are a lot of paleo recipes with them, so I am not sure if they are nuts or not. Must I avoid them? Hi Mickey, I just wanted to let you know that cashews are actually members of the sumac family and are trees, not legumes.

Peanuts are legumes, along with alfalfa, clover, peas and beans. Cashews are considered tree nuts, even though they are actually seeds one seed per cashew apple.

They are members of the Anacardiaceae family along with mango and pistachio. Thanks Angel, I do know they are not technically nuts, but most people think of them as such. I am actually not allergic to nuts, but I am to cashews! They still would not be included in the elimination diet because they are seeds. Thanks for the input! I live in Barcelona too! Per e-mail to exchange recipes or ideas or something?

I apologize Mickey if you see my post as inappropriate! So what is the AIP diet anyway? Still on the Warpath: I'd say don't go super […]. Thank you for all the great information on what to and not to have when doing the autoimmune protocol. I have one question though. Ashley, Yes, but only use balsamic that is gluten-free. Some brands use wheat paste to seal the casks they age it in. How do you know which balsamic vinegar is not sealed with wheat paste?

I have never heard of this before and LOVE a good bv! I almost hate to post this. I have been eating roma tomatoes a day for the past 2 weeks. Could that mean that tomatoes are a no-no for me?

Brooke, nightshades are usually problematic for those of us with autoimmune disease. I have been diagnosed with hashitaxicosis, which involves cycling through hyper and hypo thyroidism. Can this diet be successful with this more unusual disease? I do know that some with hypo or hyperthyroidism and autoimmunity in general feel a lot better when getting to the root of their food allergies and sensitivities. I downloaded the Cookbook on Saturday and have started to follow it with my daughter who has Psoriasis today Monday.

A couple of quick questions, can we eat.. Mustard the condiment ; garlic puree from a jar; canned tuna; canned coconut milk. I am continuing to find more about AIP but I was hoping to find the answers in the interim.

BTW — great cookbook, it is written well and very easy to follow. Canned coconut milk has guar gum or other fillers that should be avoided unless you buy the natural value brand. It is also cheap and easy to make yourself. I am happy you like the book, and best of luck! I would leave it out on the elimination diet and then add it in once you get to reintroductions. Some see results in a matter of days, others it may take months.

Everyone is different and you never know until you try! Citrus, esp oranges are one of the highest allergenic foods and always recommended to be avoided in most healing protocols, except for lemons.

Why do you include them in the allowed section? They sure bother me. I was pretty surprised to see them recommended. The excluded foods are those that are shown to contribute to leaky gut, not necessarily common allergens.

Some people have additional allergies that they need to avoid in addition to the foods on the list. I just bought your book and am currently doing my first Whole I have ulcerative colitis and have done tons of food allergy testing.

Most of these AIP restricted foods have never shown up as an allergen except for almonds and flax seeds. Would there be a reason that the AIP restricted foods would cause leaky gut, but not show up as an allergen themselves? Some versions of the paleo autoimmune protocol suggest avoiding spices, but alas, […]. I need simple carbs to fuel my workouts, but I see nothing that would fall into that category on your ok list.

And I avoid all dried fruit due to a mold sensitivity. Sandra — simple carbs are sugars. Have you considered starchy carbs, like sweet potato, yam, hard winter squash, and plantain? These are great for increasing your carbs without adding sugar. My 20 yearold daughter, who has psoriasis, had been doing the protocol for 3 weeks. She has stuck to it. She has been using cream on face prescribed by doctor and she can see results there but not on the rest of the body arms and keys.

So she is attributing that to the prescribed cream by physician. She is thinking about stopping. Fyi — Also my husband and I have been following this as well as moral support.

We feel great and are down in our weight. Made the raspberry cheesecake in your cookbook for our Canadian thanksgiving. Hi Sandy, Would you want to ask this question to my facebook page? You might get some more timely responses. Just connect with me using the facebook icon in the side bar, and send me a message with what you would like to ask the group. I know a lot of people have had success with psoraisis, although it seems to take longer than most AI conditions to see an improvement in.

This is most likely because the skin is a low-priority organ for the body, and takes a long time to heal. I know you wrote this months ago but I am curious if your daughter stuck to AIP and how she is finding her psoriasis? I am on week I was about to give up around week 7 but I stuck it out.. Amanda, Thanks for coming back and offering support!

I was using the Applegate Organic brand. It has dextrose and spices in it…. I would call the company to be sure. I do need to follow this to deal with thyroid. However, I am a vegetarian and without pulses then my diet would be deficient in nutrients. Hi Jane, This is a pretty complicated problem. I found the autoimmune protocol when I had been vegan for 10 years, and I failed at doing it a vegetarian way. Beans have anti-nutrients in them that make the absorption of vitamins and minerals a lot lower than what you would think, plus they have been shown to aggravate leaky gut, which is present in those with autoimmune conditions.

Would you consider eating fish? I think the only way to do the autoimmune protocol without meat, is to only eat fish and you would have to eat a lot of it. Eating animals and sea creatures is not an option for me.

Do you have any suggestions as to where else I can get my protein from? For now, I rely a lot on soy, eggs and legumes. Hi Kate, This is a difficult question, and I know where you are coming from.

I was vegan for 10 years before finding the autoimmune protocol. Like you, I was eating a lot of soy and beans. I had to start eating meat to get better — I got to a point where I was so ill that it was no longer worth it to me. Thanks Mickey… over 60 days strong now! Someone should write about retracing emotional wounds and trauma that can come with addictive foods.

That is great Ian! It is so true what caffeine and sugar do to us. I am not the best about writing about emotions or I would have done it… food is more my thing.

I really dislike anything with coconut in, is there any alternative to coconut milk? Hi Helen, You are right, almond milk is not allowed on AIP but it something that may be reintroduced later. You can do AIP as a pescatarian, but you need to eat a lot of it! I recently was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura.

I did a lot of research as I took 2 weeks off work to try and recover as my spleen was enlarged due to sucking back all my platelets. I have thought I was celiac, so immediately I kicked my diet into high gear and eliminated all grains including rice.

My bowels started changing, however now I notice that Jalapeno Peppers, or any really spicy pepper really affects my Bowel movements. I find that the bell peppers do not affect me that much, or atleast I get no symptoms of anything. Eggs have never been a problem, however I can eat almonds, but no other nut it seems. Sesame seeds used to bother me, but I have them now. I can have butter and cheddar cheese, but any type of cream or milk other then those and I am sick for 3 days.

I did notice that there is not many mentions of Xanthum Gum or Guar Gum, or the other hidden ingredients: To me corn is worse then gluten or wheat and rips me apart! I no longer buy anything in a box, bottle, jar,package or go out to eat. I cannot risk it. These to me are danger foods for my gut and I think should be added to the avoid at all costs lists if you have an issue. Tomatoes also do not bother me in very small amounts, I had to give up my Heinz ketchup and traded in for an organic ketchup which tastes like tomato paste!

I will be skipping the ketchup! I have a question. Does anything else notice there lymph nodes get sore after eating a a food that affects you? For me it is my lymph nodes on my right side of my jawline only swell up nearly instantly like I have a cold and then I get this persistent phelgm that lasts for a few days and my lymph nodes go back to normal as well. Vernon, I am sorry to hear about your autoimmune disease — that sounds really serious! I think you are on the right track with your eliminations, but I would encourage you to do a full 30 days strictly on the protocol, including eggs and all nightshades this means tomatoes!

Lymph swelling is indeed a negative food reaction, and I get it also. Hi VernonGeek, My name is Nathalie. My babys friend has been diagnosed with exactly the same disease she seems lost and worried.

And at this stage she feeds the baby normally. I believe a change in diet would help. I have autoimmune diseases but not this one. Would you mind contacting me? Do you thing the AIP has helped you? Thx so much for sharing. Just wanted to check in and see if you did the 30 day elimination and how you are doing.

We are a small community. Hope all is well. My husband and I are discussing whether or not bacon is a food to include. What are your thoughts on bacon? It is fine, provided it comes from a clean source — pastured animals, not fed soy or given antibiotics. Be careful with the processed pork products, you only want the ones with minimal ingredients. I currently have ulcerative colitis and now palmoplantar pustulosis.

I recently lost a lot of weight. I very much want to start this diet but am concerned since I am so underweight. I currently do not eat any meat, but will add fish into my diet. Is there any grain non gluten that is okay for the first 30 days, like quinoa? Also, a lot of sites say that almond is the one nut that can be tolerated? I am just hoping because I can get a lot of calories and protein from these sources. If they are a definite no, do you have any alternative suggestions?

Hi Cassie, It is possible to eat this way with a goal of weight gain — I would say make sure you are getting enough carbs, and cover them with lots of healthy fats like coconut oil, lard, or duck fat. Think hard winter squash, sweet potato, and plantain. I do think you need to at least eat fish to make this sustainable — and you will have to eat a lot of it. Grains are out, unfortunately, especially quinoa because of the anti-nutrients.

I would avoid all nuts for the elimination period and then reintroduce. I have been following AIP diet for 7 months. Your advise and recipes have helped tremendously!! Technically both are ok on AIP, just not in excess, so your rehydration drink should be fine! I can not se cashew, pistachio, carob and black pepper on the list are these allowed on the diet? Hi Elise, cashews and pistachios are no, carob is ok and black pepper is a grey area. I would leave pepper out for the first month and then reintroduce it.

K… thanks for the info Mickey. It seems to definately be a food to avoid in large amounts and maybe completely for some. I noticed when I consumed high amounts gurgling in my stomach as it caused water to be drawn in extensively into my digestive tract and alot of gas. That you very much for your response. I did consume very high amounts of it, so maybe it was just too much…. Ill give it another go later on when maybe symptoms have calmed a bit, and Ill try it in small doses spread out.

Thanks for the great info! I was just diagnosed with Graves Disease and am doing a naturalpathic protocol. I am a bit in overwhelm: The last few months have been challenging to say the least. I was wondering if you had any responses from those who are Hyper or Graves? All the best, Saivite. Hi Saivite, yes diet is very important, as is working with a skilled practitioner.

Best of luck to you! Actually, it can hurt to try a diet-only approach to treating Graves disease. Graves is a slowly-progressing disorder. If diet alone is not enough to lower thyroid levels, then while you are trying diet and naturopathy approaches, you will become more and more hyper and this has serious side effects.

The most notable outcome of hyperthyroidism is death. So go ahead and switch to an anti-inflammatory, paleo diet but continue to check your thyroid levels and, if necessary, seek alternative treatment for this. In my reply above, I advised the poster to seek the help of a skilled practitioner in addition to anything they may do on their own. Some of us are able to put our autoimmune diseases into remission with diet alone, but not all are so lucky and nobody should be messing around with their medical treatment based on what they read on the internet.

Hi Mickey, Do you recommend the additional restrictions such as fruit on top of already pretty ascetic autoimmune protocol?

I just purchased your book hoping to tackle this with a comprehensive approach. If I adapted your book to include FODMAPS, gluten-cross reactive foods, starchy vegetables, and fruits it would remove a lot of key ingredients for the weekly meal plans. Can you tolerate the above foods and why did you choose to leave these out of the protocol if they can affect autoimmunity?

Hi Jamie, I do not recommend additional restrictions unless you have good reason — meaning an accurate test, administered by a practitioner shows that you have some sort of overgrowth indicating that you need to remove those foods. I think it is very dangerous to eliminate all of the foods as you have referenced in your comment, just because — those vegetables and fruits contain important nutrients, and your GOOD bacteria still need starch to flourish. If you suspect you have a gut problem, look for a functional medicine practitioner to get tested and get a diagnosis — then you can layer their recommendations with the autoimmune protocol.

Personally, I messed around with the various starch and carb-restricted protocols and got nowhere until I had proper testing and treatment.

None of my treatment involved any dietary modifications I had h. Additionally, I came up with very low levels of beneficial gut bacteria, most likely because I had been avoiding starches. I feel so much better after being properly treated and being able to eat fruit in moderation and starchy vegetables. What specifically were the tests you underwent? And as far as fruit, how much is moderation?

Damn my sweet tooth. Though funnily enough he later said on Twitter to enjoy low sugar fruits such as oranges, apples, berries, melons, kiwis etc "in moderation". Maybe I should use my common sense but I'd really like moderation in this context clarified: In the book he claims eating more than one portion a day is a risk factor for developing neuro-degenerative diseases.

Pinto and red beans are a staple in my house. When introducing foods after the first phase do I introduce for example all nightshades, or just one food like tomatoes. All nuts or just almonds for example? Alex, It is best to take things one food at a time. For nightshades I would start with some spices, like paprika, and cayenne — one at a time. If that is OK try peppers, cooked, then raw separately. If that is OK, try tomatoes, cooked, and then raw.

You get the idea. All nuts should be tested separately. They contain lots of nutrients our bodies need and they help add calories to the diet. How can you tell if you have an adverse reaction to a certain food? Paige, Sometimes reactions are subtle. You need to get to a point where your AI is ideally in remission or greatly improved, before you can reintroduce foods.

I have gallstones and am vegetarian was wondering if you recommend this diet for me. I have been having a lot if digestive issue and am desperately seeking advice. Can you eat fish? I believe it is doable if a person is willing to eat a lot of fish and shellfish. Thank you for your time! Hi Amber, I am sorry to hear about your MS diagnosis. I know many with MS who have recovered their health using this protocol look up Dr.

Terry Wahls, she has a great speech on youtube, and also Whitney of nutrisclerosis. I would encourage you not to give up meat — what you want to do is focus on pasture-raised or wild caught meat, free from antibiotics and hormones. I was vegan for 10 years and I never felt as sick as I did back then.

Starting to eat meat again was a huge turning point for my progress. I know the conventional wisdom right now tells us that meat is what should be removed from the diet, but that is wrong — grains and sugar are the culprits. Wishing you the best! Thank you so much for the response Mickey. Very confusing but I will research what you have recommended.

Amber, While I do not believe a plant-based diet is ideal for those of us with autoimmune disease, I wish you the best in trying to manage your condition with diet. Thank you so much for the website about MS! My mom was diagnosed with MS and has refused to consider diet as a way to control her symptoms. I know your comment is a couple of years old, but hopefully the website will be helpful for me in my conversations with my mom.

I think the next step for me is going to be AIP but I need a better support system in place first. Thanks for all you do! Love everything about Paleo. All My family is on it. No nightshades, eggs, kale, broccoli ,cauliflower, cabbage and many other goitrogens in my diet for 6months.

Not to much to eat. I love all kind of veges, but I stopt eating them. I dont know what else to eat. I had a blood test a week ago and found out that I have some inflammation in my body. But Paleo diet is all about healing, right? Because all protein comes from animal products. I would encourage you to start eating them again, provided you tolerate them. Have you had your thyroid levels checked? I send you comment yesterday. Did I do something wrong? My comment was under Jane name.

Please let me know if it goes through that I could continue. This diet is severe. No nightshades any kind of pepper, potatoes, tomatoes, and most spices. How will I survive without ketchup?

I dunno, but you, possible dear reader, are along for the ride. For a full list of everything tasty that I can no longer eat, go here. Thank You so much for your website.

I am new here. So many important information. I have Hashi and my doctor never said anything about diet. He only recommended hormones.. But, glad i am here. I am trying to be on AIP. Mickey, pleas tell me, is it topinambur ok for AIP or not? I am trying to find something to substitute for potatoes. I have a problem in finding organic sweet potatoes is the place where I live.

All the best, Eva. Hi Eva, Happy you found me here! I had to look up topinambur and found out that they are sunchokes — completely fine on the autoimmune protocol as long as you tolerate them. I also feel more grounded and solid… slowly starting to get my brain function back.

A man I respect and look up to told me I feel older which is a compliment. Thanks for your offerings. Ian, Thank you for coming back to leave an update! Seems that if my work dries up as it does for the winter, that triggers my anxiety response to want to have sweets and things that will take the edge off that fear.

Some of those foods and substances are highly addicting! The swings from hyper to hypo and back again are apparently just like bipolar. So what can I eat???????????????

How can I follow the Fast Tract Diet and gain some weight? I eat larger portions of the suggested menu. I have dramatic results with NO starch, no dairy without lactase , including going off all meds, reducing stiffness and pain most of the time. When I have a relapse, I need to avoid ALL fiber no vegies, no fruit, just protein foods and a very low fiber homemade strained juice. Can you shed some light on this? I agree, limiting starch, particularly amylose starch is a good strategy, but you should limit fiber as well.

Also, even if K. Limiting overall carbs, particularly the hard-to-digest carbs i. I did a hydrogen breath test, but the result for SIBO was negative. SIBO, as you might imagine is always in a state of flux. Eliminating fiber and high residue foods from your diet well before the test. By doing this, you are actually beginning an intervention diet that helps control SIBO. I would like to see this practice adjusted to only limiting fiber the night before the test. Using glucose instead of lactulose in the test.

Glucose is absorbed very quickly and may not detect SIBO in some cases, but lactulose is not digested at all so can detect SIBO throughout the length of the small intestine. My advice is to give the Fast Tract Diet a try. There is good reason to believe it will work for you. I am taking Lactobacillus Plantarum probiotic supplement. Is this a good idea when having SIBO or would you recommend other strains of beneficial bacteria? According to one recent placebo-controlled study , L plantarum was associated with improvements in pain, bloating and feeling of complete evacuation.

Keep in mind, this study enrolled more vegetarian men and the same results might not be realized in Westerners on different diets. But the paper references some other studies that also show some benefits see discussion section , although one smaller crossover study showed no benefit.

All in all, there is enough here in my view to give this probiotic a try. This probiotic is well tolerated. Another more natural way to get L. I am a vegetarian with SIBO. Can you tell me the Fermentation Potential FP for quinoa? We will continued to add more foods in the FTD books when we update them. But, here is the quick answer. Note that the glycemic index was determined on cooked, cooled and microwave reheated quinoa.

Freshly cooked quinoa would likely have a higher GI and hence, lower FP. But the bottom line is consume quinoa with a good degree of caution. If you have symptoms, switch to a lower FP starch. In the Fast Tract Diet, red potatoes are considered low in symptom potential. If the gut becomes leaky, Klebsiella pneumonia can stimulate antibodies that cross react with types I, III, and IV of collagen and HLA-B27 antigen through molecular mimicry in people susceptible to ankylosing spodylitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

In these cases, limiting the growth of K. How to best accomplish this is the question. Avoiding all starch and other carbs is certainly the best dietary option.

I have communicated with AS expert Dr. Alan Ebringer in UK extensively on this topic. But the idea behind the Fast Tract Diet is that easier to digest amylopectin starch has a better chance of being fully digested and absorbed compared to amylose starch.

And red potatoes are more waxy, higher GI and lower amylose than other varieties. Of course, any starch that is malabsorbed can feed this bacterium. One strategy is to omit all potatoes early on and then reintroduce low Fermentation Potential potatoes like red potatoes gradually being sure to follow the pro-digestion strategies discussed in the Fast Tract Digestion books.

The Fast Tract Diet limits 5 hard-to-digest carbohydrates. Can some people tolerate some of these better than others or do we all need to avoid all five types? Yes, some people can tolerate some of these carbs better than others.

Northern Europeans rarely experience lactose intolerance. They have evolved in this regard. Their lactase genes are stuck in the on position. Also fructose intolerance, though prevalent, it is not a problem for everyone. People with more copies of this gene can digest starch better than someone with few copies. When symptoms are under control, people can add each carb type back in a controlled manner, thus determining their specific intolerance profile.

Digestive enzymes including amylase, lactase and xylanase offer an additional tool to improve carbohydrate digestion. My dietitian advised me to do the Elemental Diet, but I can not find good information on it.

What is your view on the diet compared to the Fast Tract Diet? The elemental diet has been shown to be quite effective percent cure rate for people with SIBO because the only carbohydrate in elemental diet products is glucose which is easy to absorb and less likely to fuel SIBO. Elemental diet products also contains predigested protein free amino acids , and small amounts of fat in the form of easy-to-digest medium chain triglycerides. Lastly, the products contain essential minerals and vitamins.

But I would not recommend staying on the diet for more than two or three weeks as a whole foods diet is the healthiest in meeting our complex nutritional needs. I recommend transitioning to the Fast Tract Diet after a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that full recovery depends on identifying and addressing any additional underlying factors that contributed to SIBO in the first place. The Fast Tract Digestion books and our consultation program can help with this process. Are any red OK? I recommend trying the ones you have access to.

Make sure you cook them well baked is best , consume them fresh. The Fast Tract Diet should address this issue effectively because it is specifically focused on reducing excessive fermentation and the gas that goes along with it. Regarding the inulin in the products on gutsense. Inulin, a prebiotic dietary fiber from plants such as chicory root, is not digested or absorbed.

But it is fermented by gut bacteria. This supplement is no exception. Though inulin, like lactulose may have mild laxative effects, the side effects bloating, gas, belching, flatulence, reflux, cramps, etc. This amount is very unlikely to cause any significant unwanted GI reactions.

If you are following the Fast Tract Diet and your daily FP points were 35 grams, taking this supplement twice a day would increase your FP points to What are the differences between fermentable carbohydrates vs.

I am a bit confused. Fermented foods include yogurt, kefir, cheese, pickles, sauerkraut and other vegetables. The bacteria that drive the fermentation process are mostly lactic acid bacteria, though other types of bacteria can be used, for instance Bacillus subtilis for natto from soy beans and even molds, for instance for tempeh from soybeans.

Since fermented foods have already been fermented in the pickle or sauerkraut jar or yogurt culture etc. Fermented foods are low Fermentation Potential FP. They have few remaining fermentable carbs so you can expect fewer symptoms such as bloating, cramps, altered bowel habits, reflux, etc. Fermented foods contain lactic acid, butyrate and other SCFAs which are healthy fats our body can utilize for energy. Fermented foods still contain many nutrients including vitamins — early American settlers depended on fermented foods to survive the winters.

SCFAs are acidic which is beneficial for our small intestine. Lactic acid is a natural preservative that bacteria in our small intestine also produce which helps ward off bad bacteria. Acidic SCFAs also helps to extend the shelf life of fermented foods. Fermented foods include some of the same species of bacteria that live in our intestines, especially small intestines. These bacteria can fortify our existing healthy small intestinal microbiota and help compete with bad or pathogenic bacteria.

Fermented diary helps with lactose intolerance because the bacteria produce the enzyme lactase. Rice milk is a gut friendly choice having relatively few Fermentation Potential FP points. I would suggest unsweetened because it is easier to digest compared to the varieties with sugar added. You can add your choice of low FP sweetener if needed. Thanks to all our readers for the continued questions and feedback, we continue to add more foods and beverages to be included in new editions of Fast Tract Diet books and a new Fast Tract Diet Implementation Guide due out this summer as well as a Fast Tract Diet mobile app due out this fall.

Is there a big difference in Fermentation Potential points i. For example cooked vs. But, it does matter for starchy vegetables such as peas, corn, plantains, grains, most root vegetables, and tubers. These have to be cooked really well to aid digestion. If you do notice that certain raw veggies give you problems, I recommend either switching to cooked veggies, or reducing serving size. I suffer from chronic constipation and recently tested positive for methane by breath test.

What does methane have to do with constipation and do you think the Fast Tract Diet will help? What is your view on H. This article has the details.

I totally respect your view. The Fast Tract Digestion books also suggest several natural alternatives to sugar including stevia for instance. The most important thing for SIBO is to limit fermentable carbohydrates in your diet which include sucrose i. As for the study, I view these results with a pretty big grain of salt for the following reasons: It was done in rats is it relevant in humans?

It has conflicting data lack of a dose response. At the end of the day, science is the judge. I continue to monitor studies on Splenda and other sweeteners and will post on these as they are published. About brown jasmine rice, the FP is unknown because glycemic index data is not available as far as I know, which makes difficult to derive its FP points.

But, because brown rice is less processed in general, fibrous carbohydrates bran and germ layers will impede digestion over white jasmine rice. Here are a couple of websites where you can look up GI values: Though GI values exist for approximately different foods, many are culturally specific.

Unfortunately, a GI value is not available for every single food in the market place. There are so many foods to test. The test is expensive as it requires extensive testing on 10 people.

Testing of some lower carbohydrate foods is difficult because the test subjects must ingest a serving size with 50 grams net carbs. The books also give daily allowances of FP as part of a complete dietary solution. The diet limits not eliminates hard-to-digest fermentable carbs that feed gut bacteria. Gut bacteria are also fed by fermentable animal-based foods as well as fermentable mucus carbohydrate side chains that our own body produces. People with IBS have been shown to have less diverse gut bacteria with an overabundance of gas-producing carb-loving firmucutes bacteria.

In other words, too many fermentable carbs can actually decrease the diversity of your gut microbiota. Another way to dramatically disrupt the microbiota is taking antibiotics which do not discriminate between healthy and unhealthy gut bacteria. Seems we have quite different views on this subject. This diet strikes at the underlying imbalance not just the symptoms. I believe the single most important underlying cause of IBS in most people is the modern Western diet.

Can you comment on resistant starch? I have been on the Paleo diet and I learned that resistant starch should be helping small intestinal bacterial overgrowth SIBO. The FTD actually recommends limiting fructose-containing foods including sucrose, honey and maple syrup. But technically no food is illegal. For example, if you have one teaspoon of honey in your tea, you will add relatively a small amount of FP.

Not too bad, but it can add up if you use too much. If I take half and half in tea with a lactase pill, am I going to be OK? Yes, you should be fine. But milk and milk products also contain several oligosaccharides that behave as dietary fiber, which can be problematic in higher quantities.

Therefore even lactose-free products still have fermentation potential FP. But since only a small amount of half and half is needed for tea, the FP value would be fairly low, particularly if you take a lactase pill. In many people, fiber supplements make symptoms worse. Also, some fiber supplements contain lots of sugar which is half fructose.

Symptomatic fructose intolerance is very common. Lastly the FDA has warned of choking and intestinal blockage risks associated with fiber supplements. Having a hiatal hernia is a bit like wearing tight clothes or being pregnant. Because the hernia is essentially the top part of your stomach being pinched above the diaphragm.

There is often extra intragastric pressure pressure in your stomach that can trigger reflux. The Fast Tract Diet FTD is designed to reduce this intragastric pressure at the source, gas produced by overgrowing bacteria in your intestines which is fed mostly by unabsorbed carbohydrates. There is every reason to believe that the FTD will help even in the presence of the hernia, but you might have to be extra diligent reducing FP points even more and following the proabsorption behaviors in the Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn book.

I am aware that gestational diabetes can arise half way into pregnancy sometimes. But, that is not an issue with FTD as the daily carbohydrate count of its meal plans is approximately 75 grams per day.

FP is a mathematical formula that measures the symptom potential of foods. The Fast Tract Diet is based on the idea that certain carbohydrates are difficult digest because of their molecular structures in food chemistry.

Difficult-to-digest carbs are more subject to malabsorption a failure to be fully absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. And they tend to persist in the small intestine, which potentially feeds blooms of SIBO. In the book, Breaking the vicious cycle, apple and banana are listed as legal foods. Breaking the Vicious Cycle Specific Carbohydrate Diet, SCD is a groundbreaking book that helped bring to light the connection between diet and gut microbes in digestive health.

Therefore, they have significant symptom potential. You can still consume apples and bananas on FTD, but adjust the amount. The diet reduces fermentable carbohydrates: Association of dietary, circulating, and supplement fatty acids with coronary risk: I am a little concerned about the lack of fiber for long term in the Fast Tract Diet, especially for my constipation. There is much more fermentable material both from plants and animals in our diet than we realize.

Unfortunately, the many health claims on dietary fiber are not supported by current research. And the dark side for digestive health is real. As for constipation, a recent study reported that stopping or reducing dietary fiber intake actually reduced constipation. I want to try the Fast Tract Diet, but I have grown so confused dealing with all of the conflicting food advice.

FODMAPs suggests avoiding onions, garlic, artichokes, asparagus, avocado, beets, broccoli, green beans, mushrooms yogurt etc. For this reason, reasonable sized servings of vegetables that contain small amounts of FODMAPs are still acceptable as long as you keep your overall FP levels in line with recommendations. For example, a few small cloves of garlic do contain a FODMAP fructose oligosaccharide but only a couple of grams which is also reflected in the FP value.

Can you drink bone broth on a SIBO diet? I do this mainly for my bone issues and its suppose to be very good for digestive issues. Such a gut-healthy delight. I should add a recipe and also add bone broth to the soup table in the book.

The FP of bone broth is zero. Cracked wheat bulgar is shown as having low fermentation potential. I am puzzled by that since whole grains and foods containing wheat in general are to be avoided or severely limited on the fast track diet. Would you please explain? Hi Susan, Thanks for pointing this out. There is a typo in the print book for cracked wheat. This has been corrected in the mobile app I will correct the print book at the next print run.

I am very excited with the information in your book because it gives me hope that I can still improve. With the gastroenterologist and dietitian I am also trying to figure out the underlying cause s. I would appreciate your opinion on biofilms. I have your book, and it has helped me immensely. It seems that the Fast Track Diet will starve them to death. But is that true? Should she just gain weight on the fast track diet before adding in these? Thanks also Norm for your book and really helpful website.

Hi Norm, Would the amount of sugar alcohols in sugar fee gum, such as Dentine Ice cause a problem? Chewing gum seems to help my GERD and satisfys my sweet tooth. Typically 2 grams per stick which can add up depending on how much you chew. The FP grams for sugar sweetened gum is about half that.

I have been on and off the drugs for 4 years. Last year I had many bacterial infections and when on antibiotics nine times, which then resulted in thrush more recently. Now, my goal is to stay off the PPIs and recolonize my digestive tract with several strains of bacteria that are helpful for digestion in hopes of staving off my GERD.

Any advice on probiotics here is most appreciated. Thank you so much. You should join the conversation. When you absolutely need to take antibiotics, taking a probiotic needs to be resistant to the antibiotic in question is an option some advocate.

I am not aware of data showing their effectiveness, but maybe someone else can find some. Luckily, though perhaps not perfect, gut microbes do gradually repopulate over time. You are basically receiving a slow fecal transplant from other people and the environment. Unfortunately it can take months and may never restore the full complement you had to begin with. Lastly, fecal transplantation research offers some hope for the future if things get really out of wack.

Hi Norm, Thanks for your book! I downloaded it the other day and really enjoyed it. I have a quick question…I realize that the FP for each food is around 35 for the first couple of week, but I was wondering what the average total carbs per day are on the Fast Tract Diet?

If you go by the recipes, they averaged approximately 75 grams per day. But some people consume less and some more depending on how complicated the SIBO is an other dietary preferences. Please keep us posted on your progress. Hi Norm, and thanks so much for being willing to answer questions!

I see people have already asked a couple that I wanted to know about quinoa and psyllium. Are all prebiotics off the menu? Is there an easy way to tell what is a low-amylose rice cake? If I have to contact the manufacturer to find out, what should I ask them? I do have a small hiatal hernia also. I also drink my own bone broth which not sure if good idea with histame issues. Hi I have 3 questions I need help with: There is no mention of FP and serving values etc for Lactose-free milk in the kindle edition I just downloaded on FTD for heartburn and LPR We normally only have lactose-free milk at home so it would be really good for me to know as I use it in my tea.

Regarding Jasmine rice, given its FP is zero, can I have as much of it as I want with every meal to increase my weight? However, I notice there is a serving size suggestion of 5. However, it says here that the dish serves 2. So, if I want to cook for one. Should I halving every ingredient? Please can you clarify as I am so new to this diet. Do you have any other suggestions for vegetarians to get our protein in? How about soy products such as soy protein powder?

Within your calculation for FP I see no weight being given for fructans onions and garlic. I tested positive for fructose malabsorption as well as SIBO so I am wondering if the onions and garlic should be avoided? One gets the idea on the other diets that onion, garlic, peaches, watermelon, etc must be eliminated from ones diet while not really identifying when we should stop eating the foods that are legal during a given day,.

Your approach makes much more sense in that we are staying within a given number of FP points per day. It greatly expands the possibilities of recipes we can enjoy while quantifying with points what we do eat so that we are eating a diet that will keep the daily FP down to a safe level….

After just one day on the diet all of my heartburn symptoms were cured. Or once my intestines heal can I go back to eating as I please? Does this mean A. Even though my symptoms are gone, I still need more time to heal? No more gluten for me ever again?

Do I need digestive enzymes? Will I need to continue this type of diet long term? One last sidenote — I had chronic heartburn for about a month after I had to take two doses of antibiotics for bronchitis. Your book saved me!! Robillard, Thanks so much for your books and especially for answering questions. My question is this: I just bought the book and was planning to start the Fast Tract Diet soon.

I was wondering if I could make Graham cracker crust instead, since it says on the FP chart that graham crackers have a low FP.

Also, do you have any suggestions for alternate snacks to substitute for the Snack mixes containing nuts? However, I have many food sensitivities right now including eggs, chia seeds, bananas,and most nuts expect raw almonds. Also have been gluten free since I prefer to not have animal products with every meal. I can not find the GI to calculate the FP. I read a while ago that coconut products are hard to digest for IBS, etc people but wondering if you have found other research to dig deeper into that statement.

Coconut oil work fine for me as well as the can full fat milk small portions. Just not sure if I am hindering my healing process by using it. They do not list GI on the website. After rice flour made from jasmine rice, how would other GF flours rank as far as their fermentation potential?

Any idea about the FP of tapioca flour, potato starch, sprouted oat flour, sprouted corn flour? Three months ago I had been on PPIs for two years and began suffering more severe reflux. My doctor told me to double my PPIs from 40mg per day to 80mg per day. Instead I read your book, started the diet and found immediate relief. However, I am still slowly weaning off antacids due to acid rebound. I am completely of Prilosec and I am now down to 30mg of famotidine Pepcid per day.

I would like to try to stop all antacids in the next weeks but would like to have a back up treatment for travel when food is less easy to control. What are your thoughts about DGL deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract taken before a meal as a heartburn preventative?

These are chewable tablets with 1 gram of sweetener per serving consisting of fructose, mannitol, and sorbitol. I have SIBO which I has been under control for since January this year with a very restricted diet and Biotics supplements specifically prescribed for the condition. About a month ago, however, I developed extreme indigestion, which my kinesiologist diagnosed as gastritis and acid reflux and advised me to stop taking all my supplements and begin taking mg of ranitidine twice a day, which I got from my GP and which helped for a while, but now the condition is persisting and seems to arise unpredictably.

I discovered your site recently and apart from all the other carbohydrates I am not eating, also withdrew fructose in any form, and for an afternoon and evening I was symptom free and thought I had solved the problem, but yesterday the burning sensation in my chest returned for most of the day and evening.

I have been unable to find any conversion table on the internet that gives the amounts in volume that you present in weight. Any ideas, or am I missing something? I was very glad to see normal household measures in the recipes. Once for Low-amylose rice, once for high-amylose rice, and once for puffed rice cakes.

Can you please tell me how to find out which kind of rice cake is which? Thank you in advance. It was a sauce for fish or chicken: I used about 1 tablespoon of the sauce only. The garlic is the only ingredient I can think of that would have bothered me, but I used less than the recipe called for, and for my own portion, just a small bit — whatever was in that tablespoon of sauce. Any ideas on what happened? Could this mean fructans really do matter? Thanks if you have a chance to respond.

I am wondering if Stevia is okay on this diet? I am also wondering about an appropriate protein powder to put into smoothies. Feeling so confused and frustrated. Both times in the severe range with 2nd time worse. Review the trouble-shooting sections in the book and be sure you are limiting FP points in line with your symptoms. Some people need to go to 25 or less per day. Also the pro-digestion behaviors for choosing, preparing and consuming foods are critical.

Other underlying conditions beyond simply consuming too many fermentable carbs if they exist must be identified and addressed. If all else fails, you might consider our consultation program which you can find on this site. Thank you for your speedy response.

Based on my reading which states …. Also, based on my IgE blood work there were many foods I was unable to eat even those considered safe in your book so it was super hard to find items to eat. While I know flax, whole grain brown rice and quinoa are on the higher sides of fermentable foods, I thought since its in cracker form the amount of each would be minimal. Especially since there are other seeds in there. Was I wrong to conclude that?

I will be discussing tomorrow at my doc appt about all the underlying causes to see what we can test for further. Thank you again for your previous quick response. I just purchased your book, you are the first person who seems to have both the science and the understanding. My experience with a gastroenterologist was being told to see a hypnotherapist because I was she insinuated swallowing air. Not sure I understand. Like wise I suppose chia seeds are out of the question? I had thought that both these, seemingly going through virtually unchanged, would have given little sustenance to bacteria… BTW I have always been so healthy, or so I Thought, exercising heaps meant I had to eat heaps, the more complex the carbohydrate the better… I made myself into a vat of bacteria!

Hi Veronica, With Flax and Chia seeds, they are both mostly fiber and fiber is fermentable. Hopefully most of the fermentation will occur in the large intestine. But the Fast Tract Diet limits all fermentable carbs at least until symptoms cease to be on the safe side. But FP is all about serving size. I am trying to better understand the prep of Sushi or Jasmine rice and Resistant Starch. If the rice is prepared earlier in the day, but remains in the pot on the warmer, does it keep it from becoming resistant.

At what point in the cooling process does it become resistant? How fast from pot to freezer must it go? And then when it comes out of the freezer, can I simply defrost in microwave before eating. Want to make sure I am not messing up my FP with the way I am preserving my rice once made.

I have lost more weight than desired on this diet and wonder if you have recommendations for high caloric foods with low FP. Is there a nutritional drink one could have to supplement that is low in FP? Appreciate any suggestions for weight maintenance. I find it very difficult to eat 2, calories or more on this diet without gorging on fatty meats. On the positive side, I have had a lot of relief from pain from about mid August to Mid December. I am having a setback these last two weeks.

Probably because my FP grew higher than I thought as I added in a few more things in the effort to gain weight. Appreciate any help with allowable high caloric foods or ways to gain weight but staying within FP guidelines. One other solution is to get the new FTD Mobile app http: As I understand it, the fast track diet aims at starving the bacteria.

However, can it truly eradicate them from the small intestine? Can the diet alone clear the bacteria once for all, as this is what SIBO sufferers are aiming at? How does SIBO affects the nervous system? I am trying to figure out my health problems. I have lots of food allergies, eczema and urticaria being my initial symptoms. However I restricted my diet to a low histamine one and although my symptoms improved I now have chronic constipation even though my stools are soft.

I am wondering if I am eating too much fibre for whatever is going on in my digestive system. I am also very bloated by the end of the day. Hi there, firstly thank you Dr Norm for your really helpful book. It contains sorbitol, a sugar alcohol, which I know from your book can cause fermentation. I can tell it gives me bloating and pain but without it, I completely lose my voice and have intolerable pain in my oesophagus and throat. Hi I like yourself have intolerable pain in my oesophageus and throat and have had good results on the diet for two weeks but now am experiencing symptoms have tried cutting back and following everything religiously , have lost so much weight too…what is the pain I am experiencing?

Hope you have had some joy in your symptoms! However, I continue to have chronic diarrhea once a day on waking. Any thoughts or suggestions? I have your book and am planning to try the diet. However, you suggest for best results to follow your menu plan for the first 2 weeks. I got you Krambo. As long as you keep your daily FP points low choosing low FP foods you will be fine.

Hello, I have been on a vegan diet for the past 5 years. I have been having symptoms of acid reflux, the doctors think it may be related to a hiatal hernia but they have not confirmed. How can I follow this diet as a vegan and vegetarian? Hi Jen, I can appreciate your situation. Since some go-to vegetarian foods such as legumes and whole grains have high FP values and need to be limited. This presents some challenges. Here are a couple of resources that might help. I have a chronic cough which I believe is related to silent reflux.

I am adhering to the Fast Tract Diet rigorously but also avoiding caffeine, acidic foods, etc. I use some fats in cooking but not a heavy amount. I am taking TUMS with my meals at present because it seems anything I ingest, even water with medication, results in another coughing fit. I applaud you for your excellent research helping so many people. I hope it can help me. I usually eat aged raw milk cheese. Thank you so much in advance! Can a person that has gastritis use the Fast Tract Diet just as it is?

Or are there more things a person may have to be careful of, such as alcohol or nicotine, or other foods? Should I take a supplement to aid digestion? I was recently diagnosed with LPR silent reflux. The past few years my breath has progressively gotten worse. Obviously, this has ruined my social life, romantic life, professional life and pretty much relationships with every single person I encounter.

Will this symptom go away if I can cure my silent reflux. Im a 35 year old beautiful smart woman who has so much to offer the world… I want to be able to be myself and live life to the fullest. I used to be happy. I want to be happy again and I want to be able to talk to people again. Thank you for your research and for writing this book. The 2 week induction diet that you have in your book, should that be followed as it is exactly listed and after the 2 weeks refer to your food list?

Do you think my breath will be normal again — clean and fresh. Do you think your diet modification will work for my reflux? What kind of toothpaste and mouthwash do you recommend?

You had mentioned that most have sugar alcohol in ingredients. Hello, thanks for your insightful book! I have been following the diet for a few days the app is a huge help, by the way! I usually have a green smoothie for breakfast, which sets me back FP even if I seriously reduce the fruit to the bare minimum. I could see how the mush that comes out from a vitamix is easier to digest and thus has lower FP… Thanks!

Most juicers remove some of the insoluble fiber which would be expected to reduce the FP. A few days ago, I read your book, Fast Tract Digestion- Heartburn and determined to follow your guideline. One question I have is about apple cider vinegar ACV. I have taken apple cider vinegar ACV 30 minutes before every meal to facilitate acid production in my stomach, but I found that some insist that ACV should not be taken for fructose malabsorption because of fructose in it.

I prefer to use either as a last resort if diet for symptom control is thorough enough for long-term health of the digestive system. Yes, I do view all antibiotics under the same umbrella. Of course, there are many differences. Some kill, others inhibit. But each has a particular spectrum range of which types of microbes they are active against and strain-specific potency.

At the highest level, I think diet first and antibiotics only if all else fails. Even then, you need a careful approach to avoid numerous potential pitfalls linked to antibiotics. I read the book, implemented the dietary adjustments, got immediate relief from heartburn…. Hi Karen, The diet is flexible. People with diabetes need to watch their blood sugar levels. Carbs need to be limited including some of the low FP but higher carb, higher GI carbs. This is lower than most standard diabetes diets, but it may be wise to lower total carb counts even more to be sure blood sugar levels are fully contolled allowing people to depend less on medications.

If I can only afford one or the other, would it be better to purchase the downloadable book or the app for iPad? Hi Francine, The app will help you jump start the diet. Read the Fast Tract Diet chapters in the app before starting the diet. I would also recommend reading the book, so that you can fully address your issue s. Hi Norm, i have your book for IBS and iphone app. Hi Norm, I have recently started on the diet after suffering from daily reflux for about 18 months.

Early indications are positive but I was wanting your thoughts on the supplement slippery elm powder I. Whether this is counter-productive to the diet. A dose is 0. I am a Type! Do you recommend just leaving them out or using another diet? I have heard you recommend the ketogenic diet for diabetes but I have not found that on the website or in the book yet. Hi Melinda, Great question. Low FP foods are either small servings, low carb or high GI. While most of the low FP foods in the tables are lower carb the vegetable table is a good example , some especially starches are high GI and high carb.

Limiting these is a good idea for diabetes or other metabolic sensitivities. The recipes in the books total approximately 75 grams per day which is certainly lower than the typical American diet, but I agree, you may need to reduce your daily carb grams even more.

The ketogenic diet is a great alternative my view. Hi Dr Robillard, I recently bought your book and really like the concept! I am working on putting it into action.

Is the diet okay for someone with hypoglycemia? I am concerned about some of the high GI carbs that have low FP. I am already on the thin side as it is and reducing carbs too far will cause a problem. I have been combining fats and carbs to slow blood sugar release but does this cause the carbs to be more fermentable?

How do you calculate FP when there are multiple foods together such as in a gluten free flour or cracker? Hi Molly, I hear you about this concern.

At the same time we want to keep blood sugar from extreme fluctuations. A very low carb diet is one way to do this since your liver will produce the required amount of glucose from gluconeogenisis. Another way to accomplish this is to introduce some carbs but focus on low GI carbs.

The problem with the low GI carbs is that they can overfeed gut bacteria. The FTD is aimed at controlling fermentable carbs, but allows you to do it with a low carb approach or by adding higher GI carbs.

Implementing the higher GI carbs approach in your case, may take some finessing. Smaller but more frequent meals may be one way to do this. I am wondering why pumpkin seeds are considered to have a high FP because if you use the FP calculator they come out as having a low FP. Am I using the calculator incorrectly? Hi Kristen, I did the calculation using a one ounce serving containing 15 grams total carbs, of which 5 grams are fiber. I entered a glycemic index value of 24 based on similar foods which have been tested and got Please check the values you are entering and give it another try.

You should get the same answer. The label on my seeds superseedz brand says total carbs are 3 grams and 2 grams of dietary fiber. That explains the discrepancy. A general search for pumpkin seed nutrition on the Internet shows what you are reporting, 15g of carbs and 5g of fiber.

Any idea why there such a difference? I cannot eat tree nuts or sesame due to allergy so I was sorry to see the FP of pumpkin seeds was so high. That would explain it. I will keep my eyes open on this.

If the serving sizes are the same, likely one of these values is incorrect. In fact I have taken it daily for 10 plus years and now have Osteoporosis.

I have read your ebook and downloaded the APP. I cannot find advise on what a daily target would be for FP Points. I experience noticeable gas and bloating even after eating proteins, such as fish and eggs zero FP , on their own.

I understand that some bacteria can ferment amino acids and assume this must be what is happening. Do you have any thoughts? I realized that by day 4 I cannot tolerate dairy it brings that phlegmy feeling back into my throat even when using enzymes and I want to avoid dairy until my symptoms go away. The nut mix also tends to upset my stomach. However, I am concerned that my carb intake will be too low. I work out 6x a week and while playing tennis yesterday I felt very light headed and had to sit out.

Am I getting enough carbs? Can you please respond to the review of the research by Dr. Michael Gregor, MD regarding plant based food diet for reflux. His web site is nutritionfacts. I was ready to adopt Dr. My main goal is to find the right strategy to help me resolve this difficult issue. I am not convinced including animal fat and eggs in my diet would be helpful.

Hi, This diet really helped me. After three years of searching for an answer it only took a day for my symptoms to improve on the Fast Tract Diet. I just have a quick question regarding the app vs the book.

Why would 80g of parsnips in the app be 9FP but only 3 according to the book? If in doubt should there be more like this should I follow the book or the app? It shows the FP at 1g, but the ingredients in this supplement is sprouted brown rice protein and pea protein. Because this is a protein isolate, there are few carbs.

Protein is not assigned any FP points. Does parboiling rice affect the amylose in it? I am going from a mostly vegan, high fibre plant-based diet to following the FTD due to SIBO and am finding that motility is affected and also I am wondering about high glycemic foods such as jasmine rice and potatoes contributing to inflammation. Also, my pH has dropped. My lpr manifests in sinus symptoms and most remedies are not FTD friendly or may lower stomach acid.

I bought the book. But a FP of 1 for a white baguette? Is that possibly a misprint or is that, for me, a dream come true? But do use caution, eat slowly, limit serving size and chew well to optimize digestion. Norm, raw honey is known for containing digestive enzymes including amalyse.

Does it get any FP grams credit? I personally use small amounts of raw honey — in the teaspoon range. The FP value is relatively low.

I agree with you that raw is best. Really enjoyed your book. Just started FTD about a week ago. Good results so far. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions on this forum. Have yet to read the book, that will be my next step. However I happened to see Prescript Assist on your store page, which I just looked in to this week. I found this article, basically the crux of it being limited data re: Thank you for your great book. I have been on a PPI for many years and wish to get off them.

I have started your diet but it is very difficult because I am Vegan. I have decided to include the yogurt and butter for the three weeks but I find that I have a greatly increased anount of stomach gurgling. Also I would like to eat lentils and beans eventually.

I suspect that Beano may also? Is it still safe to take this? Thanks for your help. Immediately from day one I felt a huge improvement. Thank you so much for this diet and app Over the last three weeks however the symptoms have started to come back and have been getting worse. This started the day after I started going to the gym again. Hey Stefano, Changing your diet involves many variables including macro and micronutrient changes, adjustments by your body and metabolism as well as changes in your gut microbe populations in response to diet changes.

One thing you might try is diligently limiting FP points even further short term and perhaps experimenting with avoiding certain carb types such as starch, for instance. Feel free to contact us under the consultation page for more hands on support. This diet has been a godsend. Nor was the specific carbohydrate diet. We started to get a clue when we noticed she had really bad breath correlated with fructose malabsorption.

With this diet, the pain was gone almost immediately and has been gone for a month since we started the diet.