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Since then I seem to be quite intolerant to milk. I am in no way suggesting ADA is spreading incorrect information but there are things that needs to be updated. I started coming home from work, and taking a 3-hour nap. I am learning to adapt my cooking to the needs of maintaining this way of eating. Am I wrong or are these good numbers? I am still trying to lose weight and manage my PCOS. I agree it is the most dangerous product on the market it has literrly ruined my life and I expect yours to.


The Healing Crisis: Detox Symptoms

Ive had GS for a few years and seem to have just about all the symptoms from yellowing eyes to leg tremors to IBS.

I am always tired, and almost never hungry, but I do eat a lot I am a teenager, just no appetite. Even the smallest amount of exercise fatigues me. I have had this symptom in conjunction with acid feeling in the stomach and feeling "bile" in the back of the throat.

Since cutting out alcohol altogether 12 months ago I have had a vast improvement of all the Gilberts symptoms. Also found doctors dismissive of Gilberts. I had glandular fever when a boy and have never felt brilliant since. Have frequently felt the "nagging infection that won't go away" feeling. Does anyone else get the horrible taste and sort of itchy furriness in the mouth? Do you ever feel like your tongue is swollen in your throat?

I have problems recently trying to swallow vitamins - they get stuck. In the last year or so I have had a very dry throat. I also get a very itchy throat and ears! I also had glandular fever I have dry throat, dry eyes, lips, and low saliva together with recurrent mouth ulcers I have been doing a Candida diet theory of yeast overgrowth in the body that can cause many symptoms - similar to those of GS!

I have had symptoms similiar to yours the past month and half. This is so wierd, how long this lasts. Mostly because of how long this has been going on. I do not feel nausea now, but i feel tired alot and my mind I wanna go play soccer and run around, but my body is sluggish My symptoms seem to come in cycles now for the past 4 months… I well start to feel better for a week or two, then i well feel the GS type symptoms for a week Mainly when it starts i feel the fatigue, sluggishly, toxic feeling, then the anxiety or nervous feelings, then the stomach stuff.

Pj Age 30 Symptoms: SEVERE insomnia due to cold sweats and itching SEVERE night sweats Bed soaked, have to get up insommnia maybe due to other problems, but often wake up throughout the night Back and joint pain symptoms of swollen lymph glands, made me paranoid about many other conditions My ankles burn like hell if i stand up for more than a minute or so. This is actually more annoying than any other symptom, and gets no sympathy from others.

I have a varicose vein, but gp says not related, and it happens in both ankles. I was diagnosed with GS 12yrs ago when I was 18 and still have swollen lymph glands under my jaw and side of neck. My Dr advised that this was to do with my lymphetic system not being able to filter the bile correctly.

Rainbowwarrior Female, age 19 Symptoms: I also get panic-attacs and anxiety triggers, but I'm not sure it's from gs. In Italy I got really sick, with really vague symptoms. Felt awful tired, and really nauseous. Couldn't eat, except for some fruit. Didn't know what was wrong with me… Back in Holland I recovered a bit, but a few weeks later I felt really bad again.

I was soooooo tired. My mother thought I had Pfeiffer so I went to the doctor, and he took some blood. It seemed I had 'hay fever'. I was allergic to grass. He explained that that was the cause of my tiredness. I got some anti-allergic-pills forgot the name and indeed, it went better. Until a month or so later. I felt really tired and nauseous all the time, and after every meal I got sick and had to vomit. It has been a long time ago since I really felt energetic. After eating I'm really really tired.

I feel like I have to vomit, so I have to keep myself really calm, to get rid of that feeling. If I eat some time later my stomach really hurts. Then I have the feeling I just had a big meal, but my stomach is empty.

This makes me feel depressed. The skin under my eyes and mouth is sometimes yellow. The corners of my eyes are usually yellow. Maybe because of the tiredness. When i had my child i toke jaundice and from then on i have sufferd from energy lose and sickness. At one stage i droped to 7stone and had to give blood samples.

When the results came back i was asked if iwas an achoilic because my white blood cells where raised. Then after more test they found i had gilberts syndrome. Ramakentesh Male, age 26 Bilirubin readings: Im exactly the same in terms of the cycle: My doctor was convnced i had an overactive thyroid due to sudden weight loss, tremors, brain fog, cold extremities, dizzyness, balancing problems, yellow eyes and a high bili count - but normal thyroid levels For years i have had slightly yellowish eyes - especially in the whites below my pupil.

I never worried about it because my doctor told me that there was no liver disfunction when i was From about onwards i suffered occasional dizziness, caffiene and alcohol interolance, and visual focusing problems. I assume these were caffiene use related and ignored them, as i was generally quie fit and well. On the 22nd of October last year I went to bed feeling unusually tired. Before doing so I had a shower and while there noticed that my left nipple was slightly swollen and sensitive to warm water.

I didnt think much of it and went to sleep. I had pushing myself hard to get fit in the three weeks before this night. It was as if my chest was being smothered and i couldnt get enough air.

My body was trembling furiously. I went to the bathroom and realised that i was suffering visual disorientation - everything looked strange and double. I felt like i was trembling inside like a fever, but without the increase temperature and i was very pale - almost yellow.

I went to emergency and had my heart and thyroid function tested and it all was apparently normal. They could find no reason for my condition and sent me home telling me that i was suffering 'anxiety. One of my main symptoms was caffiene intolerance - it makes me feel duzzy and spaced out so i had to stop completely Other doctors have suggested electrolyte imbalances, chronic fatigue, strange viral infections, or just my mind the old i cant explain it therefore you must be going mad Yesterday I had felt alot of pain on my right side below my ribs and it hurts alot.

Sometimes when I'm sitting it dont hurt as much but If I move or am walking I have to be slightly bent over cuz it hurts. I cant lay down or much of anything else without it causing pain.

I dont know if it'd just be gas or something else, I've tried some pills for indigestion but nothing works. I was in pain from walking alot just after dropping crutches after a tendon surgery and also hadn't eaten for hours.

It did feel like I was dying. After a meal and overnight sleep I was improved but it still took a few days to recover. Sorry I don't have a recovery solution better than that. Mostly what makes me feel crummy is fatty food or stress or poor rest… It is the worst about hours after lunch. I have the same thing! I call them my 3 day hangovers! So I just dont drink anymore, I throw up for 1 day then sleep for 2 without eating at all.

My reactions to anesthetic, my fatigue, and weakness if I don't eat, which seems much greater than the general population, and many, many other little things that fit in nicely with what I've learned here for example turning a bit yellow sometimes, intolerance to alcohol, and strange reactions to drugs as if I've taken much more than I really did take I had developed an allergy to garlic which I was taking daily, I didn't know about allergies at that time, so I was just too sick to eat.

The doctors said it was all in my head My head was too screwed up for me to figure it out for a long time, but finally some extensive allergy blood tests revealed it. I do have a natural tendency to allergy anyway, basically stuff like dust mite and almonds, but NEVER this many.

I am a 29 year old woman just diagnosed with GS. I have experience rapid weight loss, stomach pain, fatigue and headaches Right now I am having more bad days than good and I would like that to change so that I may be more productive. I have had symptoms similar to that of a diabetic for many years. Constantly low blood sugar, Shaking, Lethargy, Iritabilty and steatorrhoea. My blood results in the past have never shown anything specific, apart from this sudden revalation that I have Gilberts Syndrome.

Im not sure how others feel, but i cannot function during an average day, my body has very low levels of energy and generally after ny form of excercise i tend to either collapse or notice the signs i. Other things i have noticed are: Photosensitivity Sun light is very painful especialy during summer months Extreme Migrainous headaches, virtually every day Dry and itchy skin sometimes forming hive like reactions all over my body A worsening of all my symptoms during hot days and especially over the summer months.

For years i have had the following symptoms: Apart from usual fatigue and pressure in the head Yes this tiredness is a problem for me too I can't drink alcohol like I used to I do get a bit depressed, maybe due to the usual Stress that everyone gets but the tiredness gets me down as I used to have bags of energy Also my eyes get a bit glazed over too Feelings of being irritable, not patient I used to feel quite light headed after exercise and thought I was unfit but maybe it was the GS thing.

I get a bloated stomach sometimes and depression but I try and keep positive about it. In November, whilst doing various DIY tasks around the house i started feeling hot, nauseous, dizzy and developed what felt like a hair caught in my lower throat. I went to the Doctor and said i was concerned about the throat and was given a course of antibiotics.

From 2 days in to the antibiotics my health has gone haywire. The nausea got stronger and it noticeable waves throughout the day, my eyesight deteriorated and when the nausea was strong i would see yellow flashing specks in my vision which would last for weeks at a time. I struggled against whatever this was and tried to keep active but the effects got worse and my initial throat senstaion disappeared to be replaced with the most sore aching muscles frpm jaw to upper chest.

The sensation was of being physically strangled and then it would ease and I would find myself yawning continuously for 5 minutes. The whole of my mind and body had a feeling of being drugged on amphetamines. My sleep was poor, getting to sleep difficult and upon waking I felt totally groggy. Then I developed muscle aches, twitching and spasms down left leg and right arm to which the doctor prescribed drugs for shingles, not surprisingly this had no effect. He surmised that I had been wiped out by a virus in November the antibiotics helping the virus and because I was run down and stressed I failed to fight it off properly.

A thorough medical check-up a few year's ago identified that I'd inherited GS from my father. Recently though I've been experiencing some additional problems - abdominal pain seemingly caused by indigestion and now, a swollen thyroid on my right side. It's interesting that you mentioned itchiness. I haven't noticed this is a while, but years ago when I would run for a long distance and then stop my body would suddenly itch all over.

IBS, diarrhea, gluten sensitivity, swollen abdomen. I have had IBS for a long long time until realized that it wasn't normal to have diarrhea for years at a time. My bilirubin is generally 2. I always feel like my bowels are burning and swollen before a bout of IBS… I have GS and IBS and believe I have a sensitivity to gluten as well, because every time I eat bread it makes my abdomen burn and swell After getting an attack, my skin becomes pale and puffy, noticable around my face.

My eyes also sting, about an hour after the offending food. I get the twitching sensation right under my ribs on the right. Sometimes it's a twitching, or a small pressure feeling. Sounds like gall stones. I am 40 years old, was diagnosed in my early 20s, but dont have any of those other hugely visable simptoms like vomitting, depression, fatigue, etc. Only the Yellow Eyes.

I'm almost a year into studying a PhD, and have been increasingly worried about how little energy I've had recently. In December, completely without explanation I fainted while showering - now I realise that extreme dizzy spell could have been caused by GS.

I've been on anti-acne antibiotics, and had assumed those were making me feel itchy; again, now I think differently… I also had some bowel problems a few months back which have largely cleared up since I increased my fibre intake - and every now and then, my head has felt foggy, almost blank in fact.

Since I started showing signs of jaundice, this fogginess has got much worse, and I seem to forget random things occasionally too… I've had periodic bouts of depression since my teens.

Sigilxx Female, age 18 Symptoms: As I read the thread further I've found that most symptoms of ME, especially sleep reversal, are also freqent in my life. Maybe I'll go to doctors with that too. I also have are nausea, dizziness, brainfog, painful periods,immense discomfort in the ribs above my liver, white spots on my lower legs, a terrible depression that descends over me when I realise I have to think of something I can eat and in my case severe acid reflux.

The other thing I've always suffered with is dodgy guts. It doesn't take much to get them really rumbling especialy at night , with excessive wind and bouts of diarrhea. It's rare for me to have normal movements. Something I've got used to over the years. Bowel problems seem common in GS sufferers. I've always been thin, but have been at 11 st for several years now. About 2 and a half years ago, over the space of a couple of days I began to feel very groggy, very fatigued and as if I was completely drunk.

I had to stop driving for a few weeks but it very slowly came right… It was not until about a year and a half later, at a time that was very stressful, that the symptoms returned.

This time even worse. The drunk feeling was extremely debilitating , I couldn't think, could hardly see straight and could not drive again… I had another "attack" several months later was very low and sick… Part of the problem was that the only way I could describe my symptoms was as feeling really drunk all the time, and sooooooo tired, you body is not tired but kind of like my head was so tired.

It was one day that I skipped to meals that I noticed something weird. My senses had sharpened slightly and I felt more alert.

But as soon as I ate, I suddenly felt very drunk again I was tested for allergies , blood sugar and hypoglycaemia Spackton Blake Age 16 Symptoms: I'm 16 and 2 weeks ago after drinking with my friends I was diagnosed with Gilbert's Syndrome. I had stomach cramps, severe fatigue, loss of appetite and my eyes were yellow.

I was really depressed because of this and I drank every day a lot of beer for 10 days because it was just 10 days of Ghentse Feast in my hometown Ghent. After those 10 days all the trouble began: I was really tired, I had like some weird fog in my head, a really weird fealing I never experienced before.

I couldn't concentrate, fell almost asleep in the car, started crying every five minutes. The doctor took some bloodsamples and noticed the huge amount of bilirubin in my blood like more than 10 times the normal amount I had GS which was not so weird because some in my mothers family also have it.

I did OK through high school but sometime around college I started having periods of time were I would go into a funk, where I would feel listless and depressed and had trouble sleeping. On average it might happen one month a year as well as an occasional days mood shift during the good times I hit my worst funk recently when I broke up with a girlfriend, who I thought I was going to marry.

I got some blood tests and found I had a high bile count. The first test was 1. I have had stomach problems and sleeping problems throughout the last weeks I have always had a hyperactive bladder. I might urinate 10 times a day and might have a bowel movement times a day -- often twice in the first two hours after I wake up.

Those numbers go up when I am stressed, like I currently am. I'm not sure what irritable bowel syndrome is exactly. I used to be the one person that people could tell something so that i would remeber it the next day.. It all started in Jan 7th with an attack of heart palpitation, head spinning tripping out feeling sweaty palms, head pains, couldn't walk properly or talk properly.

Since then I have felt ill. I have had many tests done but all negative. Apart form my bilirubin of !!! As for physical symptoms, the worst is the debilitating cramping and vomiting that happens if I do not medicate at the very MOMENT I notice cramps starting. I end up in bed for most of the day. Other annoying though not limiting symptoms include remarkable camel-like ability to retain water and breast tenderness. I wondered about libido, his libido is constantly at a low.

If these toxins are in too abundant of supply, then your body starts to consider them an invader; it's something out of control in the body. I had this type of thing happen with certain carbohydrates to me.

I too suffer from terrible memory for 4 years now. I tend to speak very carefully now. My brain won't co-operate iwth my mouth to allow me to get the right words out or I simply forget what I was saying or the word I wanted to use I have found it very differcult to try and loose this excess weight.

Excise just seems to make me more tired and so you just feel like not doing it to lesson the tiredness. I was diagnosed with G. S when i was 16,which funnily enough was when i started going downhill,Now My yellow eyes is something i hate,but really they are the least of my worries,its the chronic fatigue,and mental foginess that depresses me,at my worst episodes i feel like my blood is aching and that im being pulled down,i feel unreal,and after a week of that feeling,i start to lose it mentally,thinking i may not recover this time.

I am a 32 year old English teacher. My physical problems concerning Gilbert Syndrome started after I came down with mono. It took several months for me to recover from it, but when I did I started experiencing IBS and other digestive problems… The IBS continued sporadically over the next five years. I tried to pinpoint a certain food that would trigger it, but nothing was consistent. This past summer was the climax of my Gilbert experience… I had difficulty digesting food.

This doctor told me the stomach pains must be stress related, and that I should find ways to decrease stress in my life. I thought this had some legitimacy, so I tried to change some things, but nothing improved. Then, this same doctor told me it might be gallbladder problems, and sent me to have some tests. No cysts, stones, or unusual developments were discovered. They then did tests of my digestive track, taking scans of food as it was processed.

After two of these tests, and scoping down my throat, they found me to be perfectly healthy. We ruled out allergies, food poisoning, and dietary influences. I was normal in all accounts except my bilirubin count, which was more than double the normal amount I have similar abdominal pain towards the right side just under my rib cage. The doctor thought it was gallbladder problems due to the location of the pain.

However, those tests came back negative. After I eat, I also feel great discomfort, almost like I'm going to explode, even if I only eat a little bit. I find myself holding my stomach, or stretching to make room as if I'd eaten a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Afterwards, the food rumbles in my stomach and causes short burps and mild acid reflux.

I feel like I'm going to throw up, but I don't. It really is rather uncomfortable. The only source of comfort is to lay down flat on a couch. I was doubling up with stomach pain and vomiting, at the time I wasn't jaundice at all, just occasionaly tired.

Its only recently, in the past couple of years, that my eyes are yellow all the time, sometimes completely, other times just around the edges. If I push myself when I'm tired my face goes yellow and my eyes feel like theres a cloud over them. The tiredness can be very debilitating… My eyes are very sensitive to light, I have to wear sunglasses even if the suns out a little My temperature averages about I had my first dose of antibiotics for a simple ear infection at age 20 last year and ended up yellow, fatigued, loss of appetite, no energy and brain fogged My eyes are back to white, so im guessing my bilirubin levels are back down to normal - but i still have weird brain fog feelings in my head.

My boyfriend suffers, stomach cramps, severe nausea, vomiting for days on end, loss of appetite and jaundice. Yelloness of eye which increase upon exertion or if i miss a meal or at the end of the day when i am tired. The pain under the right ribs usually occurs at the end of work around 6 in the evening.

I am tired and i feel miserable. I've gone into shock numerous times when I've overwhelmed my liver. For me it was alcohol, sleeping pills and a really deep massage When in shock, I get thirty, shiver, sweat, feel cold.

Water and protein help get over this. I still feel tired for a couple days after. IBS, nausea, tremors, bowel problems, gas, bloating, weakness, fatigue. Waialua81 Female, age 23 Symptoms: I was diagnosed about three years ago when I was 21 by accident. I was having dinner with my mother and I was so jaundiced she made me go to the emergency room.

I had thought I had GS for years before that occasion. Like you I had been very sick with mononucleosis in high school and never really recovered. I was always yellow with high bilirubin levels but the doctors I saw never diagnosed it. My symptoms are all the same as yours me: I feel shaky if I don't eat regularly but sometimes I know if I eat I'll throw up!

My doctor had me have my gall bladder removed; he thought that was causing my jaundice and malaise and I had some small gallstones but it didn't help.

If anything it made it worse as now there are very few things I can eat without being "sick"! I get muscle twitches all over as well, mostly in my arms, legs, eyes and back Since being diagnosed I've modified my diet and exercise and I've never been very big on drinking.

These things have seemed to help, however, I have two big problems I have insomnia, so getting to sleep is not an easy task! Normally, I require 9 to 11 hours of continuous sleep to feel "normal" with minimal yellowing, abdominal pain and other GS symptoms. In reality, I only sleep five to seven hours a night. I feel exhausted all day, but when I try to sleep I can't. I've tried taking short naps during the day but when I wake up I feel disorientated and "foggy".

When I do get to sleep at night, the next morning I feel like I can't wake up. There have been many mornings when my fiancee has had to physically push or drag me out of bed! I used to get headaches for days at a time, and found I had to resort to painkillers, if I was at work. If I was lucky and it happened to be the weekend, then a couple of huge glasses of water and a couple of hours extra sleep helped. I've found that I haven't had them though, since getting my inhalant allergies treated with weekly vaccines.

Will Male, age 24 Symptoms: I was diagnosed with Gilbert's Disease by my Gastro doc last summer I have learned alot about Gilbert's since then I feel ill for 4 or 5 days afterwards. I was recently diagnosed with GS Before I was diagnosed last year, I didn't know what was causing me to lose interest quickly in jobs.

I'd lose ability to concentrate, I'd be irritable, anti social, withdrawn , It got to the point that I started a a small company so I could work for myself and therefore be able to set my own hours and schedules.

Zrxsheep Male, age 35 Bilirubin readings: Specific Symptoms In Detail. The discoloration of jaundice is most noticeable in the sclera, the nonpigmented thin skin such as the inner pinnae and caudal portion of the hard palate.

Alexp from Gilberts Web says his doctor told him "I was told that if it went to 70 I would get Liver jaundice. Jimmy T Does anyone suffer from a 'foggy' head which can cause a variety of concentration-related problems some of them quite funny?

BaiCam I am 45 years old and was diagnosed with GS when I was approx 25 years old I say approx because I find it very, very hard to remember events and have experienced all of the symptons you have since I was about 14 years old. Up till that point I was considered very bright I still am but that is through sheer effort on my part!

I was becoming more and more forgetful, unable to recall conversations that I had had a day before and if something had happened more than a week prior then just forget it!

If I was reading a factual account of something, I could read a whole page of text, understand every word but I simply could not retain any information unless I read the damn thing 3,4 or 5 times. That is still the case today. That is where the effort comes in.

My choice of career is a constant headache as it changes constantly and I am expected to 'know' everything related to that career. I refer to help files for routine that I have written dozens of times and should know of by heart.

Sometimes I will go back to a database or a program I have written and I will not be able to recall writing the associated script! I am unable to have decent conversations with people because I am simply unable to recall the everyday events that everyone takes for granted.

I get exhausted trying to listen to other people talking to me, I can't tell jokes because I simply cannot remember the tale in it's entirety, I tend to hold very short conversations to keep me sane and as a result , I am sometimes cosidered to be 'alloof' in my attitude.

As a result I have a very small circle of friends. Most people I know are considered to be 'acquaintances' rather than friends. The only thing that helps me is when I get a very, very good night's sleep. Then I wake up and 'attack the day' but otherwise I suffer as you do. This is exactly what it's like for me as well, and the brain fog is definitely the worst part of it all. I wonder how much of my life has been a result of this?

I used to be extremely bright, naturally, without effort. I excelled in all areas, especially math and english. The slow decline from GS began probably in my mid 20s, and by now it is in full swing. My mind is foggy, clouded. Things that used to naturally occur to me get lost in the fog.

The natural state is lying on the ground staring into space. So any activity, like writing this, is an effort of will. My memory is terrible. I, too, often go into a room for something and completely forget what it was, the repeat this process. I have to leave myself notes and send myself emails so that I get done what I need to.

Otherwise I'll just never think of it. Two days in a row this week I forgot to bring my lunch in to work, and only after posting a sticky note reminder in my car did I successfully remember to bring in lunch. I was talking to some friends recently about college, and was hearing stories that I was a part of, as if I hadnt been a part of. They were only vaguely familiar to me. My friends were amazed that I couldnt remember it. Even events a day ago I have trouble remembering.

I'd better look it up. I'm also a programmer, and I find myself constantly looking up functions I've used hundreds of times, having to constantly remind myself the syntax for very common things. Socially, I find people able to bring a whole week's worth of interesting topics to the table, while I can remember nothing, and can barely keep track of the conversation.

I also have only one or two close friends and the rest are aquaintances. I couldnt handle any more! It appears SAMe and Dextromethorphan have a positive effect in this regard.

Almost a complete fix. But at rare times I feel a little.. Red Bull also helps a bit. I think I'll have one right now, in fact. Brain fog is the symptom that got me researching into what was wrong with me back when I had candida. I had long been used to being a bit absent minded, but brain fog is a nightmare of not being able to think coherently.

This also congests the liver, another major co-factor in brain fog. If the liver, the filter for blood, is congested, it cannot take toxins out of the bloodstream fast enough. These toxins will pass the blood-brain barrier of the brain and deplete the brain of oxygen and glycogen.

The brain requires a steady stream of glucose and oxygen. Anything that interrupts this, such as poor diet, parasites, lack of essential fatty acids, minerals, poor circulation, hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, asthma or adrenal exhaustion, can cause brain fog. Another culprit that's gaining popularity is the high-protein, low-carb diet.

If the body becomes overtaken by nitrogen proteins have nitrogen, carbs do not you'll actually become mineral and oxygen-deprived. In this case of brain fog, breathe into a paperbag for about 5 minutes or less to flood the body with carbon dioxide.

That will help replace oxygen and strip out excess nitrogen. Perhaps the tiredness and brain fog so many mention are closely related. I do experience these symptoms. Not so much now due to my diet changes I remember excuse the pun asking the doctor for my prescription script It was in my hand I seriously would forget the tiniest of things It sounds like brainfog to me I am so glad I don't get those annoying eye pushing head aches anymore..

More so at certain times than others. I have to make lists, and keep an army of sticky notes all around me. I often have trouble finding the right words, too. I'll be in the middle of a sentence, and know there's a word that perfectly expresses what I want to say next, but I cant for the life of me think of it. I'll also fade out in the middle of a story and forget where I was going.

We could maybe make some progress investigating other conditions that cause this and trying to find links to GS.

This is especially true if the symptoms are mild and transitory. And if your low oxalate dieter is a non-verbal child or infant, it can be difficult enough just to ascertain whether there is pain, much less determine for certain if dumping is the source of the issue. In addition to symptoms, which may be difficult or impossible to determine in non-verbal individuals, there are also a few clear signs objective indicators of dumping.

Among these are cloudy urine, sandy-looking stools, and black specks in stools or urine. Others report rashes, constipation, diarrhea and a number of more unusual signs whenever they dump. There is good news, however. For starters, most individuals, once they have been through one or two rounds of dumping, will be able to recognize their symptoms right away. And often, simply taking certain supplements will help alleviate the symptoms, or at least make them bearable.

While calcium has been shown to be more effective at binding oxalate in the gut, my own experience has taught me that my body likes to use magnesium for binding oxalate once it is in the bloodstream.

Alas, I have discovered over time that some of the same vitamins which once helped me deal with oxalate symptoms, now just force me to dump more and harder. This is one of the ways in which dumping can change, even in the same individual, over time. I have also learned that as you heal other issues, dumping can become a much milder event.

For example, as I healed my own intestinal bacterial overgrowth, I found my dumping symptoms becoming gradually more manageable. And yet I felt much better, probably because my alkaline buffer system was only being taxed by dumping and normal activity, and not dealing with the added burden of all the acids thrown off by the bacteria crowding my intestine. And the same goes for a cure-all — each person must find their own remedies.

However, starting with minerals, as I recommend here , is a safe bet. Beyond that, much of the process is trial-and-error, which is why I so heartily recommend keeping logs of your food, supplements and symptoms. When in doubt, however, remember to lean on the huge combined experience available on the Trying Low Oxalates group. I have yet to find a more helpful bunch of people in one place!

Your site is great, very informative. The good news with this is that it is good to allow the body this chance to remove the oxalates. Not only do the dumps become less frequent over time, but also less severe. Most folks also develop highly personalized strategies for coping with dumps, which helps make them much easier to live with. Thank you for this explanation. I am finding it hard trying to work out what is dumping and what is my normal symptoms but this has been a big help.

Thanks for the kind words, Rick! I have sometimes found a bit of relief for the peeling lips problem with high-dose Biotin.

If you are a member of the TLO group , try searching their archives for Biotin to see if it might help you as well! In reading your web page I feel I have symptoms you mentioned. I had been drinking a large amount of fruit and veggie smoothies for about a year. I would sometimes drink two a day.

I started having sever pain in my vaginal area and when I urinate. For a month it was horrible burning. I went to the hospital, my doctor and a urologist. The urologist said I have ic. I never had Ic prior to 30 days ago. I have stopped the smoothies for two weeks.

I been hurting really bad in my feet and legs I also feel so tired. I honestly think I had high oxalates. What is your feeling on this. It sure sounds like oxalates to me! Have you tried any of the interventions suggested on this site or the TLO group mineral supplementation, b vitamins, etc.

If so, have they had any effect for you? It could very well be that if you were taking in oxalates at that heavy a level, and then suddenly stopped, that you triggered dumping.

That could certainly cause all sorts of aches and pains. As for your doctor…that is sadly the perspective of almost all medical professionals. Hi, two weeks ago I ate a large amount of nuts and oranges. Then my hands, wrist, elbows, feet, knees and ankles swelled up badly and I was in a lot of pain.

I thought something serious was going on. I searched out the internet and found your site. Believing this is it, I went and had a urinalysis done. Sure enough I had moderate amounts of oxalate crystals and bacteria in my urine. I immediately went on a low oxalate diet. Within days I lost 10 pounds and felt pain free. Will these symptoms lesson with time?

Also, does a low oxalate diet help you lose weight. Your symptoms sure sound like dumping to me. The sore thighs are one of my telltale personal indicators of dumping and the low B6 status that accompanies it. Basically, folks who follow a low oxalate diet usually encounter dumping only every once in a while though I would swear I dumped almost constantly for a year or more , and usually with decreasing severity over time, as the body has the chance to clear out oxalate stores.

However, for folks who continue to consume high oxalate foods on a regular basis, all bets are off. You might want to look into the information linked to on my page about low oxalate diet supplements , as they may have information that can help you mitigate your symptoms. And definitely join the Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group as well — that group is a wealth of knowledge! Thank you for your article. I just want to have an idea of what to expect.

Once that first dump is over, dumping usually happens at random intervals thereafter, usually decreasing in severity and increasing in time between dumps, as you stick to the LOD. I started a low oxalate diet and had two weeks almost feeling like my old self then wham all my symptoms have come back.

Do I need to take a supplement now to help remove the oxalate. I did spend the first week feeling light headed. Really would appreciate your help as I am feeling so bad again but am determined to get rid of the oxalate as my previous diet was so high in them. I hope you have taken my advice on this page and eased slowly into the low oxalate diet.

Other options are hard candy, orange juice, a handful of raisins or a spoonful of honey. Once you are feeling better, be careful to eat regular meals and snacks. If you are experiencing the symptoms of hypoglycemia often, make an appointment with your health care provider. If your low blood sugar gets to the point that you lose consciousness, someone with you should call Video of the Day.

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