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Aug 29– Sep 2, 2019, Atlanta, GA

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Lord please bless all of the men and women of our armed forces past present and future. Cooley , New York: This is God's land and these are God's people. Kaukasus-Bergfahrten an der Jahrhundert-Wende , Bonn: Special Education Scott, Hannah: Thou I don't have any sons fighting for Peace, Lord I wish to pray for all the soldiers taking part in this war.

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Holocene extinction

Friendly young female orange and white cat. Appears to be pregnant and fairly young - I'm guessing around five months old. Please let me know if this is your baby! Spotted drinking from an empty flower pot in our backyard at about 11am. Her name is Trixie she may respond. Female around 11 years old. An indoor cat with no chip or collar. My chihuahua chased something around 10pm, we searched until 3am, we're assuming someone has picked her up.

She's been our family pet for 7 years, she's grey and white, looks older than she is, has pink toe nails, and answers to the name Lola. No collar, no chip, loves people and other animals. Gray and Black stripes. Sweet, scared of everything, but friendly. Lake Lynn near Bridgeport Apts. Carrington apartments, Eastlake Club Dr. Cat hid under car for a period of time and would not allow me to approach. Very fearful puppy escaped fence. Last seen near the park by north gate mall. Penny got out from under the fence tonight.

Spotted at Lynn and six forks rd. I East where Wade Ave exit lanes start. I40 E at Wake Ave exit lanes running east.

Very friendly, talkative adult male Black cat with some brown undertones found. Mostly white with brown around eyes. Lost in alamance county but has a Raleigh address. Super friendly, came to say "Hi' right away. Still hanging out in my yard as last check. Possible indoor cat that has been outside for a while. She is not microchipped. He was found in downtown Apex by Thales Academy.

We opened the car door and he jumped in. Oak Avenue near N. Male light tan pit bull no tags spotted walking back and forth on Lawrence Drive. Didn't run, didn't take treats but as I followed him he started picking up the pace. I lost him at the intersection of Lawrence and Saturn. Called animal control but they haven't found him yet.

Large, long haired black and white cat, very flashy with unusual white markings on face. Has clipped left ear as he used to be feral but is not anymore. Very friendly, comes around twice a day to be fed.

No collar or notches in ears. Gilbert, December 3, Pvt. Gilberts, December 3, Pvt. Gile, June 1, Pvt. Glassen, June 1, Sgt. Glenn, December 25, T5 O. Gould, June 5, T5 H. Grainger, July 5, Sgt. Gray, May 21, S. Green, December 24, Pfc. Gregorie, May 28, Pvt. Grieder, December 3, Pvt.

Groves, February 29, Sgt. Gunderson, December 3, Pvt. Guynup, October 3, Pvt. Hahn, May 24, T4 K. Hall, January 11, Sgt.

Hansen, August 15, S. Hardman, December 3, Pvt. Harry, August 17, Sgt. Hartl, May 30, Sgt. Harvey, December 3, Pvt. Harvey, May 24, Pvt. Hawkins, December 6, Pvt. Hayden, January 6, Sgt. Hendrickson, February 9, Pvt. Higgins, June 4, Pfc. Hignight, December 6, Pvt.

Hill, January 15, Pvt. Hoblitzell, December 3, Pvt. Hoffard, May 28, T5 R. Holbrook, March 30, Pvt. Hole, September 30, Pvt. Houck, September 30, Pvt.

Hudson, May 24, Pvt. Hughes, December 3, Sgt. Hulbert, May 22, Pvt. Hutnik, March 28, Pvt. Jamieson, December 3, Pvt. Jamieson, February 11, Pvt. Janze, February 11, Pfc. Jedlicka, June 2, Pvt. Jenkins, December 7, Sgt. Jensen, January 11, T4 G.

Jewett, May 21, 1 Sgt. Johnson, December 25, Pfc. Johnson, August 3, Pvt. Johnson, May 23, T4 R. Johnston, March 27, Pvt. Jones, May 24, Sgt. Jones, December 3, Sgt. Joy, January 14, Pvt. Juve, September 12, Pvt. Kenna, October 27, Pvt. Keyes, December 5, T4 Reynolds J. King, August 15, awarded Silver Star Pvt. Kleink, February 18, Sgt. Knapp, June 2, Pvt. Kolapack, April 2, Sgt. Kotenko, December 3, Pvt. Kramer, March 4, S.

Knight, December 9, Cpl. Kolapack, October 6, Pvt. Kuehl, October 6, Pvt. Kuhlman, January 14, T4 W.

Ladd, August 27, T4 H. Landy, December 3, Pvt. Laporte, February 3, T4 R. Larson, Janmaury 15, Sgt. Lavalle, June 2, Sgt. Lawrence, May 30, Pvt. Lay, May 4, Pfc. Lazarski, May 23, S. Ledford, December 25, Pfc. Leibli, May 27, T4 Merle M. Lynch, February 12, Pvt. Lyons, February 16, S. MacDonald, February 16, Pvt. MacIver, May 23, Pvt. MacDonald, May 23, Lt.

MacWilliams, December 3, Pvt. Maki, May 23, Sgt. Mann, December 3, S. Marks, May 30, Col. Martin, May 23, T4 F. Mateja, Janaury 6, Pvt. Mays,, May 24, Sgt. McCarthy, June 6, S. McDonald, May 29, Pfc. McDonald, May 23, Lt. McDougall, September 15, S. McLachlan, February 29, T4 G. McLeer, May 21, Pvt. McMasters, May 23, Sgt, O. McNally, January 9, Capt. Merritt, August 17, Pvt.

Michaels, January 5, T4 E. Mills, January 11, Pfc. Mitchell, April 29, Pvt. Mitchell, May 29, Pfc. Mitchell, May 23, Pvt. Molesworth, May 23, Sgt. Montgomery, February 18, Pvt. Moore, May 28, Pvt. Moore, October 26, Lt. Moore, September 6, Pvt. Moser, February 18, Pvt. Murphy, May 29, Pvt. Murray, December 4, S. Murray, June 4, Sgt. Nelson, May 30, Pvt. Nelson, December 25, S. Newman, May 25, Pvt. Nielson, February 20, Pvt. George Nixon, August 16, Pvt. Ogle, February 16, Pvt. Orvis, May 23, Pvt.

Overton, February 16, T5 C. Page, April 1, Lt. Painton, September 13, Sgt. Palmer, January 14, Pvt. Pardis, December 7, Sgt. Parrington, December 8, T4 E. Patenaude, October 6, Maj.

Peet, May 10, Capt. Perry, January 11, Sgt. Phillips, December 25, Sgt. Phillips, December 4, T4 P. Piazza, June 1, Pvt. Pike, December 24, Pvt. Pinciak, November 6, Pvt. Pollender, August 30, T5 W. Presnall, December 24, Pvt. Purcell, May 23, Sgt.

Purvis, May 1, T4 S. Rader, September 12, Pvt. Reddy, May 10, Pvt. Reed, September 6, Pvt. Rhoads , May 24, Pvt. Rice, March 21, S. Richardson, February 9, Pvt. Richardson, December 4, Lt.

Richardson, December 3, Sgt. Robinson, February 18, Pvt. Rodeheaver, December 6, S. View Earnings Estimates for NutriSystem. This suggests a possible upside of There are currently 3 hold ratings and 4 buy ratings for the stock, resulting in a consensus recommendation of "Buy.

The research firm identifies positive and negative news coverage by monitoring more than 20 million news and blog sources in real time. Accern ranks coverage of publicly-traded companies on a scale of -1 to 1, with scores nearest to one being the most favorable. NutriSystem earned a media and rumor sentiment score of 0.

They also assigned media coverage about the company an impact score of View Recent Headlines for NutriSystem. NutriSystem's stock is owned by a number of of retail and institutional investors. Top institutional investors include BlackRock Inc.

Shares of NTRI can be purchased through any online brokerage account. Popular online brokerages with access to the U. NutriSystem employs workers across the globe.

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