What are Cheaper Alternatives to Shakeology and How They Compare?

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Is there a poor mans version of Isagenix?
They also have some recipes that you can use to make your shake taste good. Again, not all of the ingredients of Shakeology is bad, which is sad because it should have had potential but all the other things included in it provides a ton of additives and preservatives. You can also see my full comparison between Shake and Shakeology by clicking on the button bellow:. Here are my reviews of some of the top meal replacement shakes that are out there. But, you may find that other products work better for you. Proteins are the body-building nutrients. Isagenix also has distributors.

Meal Replacement Shake Reviews

Anyways my sister wants to get isagenix and I'm way against it because its so expensive. I told her I would find something similar for cheaper. All I could find was mainstream things like Herbalife and Medifast or something. I don't like the way isagenix is marketed like a MLM scheme so I'm pretty sure its marked up a ton and a huge profit margin is invovled.

People throwing isagenix "parties" to make tons of money by scamming their friends wtf? So whether or not this shit works or whatever, anyone know of a similar weight loss shake program that is a lot cheaper? Find More Posts by JoePits. Find More Posts by Dongboy.

This is especially clear on Amazon but the same pattern exists across other sites too. One useful perspective is how the shakes taste. Multiple reviewers stated that they enjoyed the taste of the shakes, which is always important. As always, there are multiple perspectives.

Some people failed to lose weight with the shakes. Even so, there are more positive reviews than many other brands. Isagenix also has distributors. This means that some of the reviews will be biased. But, if there were serious issues with the products, there would be many more negative reviews too.

Both brands get some positive and some negative reviews but Isagenix seems to get more positive ones overall. Isagenix and 18 Shake are very different companies. These differences have strong implications for the products available.

The entire site is dedicated to the shakes, focusing on weight loss benefits and the idea that the shakes are simply amazing. There are a few other products avaliable, which are simply supplements. These are promoted as ways to increase the effectiveness of the shakes.

The main example of this is Sletrokor, which is sold on a similar site. You can check out the review from Diet Spotlight if you want to know more about that supplement. Isagenix is a larger company offering a wider range of products. Isagenix is a network marketing company.

This is similar to companies like Avon and Amway, where distributors promote the various items. The style often leads to biased reviews and excessive hype. But, companies like this can still produce good products.

The shakes can be purchased individually or in bundles. The more you buy at a time, the higher the discount. There are other options in the middle as well. No matter what you choose, the shakes are a decent investment. Still, they may be worth it if you did see benefits. You can also find the shakes on Amazon.

The pricing and the packs are similar in both cases. However, some people find Amazon more practical. The main way to buy Isagenix shakes is through a local distributor. However, you can also purchase directly from the Isagenix site and the shakes can be found on Amazon. There are two sizing options to choose from. One is the canister, which contains 14 servings. The other is a box of 14 individual packets. So, either way, you get 14 servings.

Plus, the serving size of Isagenix is more than twice that 18 Shake. This means you get much more powder per container with Isagenix. However, the price does differ depending on what you buy. There are also discounts for Isagenix, although they are harder to get. One method is to join their autoship program, where you receive the shakes every month and are billed automatically. You can also join as a distributor for further discounts.

Isagenix has a lower initial price for shakes and you get more protein powder for your money. But, the discounts from 18 Shake are easier to obtain. Because of the sugar in the IsaLean shakes, 18 Shake is a better brand. But, you might need double the serving to get enough protein and the shake is expensive per serving anyway even with the discount.

Additionally, Isagenix shakes do contain probiotics and a better micronutrient distribution. There are also more flavors, including some vegan options.

So, if you don't the sugar, Isagenix might be more appealing. You can also check out our full reviews on 18 Shake and on Isagenix for more details about what the brands offer. The macronutrients in 18 Shake are better but Isagenix still has some interesting advantages.

At the end of the day, most protein shakes will work. I had never heard of Labrada Lean Body shakes before. But after some friends told me about them, I thought it was only fair to check them out. Here's what I found.

Losing weight shouldn't cost a fortune. So whenever I find a meal replacement shake for less than 40 bucks, I'm happy.

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