Urinary tract infection

Diseases of the urinary system

What Is the Connection between the Digestive System and Urinary System?
The sensation to urinate becomes stronger as the bladder continues to fill and reaches its limit. The kidneys, which maintain the purity and constancy of our internal fluids, are perfect examples of homeostatic organs. My first ever placement as a student nurse was on urology, where catheters were passed with ease by expert mentors, flip-flo valves were fitted to the ends of catheters to train the bladder to hold increasing amounts of urine, and we nurses raced to empty bursting bags of urine as it flowed freely during post-surgical bladder lavage one inventive nurse connected a chain of night bags in succession to keep up with demand. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Your body takes nutrients from food and uses them to maintain all bodily functions including energy and self-repair.

When it comes to urinary catheters, I’ve seen it all

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

The urinary system is responsible for removing liquid waste that the body does not need. Both systems rely on each other to ensure a person remains healthy. Due to how the digestive system and urinary system are connected, problems can occur in one system that can also affect the other. If, for example, the digestive system cannot properly break down food, excess toxins can be passed to the urinary system.

This can sometimes result in too many toxins remaining in the bloodstream. If the kidneys are not functioning at full capacity, the toxins that come from the digestive system cannot be filtered and remain in the body or are recirculated into the blood. Remember the old saying "I got a gut feeling"? Everyone should look into the research that the stomach is made up of brain cells and can reproduce them!

Even though the infection is in the urinary tract, the food and liquid that go through the digestive tract eventually get to it. The infection is caused by bacteria, and eating foods with high acid content helps eliminate them. I eat yogurt and pineapple for this, and I drink cranberry juice. There is acid in the juice, but also just drinking plenty of fluids helps flush out the bacteria. I alternate between water and cranberry juice. DylanB Post 3 I never really thought about what I eat affecting my urinary system.

It's more natural to think that whatever you drink goes to the urinary tract and whatever you eat is handled by the digestive tract. Really, it all goes together. What goes in comes out of both. I have friends who almost never drink water but chug soda all day long, and they have developed big kidney stones that were incredibly painful and required surgery.

The caffeine is just too much for the kidneys to handle. A little bit doesn't hurt, but when you don't consume any water to help your urinary system flush things out, you get a buildup of toxins in your kidneys.

Perdido Post 1 What you eat and drink affects your urinary system. I know that whenever I drink lots of tea or soda I have to urinate often. I try to avoid drinking a lot on long trips, because having to stop at a restroom every half hour or so makes the drive home a lot longer! Post your comments Post Anonymously Please enter the code: One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted.

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This Day in History. This site is a God send. Thank you so much!!!!! Finally, yesterday, I was feeling exhausted. I had been trying to rest and no consistent pain relief. I realized I needed to get this under control… and fast! Well, I emptied my bladder, more of the same intense painful burning! I waited to have to pee and only a slight twinge of pain and not nearly as intense as before!

Thanks for this awesome article. I am so greatful to have found this website — I suffer from UTIs regularly and have been drinking unsweetened cranberry juice And taking cranberry tablets for years. I love sauces and ketchup and regularly eat rice with whorchestshire sauce — along with bran or oats for breakfast.

I have now changed my diet and am so very glad I was able to find this. I have had less symptoms and occurrences. Mmm, interesting article but it would be good if you were consistent with your facts! You have listed cranberries and limes under foods to avoid. Hi Janey … As every person is different, some foods that are triggers for UTIs can act as remedies for others, and vice versa, so although some foods are in both lists, they are the ones that generally go either way … they can heal some people but trigger others.

It all comes down to trial and error for each individual. I get UTI several times in a year. I am on and off antibiotics. My doctor says all is well and not to worry. But after reading this article, I want to cure myself with the recommendations given here. I will start with Lemon juices, plenty of water, berries and celery tonight itself..

Stopped coffee since this morning and off oranges a year ago. I will come back here after couple of days to report back. Not sure who the author of this article is.. I started having a bit of a hope on my problem. I wish you healing and blessings Pete, Joanne P. Well, its been 10 days since i started following the recommendations given by you.

I must admit, you are awesome and worth saving your articles for life. I did not do any urine test yet regarding my protien trace, i will certainly do it after couple of days. I am sleeping peacefully the past 10 days. At least I know where to focus on to be more healthier. You are an angel, I hope many people would read your articles and put some best practices to eat and drink to live healthy.

Hi Pete, thanks for sharing your experiences … which are absolutely wonderful!! Keep up the great work Pete! Every one is different, and what works for some may not work for others. You have found that lemons and oranges upset you, so avoid them and try cucumber juice instead. Eventually you will know exactly what triggers and what soothes and heals for you.

I have had Cystitis or UTI for some years now and food, stress and getting chilled all seem to play a part. This morning after 2 days of trying to deal UTI naturally I resorted to antibiotics as I was passing what seemed to be quite a lot of blood in my urine……then I happened upon your website. This evening my situation seems to have settled somewhat, I have had lots of camomile tea, some slippery elm and simple food, and although it is suggested that it is important to finish any course of antibiotics, I am having second thoughts.

Could you give me your thoughts please. You seem to be an important find. I will try to do this procedure every year.. I get recurring urine infections almost everyday and for me I deffinatly believe diet plays a massive part. I used to take acne supplements for several years and I believe this has been the cause for my messed up immune system and food allergies.

I get constipated a lot which I also believe is a major cause to my urine infections. I am pregnant right now so have to be careful with what medicine I take but would really like to try some probiotics to try and top up my good bacteria which I believe I have hardly any left.

I currently have a uti… antibiotics were kind of slowing down the process of healing.. If Lime is working for you, take it until the UTI has calmed and healed, then take it weekly. Its all up to trial an error for each individual. I have a uti and my lower back is in pain… I will go for cranberry.. Thanks for the advice.. I have pain day after day with cystitis, it is annoying and have to go to the bathroom way too much. I will give this a try, although I think the lemon juice conflicts with not doing citrus.

I love growing my tomatoes and love eating them but it is very painful. I wonder if yellow tomatoes would be less painful. Hi, I have an 8 year old daughter who has had recurring bladder infections for over a year now. We have seen a urologist who attributed it to her ongoing constipation problems. She is now on preventative antibiotics and if I have her off of them for even a few weeks she gets another infection.

Are there any specific ideas you can give to help work these things into the diet of a child? She is not able to swallow pills and is of course a somewhat picky eater! Thank you so much! Thank you so much for writing and posting this article. I agree with the others who have commented about this site being a godsend. I recently had trouble emptying my bladder, and this was followed by a UTI that lasted almst 3 weeks. But i ound your site, tried some warm water with lemon juice, and it cleared me right out.

I also had a day recently during my monthly cycle when I had to urinate so often I could barely leave the house. After some more lemon juice mixed into warm water, I emptied out, and my bladder seemed to calm down after that. It seems to re-set my system for some reason. I have also added peppermint tea to my diet daily and cook miso soup every couple of weeks and make it a point to keep cranberry juice on hand.

All these little changes seem to help. One more I discovered is that a fruit smoothie made from peaches, blueberries, and almond milk can have a soothing effect on the bladder. Tastes refreshing, and the fruit is good for you besides. Thank you again for sharing these natural remedies. And thank you also for the tip about the smoothie. Peppermint tea works as a cooling and soothing agent for the lining of the bladder and does wonders for many myself and my daughter included.

I am a cancer patients. I had radical cystectomy 1 year back and I was then advised by doctor to take 6 chemo cycle and I I completed it 6 month back. Please advise me, I m feeling nausea,slight heafache,with awkward feeling in my stomach. Please advise me asap. I am 51 male, sffering from UTI for past two years. The bacteria is e colia.

I have all kinds of oral antibiotics but of no help. I get fever and there is pain in stomach and lower abdomen. Please suggest some natural remedy. When items appear in both lists, it is a case of trial and error. What affects some does not affect others, and vice versa. Hi there i went to see my gp and found out that i have an infection.

Also theres a mirena that was inserted in me in September , i was wondering could it be that the mirena cause an urine infection? Also i have shortness of breath and chest pain but not very often tho with the chest pains?

Is there anyone out there who has the same symptoms as me? And has been cured? It would be so much easier to know that im not alone! Emotional factors also play a role. Aloe Vera externally and buchu complex tincture can also both be very helpful. I found out at age 12 that i had cystitis in my bladder.

I recently just went through the emergency room for a UTI. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Alfalfa is a powerful natural remedy for UTIs and cystitis. It can be taken in capsule form, as a juice and eaten whole and fresh in salads and the like.

Radish sprouts Chia sprouts Un-sprouted Sesame Flaxseed. A tonic made of Flaxseed is an old, but effective natural treatment for cystitis and bladder infections.

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