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Week One on the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge
Love this product but was disappointed that the box if the product was damaged. Included in the daily guide Water and Food Portion Recommendations: Catalyst contains branched-chain amino acids, as well as L-glutamine and L-arginine. Why I Choose Advocare - welcome to my Advocare review - find out why I choose advocare products and share my experience with Advocare. Our bodies are all different. By Tracy on May 22,

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Weight Loss Advocare Herbal Cleanse

I know how fortunate I am to have a wonderful life, a loving family and all my dear friends. I have great co-workers especially the other teachers I work with in our class and I love my job. I've always been pretty happy. I had never realized how much I was missing out on being unfit. I never knew I could be so active and have so much fun getting out of my comfort zone, my living room and my HEAD..

It took me a while to learn that I am in "control" of my energy. I can now put it where I want to, when I want to, and it just gets easier and more fun all the time. I am losing weight like nobody's business. Nine pounds to go and I'm there. So let me ask you this, are you convinced yet? I am not saying Advocare is for everyone, but living your best life, that is something we all want, right?

Where do you see yourself in say, six months if you do nothing to change how you feel right now? Now I wonder why I didn't do it years ago. Just think of all the time I wasted.

If you have been wanting to make changes in your life, no matter what they pertain to, don't wait. I wish you all the happiness your heart can hold! Posted by Groovydiva at 9: Well it's true what they say about things becoming a habit after 28 days, but luckily I had a lot of motivation for the change and pretty much kicked that 28 days in the ass.

I am feeling so good about all of this. It's summer, and though I go back to work in a few weeks I thought, I should establish a daily routine and can change it as I need to to fit my work schedule later I'm posting it here for you to see, but also to keep myself on track. If you join, my name on there is mermiehug. They are about the size of the One-A-Day pills. I've always had trouble taking pills. This period of the challenge, you do take a lot of pills! I had trouble swallowing the larger ones.

I ended up mixing the pills with natural, no sugar added applesauce. This coated the pills and eventually made it much easier to swallow but it was an adjustment for me!

In regards to diet, we continued eating lean meat, salads and developing healthier habits. One of my favorite meals now is taco salad! Don't think big taco shell, this taco salad has ground turkey with taco seasoning with lettuce, green pepper, and onion and top it off the salsa and maybe even some sunflower kernels! After day 21 I lost another 6 lbs and after 24 days, I lost a total of 24 lbs! This was strictly diet changes. I didn't change anything in regards to physical activity.

For inquiring minds, my wife ended up losing a total of While not at the Advocare rate, I am continuing to lose weight. For the most part we have continued our healthy eating habits. We continue to fix eggs and salsa in the morning and have healthy dinners.

I've only gone out to lunch once at work and continue to take left overs for lunch. Some of my co-workers have even started packing!

The Advocare appetite suppressants really work! My wife and I have continued to encourage each other. I could not have gone down this journey without her! We hope and pray that we continue going down this healthier way of living both for our health as well as our growing babies health.

I'm grateful for all my friends and family in being encouraging during this time and even sometimes adjusting meals to be more "Advocare friendly". We have decided we are going do another 24 day challenge towards the end of the year.

You're supposed to wait 3 months before doing it again. Advocare takes pride in building a relationship with their customers. There is no exception when buying your 24 challenge from us. We will put you in contact with an Advocare adviser and representative. They have numerous hours in helping customers create a healthier lifestyle and succeed in their weight loss endeavors.

We also include a booklet which will explain in detail how to use your 24 Day Challenge. We want to see you succeed and will ensure that you have the best experience possible to do so. Save money with healthier, readily available products: By LMY But first, be aware If you start flushing and have rashes, your body is reacting to too much Niacin. Regular use of Advocare will product these common Niacin side effects which include Liver toxicity Worsened glycemic control in diabetics Aggravated ulcers Irregular heart beat Headaches Increased risk of gout Liver inflammation Increased liver enzyme productionFYI - Here are the things about the 24 day challenge that may help you save money: Amounts to a Metamucel equivalent.

Save your money and buy your laxatives at Walmart. Again, save some money and buy fish oil. Have 1 cup of coffee or a diet Dew. It tastes a lot better and has more protein. MNS - instead, have a cup of greek yogurt and some almonds. Have some more yogurt and dairy. Summary; The reason people lose weight is because if you follow this plan, you can not have alcohol, you cut out all refined carbs and it recomends you workout 30 minutes 5 to 6 days a week which most people that start this challenge are not currently doing.

The directions state NO coffee so you have to purchase the Spark for your morning caffiene fix.

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