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Retrieved 25 June The giant anteater can be found in multiple habitats, including grassland and rainforest. An anteater spends one minute on average feeding at a nest, visiting up to nests in one day and consuming as many as 30, insects. All higher mammals excluding monotremes share two major adaptations for care of the young: The wings of bats are much thinner and consist of more bones than that of birds, allowing bats to maneuver more accurately and fly with more lift and less drag. The box method is recommended for adult mammals to prevent from being bitten; however, proceed with caution.

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Can Humans Digest Meat?

I really enjoyed reading your fascinating blog, there is so much content I will return to again and again.. If you have any questions, please feel free to write me. Thank you Cindy for stopping by and reading. I apologize to all my readers for not publishing anything new in a while. I have had a lot of deaths of people close to me including my father who is still alive, but has had several strokes and left mentally crippled.

There will be some shocking stuff when I do publish these articles. In that time, I have been contacted by some industry insiders who have provided me with the proof of everything I suspected about colonoscopies and the news was even worse than I anticipated, so be prepared for some serious shit!

On top of many other things, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma about a year ago and needed to undergo treatments. It is in full remission at this time, but this was quite distracting and another reason I was not publishing. I thank every one for their patience and concern for my well being. I have received so many encouraging emails from readers who were concerned that I was very ill or possibly died I can understand why they thought that. These emails meant a lot to me. Thank you for the links and information Pam.

I will look into this much further. I am doing quite well and I hope you too are doing well. It is really difficult to watch a father go through something like this, because I know he would never want to be treated this way if he still had a perfectly functioning brain.

I know that he never wanted to live that way. I beleieve that a lot of needless suffering had been brought about by the doctors as they drove his cholesterol lower and lower each years since his heart attack in I am sure he would have prefered to drop dead of one massive heart attack than whither away like this. Doctors act as if cholesterol is some pesky chemical by-product which is toxic to us.

Sometimes I believe that many of the doctors have convinced themselves of this — almost as if cholesterol is like C02, ammonia, uric acid, or something the body produces through respiration and must be gotten rid of or it will kill us. In truth, cholesterol is a very important antioxident and is the base for most of our hormones, the production of vitamin D, every cell membrane in our body and makes up the bulk of the brain and nervous system. When my father had his first heart attack six years ago and the doctors started all of that cholesterol pseudoscience, I tried my hardest to have him dump those drugs and also dump all of the wheat and other grains from his diet, but that was not going to happen.

Unfortunately, it worked out about the way I feared it would. He would have been much better off to even drop dead of a massive heart attack than slowly decay the way he is doing. He has now had a stroke in ever major part of the brain and is totally confused.

He requires 24 hour a day assistance and will spend his remaining days in a hospital or assisted living facility. I thank you for your concerns. Have you ever tried an all meat diet or zero carb diet? Thanks for your article. I really enjoyed your replies to the ones who wanted to disagree with you. Brought even more clarity to the original article. Really appreciate you taking the time to write all you did.

Makes it so clear about the human digestive system. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. Otherwise, I have no problem with different opinions. I guess I can get a little too rough at times, which was pointed out to me once. I still feel that I handled it properly because I felt she was a troll. I get so many vegan trolls write here that I can spot them a mile away.

The human digestive system can be confusing, because it is unlike any other species on earth because of the fact that our ancestors cooked their food and our digestive tract adapted to this.

Since cooking and later fermenting foods is basically a form of predigestion, powerful chewing was no longer necessary and the acid could reduce in our stomachs. We gave up the hind-gut digestion of our most ancient ancestors in order to evolve a larger set of small bowels for more absortion from the nutrient dense diet they ate.

It required less energy for our digestive system, which was more energy which could be allotted to a larger brain. I find it all real fascinating. All of the great apes genetically closets to humans are hind-gut digesters and have a much smaller set of small intestines compared to a human, but they have a much, much large colon, cecum and appendix.

Most of their absorption comes from the hind-gut. In fact, if you remove the colon for a chimpanzee, it will die, unlike humans, who can live fine without a colon, cecum or appendix. We relay so little on the intake from these organs they have become basically vestigial.

This change came about strictly from cooking foods, both meat and vegetables. Losing my bowels made me learn so much more about the digestive system than I ever knew before and I was studying for a Masters in biochemistry back when I went to college in the s. I have yet to scratch the surface of all I have learned and wish to write even more detailed articles on this subject I have had some major distraction recently, but hope to soon be publishing again.

Like you, I will limit my comments to what I know from my own experience and not from what I have read or heard. I have been eating complete zero carb for a little over six years without interruption. I only eat beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, scallops, and eggs. My mainstay is beef. That is it for me. I eat nothing of plants. I do not take any supplements. Literally, it has been just meat and eggs for six years.

I am in excellent health. I go to the doctor perhaps once a year for an annual check up. My blood tests come back within the normal range. My lipid profile is extraordinary i. HDL ; triglycerides I have stable energy throughout the day.

I never feel hunger, but I have a strong appetite when I eat. I eat absolutely no fiber, but my bowel movements are regular and effortless. I have not ingested any Vitamin C over the past six years, but I do not have scurvy. According to modern-day myths, I should have died long ago because of the way I eat. Wolverine, you have done a great thing by posting about your personal experience. Most people simply believe all the garbage feed them by the establishment, which includes most of the medical profession and government bureaucrats.

Thank you for your honesty. You just keep eating everything they say will kill you and probably live to be It has really surprised me how many people I have talked to believe that humans have to eat grains.

Most people seem to believe that there are some nutrients that we can only get from grains. I keep telling them that if anyone was going to fail by dropping grains from their diet, it would be me. I have transplant bowels which certainly do not absorb as efficiently as native bowels do, yet I have not eaten any grains for more than 5 years. They said that every transplant recipient they have on file have to take some supplements, yet every time they have run a blood profile for nutrition on me, I am never defiant in any nutrient.

I sure think this goes to prove that humans do not need grains, and why would we? No human ever ate grains until about 10, years ago, 20, tops. How could any species become dependent on a food they only began eating 10, years ago? I appreciate the kind words and apologize for taking so long to reply. Things have been a bit crazy recently.

Interesting note re ostomy bags. We are also trained in helping with the psychological problems some people have in coming to terms with having a bag,.

Nursing assistants will also be trained in changing the bags and helping the patient manage their new situation. Thanks Helena for the information. I am always interested in the different ways the medical trade do things around the globe. Here in the states, or at least here in Florida or the six different hospitals I spent time in as a short bowel patient , the initial training for the stoma and ostomy care is typically given by the wound care specialist, but then all ostomy care, or at least the dirty work of emptying the bag, measuring the stool and documenting the data is delegated to the Tech as though these people do not have enough to do in a 12 hour shift.

The nurses also have an incredible amount of work to do in their shift as well, but the work of ostomy stuff typically falls to the Tech. I do remember one time a very young and inexperienced nurse was instructed to empty my ostomy and I knew I was in trouble right away because I could clearly see she was holding the end of the bag at a lower elevation than my stoma was at, but before I could even let a squeak from my mouth, she quickly pulled the plug on the bag. Though she had place a container under the bag opening, it was ineffective as the pressure from the gravity shot the contents clear over the container and all over the bed.

Luckily, I was quite experienced at that time and leaped out of the bed before the hydrochloric acid bath could run down and beneath my back as a nurse, you know that those gowns lend no protection in the back. I felt bad for the young nurse, because the acid was all over her hands, but of course, the skin on the hands is far more robust and rugged than the softer tissue on our backs and buttocks and I had already experienced just how badly that stomach acid can burn.

I believe at that time I was NPO and had been NPO for several weeks because I had a fistula which had formed between an abdominal phlegmon from an abscess and the stretch of intestine which led to my stoma, therefor allowing stool to pass into the abscess region. The doctors had suspended all drinking and eating for an indefinite period, until imaging showed that the fistula had closed. Of course, having both nutrition and hydration being infused, it was not necessary for me to eat or drink anything to stay alive, but that still does not mean that it is not hard to go without food and drink, even from a psychological state.

Even with TPN and hydration infusion, we still get thirsty and our stomach still growls with hunger. After that incident, my wife decided to take over all ostomy duties. In fact, I was able to empty and change my own ostomy without such mishaps. I have not finished reading your piece yet but will do so soon. Interesting comments as well. Glad I found your page.

We did indeed, as a species, eat meat early on. Some think that this might have been one mechanism in our developing larger brains and becoming human. The human brain is a hungry beast. When I was a child we had very little meat and it is my belief that, like carnivores in general, we do not need to eat it every day but do need it. It gives us a lot more energy per kilo as the work of turning vegetation into good quality protein has already been done for us by the cow, sheep etc.

We did not evolve to eat vegetables, just fruit, nuts and meat I think. Except that evolution is a continuous thing and maybe we did once we learned how to cook.

Most vegetables have to be cooked ie the cellulose is damaged by the heat — remember those early biology classes when you had to dunk a piece of cabbage in hot water before you could do the iodine test on it for us to be able to digest them at all and some are actually poisonous if eaten raw; kidney beans and casava spring to mind. The learning how to make fire and cook was also a great leap forward as it enabled mankind to make use of vegetables.

I am summarising a lot of reading here. The best and possibly only valid reason to become vegetarian or vegan to my mind is the desire not to kill and eat the flesh of another animal. As a gardener though I always apologised to the cabbage when I killed it just the same as to the chicken. Silly but there you go. As an omnivore, we do not required a steady feed of meat, but as I tried to point out in this piece, we are very well adapted to digesting meat protein and unlike vegetation cellulose all meat protein is reduced to solution by the time it empties from the stomach.

I had learned this in school, but getting to actually see it with my own eyes certainly confirmed everything I was taught by responsible teachers rather than some of the myths and wishful thinking which can be found on the web where lies abound. Cellulose is impossible for any animal, including insects, to digest in any manner other than the mechanical act of chewing and grinding.

Unfortunately, the human molars have ridges that are too tall for proper grinding, besides the fact that our jaw does not have the extreme side to side movement of ruminant animals who also have perfectly flat molars. Even termites cannot digest cellulose, but are dependent on bacteria in their gut to ferment the cellulose and then feed them. In fact, most modern chemicals used to kill termites are designed to attack and destroy the bacteria within the termite, rather than the insect itself.

Once the bacteria in their gut is destroyed, the termite will starve to death. Cows do not survive on a low fat diet because the cultures in their stomach convert fiber to fat, which is where all that saturated fat in their milk and meat is derived from.

We have had ruminant animals have their cultures killed after treatments with antibiotics to clear infections. At that point, we have to inject a large bolus pill down their throat with a special device to replant probiotics into all four chambers of their stomach or the ruminant will die. Humans are not dependent on any bacteria to feeds us, we are perfectly capable of getting all of our nutrition from the food we eat, as long as it is cooked and contains some meat.

In fact, much of our gut, especially the hind gut colon, cecum, appendix have shrunk throughout our existence as a species because we basically predigest our food through cooking or fermentation as you have pointed out.

We cannot extract much nutrients from raw vegetables. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions these days because anyone with a laptop computer can publish a website full of nonsense and pseudoscience and many of these are more religiously or politically motivated and written by people clueless in even basic science.

As an animal, we are far better equipped to digest meat than we are at digesting and extracting nutrients from vegetation, especially uncooked. Veganism is only possible today because of technology and would have been impossible for humans even a few hundred years ago. Vegetarianism would have been possible since agriculture began because protein needs could have been met with seeds and beans, but some animal products eggs, milk, cheese, etc.

Unfortunately, seeds and beans can become quite problematic in the long run and as you have mentioned, are very toxic in their raw state because of lectins which are destroyed by heat. The only protection early humans had from these toxins was the fact that these foods are also indigestible to all mammals, so there would have been no way to be exposed to the poison as any seeds or beans eaten would simply pass straight through us.

This is what the plant depends on for us or some animal to eat their young and deposit it somewhere else far from the parent with a little fertilizer to go along with the effort. Even children know that corn will not digest, but joke and giggle about finding whole corn kernals on their stool, but somehow this fact has escaped some wishful adults who now believe our ancestors somehow thrived on grains and beans.

Until humans learned to cook and process food, grains and beans were off the menu and I believe should still be off the human menu for optimum health. These are the genetic offspring of the parent plant and unlike fruits, are not offered up as a free lunch.

They are defended by plenty of chemical warfare, which is the only weapon most plant have at their disposal. Fruits are meat offered up as a temptation to consume the offspring, which are indigestible to most animals and for good reason. Most fruit seeds are quite deadly carrying enough toxins to kill or render someone quite sick if one was to grind up the fruit seeds and ingest them.

Eaten with the fruit, they will simply pass through us, which is what the plant needs an animal to do to spread them out over distances as not to compete for the same sunlight and soil.

Animal parents typically sport fangs, stingers, claws or just tremendous size or brute strength which with to defend there offspring form predators. This is actually convenient for the predator, because once the parent is gone, the offspring are truly helpless — not so with plants. Those lectins can be destroyed by heat, but there are other defenses, like that of the soybean. Soy defends its young by offering them up for free only to have the babies laced with birth control pills rendering the predator sterile, unable to produce a new generations to attack the next crop of offspring.

In one baby bottle full of soy baby formula is the equivalent of five 5 birth control pills worth of phytoestrogens which perfectly mimick our estrogen. The Asian people historically fermented all of their soy dishes Miso, Natto, Tempeh and soy sauce , which removes most of these anti-nutients and toxins, or reduces them considerably and unlike many believe, they did not consume mass quantities as these recipes, but were served as more of a condiment because of their strong flavors.

Americans are consuming mass quantities of unfermented soybean without their knowledge and soy is not a health food as claimed and doctors have to either know this or suffer the worst case of cognitive dissonance imaginable which is possible since I have witnessed some pretty severe cases of this in doctors.

I say this because nearly every doctor seemed to know that the infused soy lipids used here in the US to supplement the TPN is made from soybean and is well known to cause full cirrhosis of the liver in TPN patients within 6 months to 2 years.

My wife and I were desperate to get me a transplant before such damage was done to my liver. I believe you said in another comment you are in the UK. In the UK and most of Europe you have access to and almost exclusively use Omegaven, a lipid formula made from fish oil which does not damage to the human liver and in fact, has been used to help patients here who have sustained liver damage from the soy crap we are given with TPN and many of those given Omegaven have had much of their liver regenerate.

Unfortunately the FDA will not approve Omegaven for use here in the states which we all know has nothing to do with any questions of its safety, but has a lot more to do with the fact that the Omegaven patent is own by a European drug company, whereas our super awesome killing juice soy shit patent is held by an American drug company and the FDA receives plenty of incentives to keep Omegaven off the market here as it would no doubt completely destroy the sales of the killer soy shit.

The only people who can get access to Omegaven are children and only children who have already sustained damage to their livers from the Intralipids soy based poison. Even adult who have complete liver failure can still not get access to this formula.

Money certainly outweighs the our lives when it comes to our trusted FDA. Another lie sold to us because soy is in abundance and cheap because it is a necessary crop needed to replace nitrogen in the soil during crop rotation.

What used to be a throw away plant, historically burned because no one wanted to eat it because it is indigestible and caused gastric distress, but now they have plenty of chemicals they soak it in to reduce those effects, but make it no safer to eat.

Soy contains phytic acid, which chelates to minerals, rendering them non-absorbable, thereby depleting the consumer of important minerals. I could go an and on about how crappy soy is as a food product, but our food supply is unfortunately littered with it.

Thanks for writing and for the information. Apologies for the long rant. Wolverine wrote- Americans are consuming mass quantities of unfermented soybean without their knowledge and soy is not a health food as claimed and doctors have to either know this or suffer the worst case of cognitive dissonance imaginable which is possible since I have witnessed some pretty severe cases of this in doctors.

When it comes down to it, doctors are taught in school that disease is caused by the lack of some drug. That can be the only case when their solutions to a chronic disease are to prescribe a drug rather than look at diet. These doctors then spend years trying to help their patients with drugs, with very limited success. I thought you had stopped writing for whatever reason. Thank you for sharing your story.

I think you are more like a phoenix. But let me address this article and share my experience with eating meat. During the weekdays, Monday through Friday, I eat only meat, eggs, and bacon; and drink copious amounts of water; along with coffee mixed with heavy cream. This past weekend, however, I prepared a ton of asparagus, brussels sprouts, and mushrooms as sides to go with brined pork chops.

After the weekend blow-out with the vegetables, I have to say as politely as possible that Number 2 was painful and explosive. I never suffer from bloating or cramps; nor do I have burbs or belches. So during the weekends, when I deviate from all-meat, my digestion is just whacked, going off-kilter.

On a more appreciative note, your website is jam-packed with information! Looking forward to reading all of your articles. Thanks so much for all you do. I am still alive and doing pretty well, especially considering I am the last survivor of the group of 6 who had intestinal transplants at Jackson Memorial in The only other remaining patient passed away just about 2 months ago, but I am happy to say that I am still going strong, even though I have not published any new articles in a long, long time.

It is not for any health reasons that this has occurred and I do hope to again start publishing. Vegetable are not easily digested by our guts, especially when not well cooked. Our ancestors cooked their vegetables for many eons and we have now become quite dependent on that. Think of cooking like fermentation, sort of a predigestion of the cellulose of the plant.

Plant cells have a membrane made of a wood like structure, which is actually a very dense carbohydrate which no animal on this earth can digest. Even termites depend on the bacteria in their stomachs to digest the cellulose via fermentation and then feed them with the by-product of this process.

Modern pesticides actually target the bacteria within the termite, rather than the insect itself. Once the bacteria dies, the termite starves to death.

Animal cell membranes are made of cholesterol which is very easily digested by the acid in our stomachs, so meat and animal products are digested before even exiting our stomach as was proven by what I saw in the ostomy bag.

Ruminant animals, like cows, goats, sheep and many other animals which chew their cud depend on multiple stomach chambers to ferment their food and regurgitate it between each stomach to bring it back up and chew it more.

We have neither the teeth, jaw power or side to side jaw motion nor stomach chambers to do this. As our ancient ancestors began cooking vegetables, they became more digestible and they actually were able to get more of the nutrients from the vegetables.

The only thing you will get more of from raw veggies is indigestion and flatulence. This is because anything we cannot digest and makes it to our colon undigested will then be fermented by the bacteria in the colon, which create a lot of gas in the process. The raw veggie crowd will claim that cooking destroys important enzymes, which is true, enzymes are very heat sensitive, but their theory is crap because humans synthesize every enzyme that we need for all manner of digestion, so who cares?

There is not one enzyme that we need to get from diet, so cook those veggies to get the most nutrition out of them or ferment them, which is even better. There are plenty of great joke websites on the internet about vegans and their rotten farts for good reason. Hell, even vegans make jokes on their own forums about it, but if a non-vegan asks them, they will swear they are not full of gas.

I have read posts on vegan forums from newbies, just converted to the lifestyle, complaining of the crippling and endless gas they suffer and the more experienced vegans will tell them that this will settle down once they adjust. This type of indigestion will never go away, especially with a raw vegan diet. Unfortunately, wishful thinking cannot undo millions of years of evolution.

Because of that, our hind gut shrunk, now making us dependent on cooking to get the nutrition we need from vegetation. Grains and beans are a different story, because we are in no way designed to eat them.

People who have given up grains, as I and my wife have, find that we pay a mean price when eating them again. They will create tons of gas and bloating and make you just feel bad all the way around from the massive glucose load they provide. Since most people are raised on grains, our poor little pancreas fights our entire life to keep up with the load, but once we stop eating them, the pancreas can finally rest, no longer struggling to keep the glucose level in our blood from killing us with toxic levels, so when you eat them again, the body is unprepared and the high glucose spike can make you feel quite ill.

Every symptom that you listed is exactly what one educated in the science of food would expect from that shift in diet. Vegetables are best for our digestion when well cooked and eaten as a side dish and not in massive quantities. We are no longer created to deal with that load of indigestible fiber and our colons are far too small to handle that load of gas created when those bacteria get a massive load of indigestible fiber.

Many humans have their colons removed and live just fine. I only have about two feet of colon and have no problems, because through cooking vegetables and meat consumption more nutrient dense food we no longer had need for the massive hind gut, which is not only an energy hog, but also creates a lot of heat. Basically, our ancient ancestors traded a large hind gut for digesting vegetation for a larger brain.

Of course this was not done mindfully, but incidentally, because as they ate more meat, their brains were able to grow more because of the higher nutrition of meat and the gut began to shrink because it was no longer necessary as new technologies allowed them to get more from their food. The more the brain grew, the more technology allowed them to get more and more from their food, basically predigesting their food and needing less internal guts to do the hard work.

Thanks for the comment which was not only informative but also a bit comical, which is always welcome here. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I want to say congratulations on being the last survivor from the intestinal transplants at Jackson Memorial, but I admit the congratulatory note sounds off-kilter.

I apologize if I sound patronizing. All your work is so valuable. Hence the mighty battle with PETA and its ilk. This is the 2nd time, in a long time that I came to re-read your articles.. Been thinking about you once in a while.. There were suggestion that it could be diverticulitis or IBS. Many suggested more fibers and less meat. If veges are harder to digest, why recommend that instead of meat?

It made not sense to me. So, I decided to come here and to make sure that what you had experience is what I think is more logical sense. Thank you again, Wolverine. Your experience has confirmed what I think is biologically right. You know, I found your website on the 21st Google page, and it is so much better than all the PETA crap on the first one.

Thank you Jaime for the kind words and for commenting on the blog. Thanks again for the encouraging comment. How does one get to the position of needing and intestine transplant? Ive never even heard of that prior to right now. Go back and read the whole fascinating blog. If you are at this point and have to ask that question then you have missed an enormous amount of very interesting information. I am grateful that you have taken the time and effort to post your vast experiences, Wolverine.

I am grateful too that you have kept the negative comments for us to see, as they are illustrative of the formidable barrier of vegan propaganda that is preventing the truth from being heard.

You may be aware that many are trying to get the current SAD dietary guidelines amended to reflect the growing evidence that eating grains, starches and too much fruit is actually harmful, as is limiting animal fats.

Not only is Big Food and Big Pharma conspiring to muddy the waters, but the anti-meat brigade in the form of religious dogmatic vegetarianism deeply embedded in our culture over many years. Looking at the revised dietary guidelines from those years ago it becomes clear that meat has continued reducing in importance while grains and vegetables and fruit have gained more and more prominance.

A precursor to expanding vegetarianism and veganism imo. A travesty for human health. While friends with this issue have gone the way of having part of their colon removed, I use a zero-carb ketogenic diet instead, and it is working very well for me!

I also found that gluten was very bad for colitis, so you may want to avoid any wheat or oats. Oats naturally do not have gluten, but most commercial oats are processed in the same mills as wheat and end up heavily contaminated with gluten. That wheat was hybrid for higher yield and production, not for our health. As a result, it ends up ten time higher in gluten than its predecessor.

Higher gluten is the desire because it makes the bread more spongy, but it is a terror to our guts. Gluten has the same Latin prefix as Glue for a reason. It is a glue. Anyone who has ever mixed wheat starch, salt and water to make paper machete for a piñatas knows how strong of an adhesive it is. Gluten gums up the villi of the small intestine and causes them to shrink back. This can ultimately cause a leaky gut, which is a bad thing because then large molecules can enter the blood stream causing an immune reaction.

This how may allergies begin. Stay away from it, if you can. I also recommend Dr. AND they insist that i meet with some surgeons to talk about it beforehand. Grains have no place in the human diet. That agriculture always centered on grains.

The Egyptians are a good example. They existed on mostly grain, with very little meat. The wealthy Egyptians also suffered obesity and that is not something we picture, but there were clear signs of breast sagging and stretch marks which could only be caused by being overweight. They were not heathy at all. But, even herbivores fail on grains. Grains are used to fatten up cattle, but the grains also shift their rumen to an acidic environment, which is deadly for ruminant animals.

Mice and Rats are about the only animals that seem to tolerate grains fairly well, but they too get sick eating too many. Remember, seeds and beans are the offspring of the plant and they will defend them, unfortunately for us, plants lack teeth, claws, stingers or brute strength, so they use chemical warfare.

Grains also carry a very heavy sugar load and seeds, like modern wheat, has been bred to make amylopectin A, which immediately rushes to the bloodstream, causing massive sugar spikes. You said you had Type 1 diabetes? My understanding is that type one is genetic, so it was nothing you ate or did. It is type 2 diabetes that is acquired. Type 2 is insulin resistance and is caused from chronically elevated blood sugar ultimately causing the cells to ignore the call of insulin.

I wish you better health in the future. Stay away from grains and you should stay that way. Tell your husband to stsy far away from those colonoscopies. It has been snowball effect too because the drugs needed to do an intestinal transplant also carried a high cancer risk and I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in and have been fighting that.

The reason it took me so long to reply is because I recently had a bone marrow transplant and those are really rough.

I once again nearly died from the pneumonia and once again miraculously survived. The doctors and surgeon who performed my bowel transplant are the best in the world. They know more about intestines than any gastroenterologist ever did and yet they were making bad diagnosis with those endoscopes all the time.

They told me twice it looked like my bowel was in rejection and started treatments before getting the biopsies back. Both times the biopsies came back negative for rejection, so both treatments were unnecessary. The doctors also told 2 different women that their bowels looked fine and yet the biopsies came back positive for rejection both these women ultimately died. There is absolutely no proof that a colonoscopy has ever saved anyone from colorectal cancer, There is no study that has ever been done in the U.

There is a risk of being perforated. There are so many comments on this blog from people who lost loved ones to a colonoscopy. I just got a new comment a day or so back. A poor woman lost her husband, who was perfectly healthy, riding his bike many miles per day, but was killed by a perforated colon form a colonoscopy. It a bunch of bullshit. Dave — I agree with everything you say here with one small exception which might just be me picking nits — Type II diabetes probably occurs due to chronically elevated insulin, not blood sugar.

Once your insulin is chronically elevated due to a bad diet high in carbs and perhaps aggravated by high levels of vegetable oils, your cells become resistant to the effects of insulin and it requires ever increasing amounts to maintain blood sugar at the level your body wants. But their doctors never look at their insulin, which seems criminal to me. I do understand that Type 2 Diabetes is insulin resistance. It is ultimately caused by elevated levels of insulin in the blood, but what is it that causes the body to infuse so much insulin into the blood stream?

High blood sugar levels, of course, so potAto, PotAHtoe. I agree with your suspicions of these seed oils, or FrankenOils I like to call them.

That is such a heavy load of Linoleic Acid, that it has to cause massive inflammation, since Linoleic Acid if very inflammatory. It is so stupid the way that modern medical advice is to try to eat lots and lots of fish oil in an attempt to neutralize the effects with the anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids.

Instead, they are eating mostly farm raised or eating fish pills made from farm raised fish, which are grain fed. When fish are grain fed, their fat shifts to more N6 fatty acids and less N3. The doctors are too ignorant to understand that even beef can have a high N3 level when they are raised on grass and not fed grain.

It is the grain feeding, just like the fish, which has elevated their N6 levels and lowered the N3. Grass fed beef can have as high a level of N3 as any cold water wild fish can.

Grain feeding animals is what is killing us — or making us sick. Modern medicine will keep us alive, even when we have a deadly disease, so we live longer, but are really messed up physically and end up dependent on their medications to live. It is similar to the way that the medical device manufactures make sure that all doctors believe in their toys and advise everyone to have colonoscopies, bronchoscopy or endoscopy so they can sell more scopes, MRI and CT machines.

Most people with type 2 diabetes can come off of their insulin just by changing to a low carb diet, but why would doctors want them to know that? There is a lot more money in keeping them coming back for that insulin, then later having to amputate parts off of them. I have just stumbled across your blog And it blew me away the knowledge you have of which most take for granted wicked! The reason I came across your blog is a close friend has recently converted and talking all sorts of BS I will be forwarding a link to your blog with a smug grin.

Keep up the good work. Thank you John for stopping by and for taking the time to share your thoughts. Hey, I am always available to answer any of your questions, or more accurately to give you any ammunition to shoot down their flawed arguments.

I had written a very long rant here, but decided I would shorten it to this and save it for a future article. Thanks for the kind words. I apologize for not having published anything in a long time, but I do plan to get back to this blog soon. As soon as I finish my book. I will let everyone know when that is finished and published. Maybe I can figure out a way to make sure that all of my faithful readers get a free copy of the book. Wolverine, thank you for your writings here.

I am happy to hear that you are still active in the comments. But I recall you writing that you were dealing with cancer, and then all the new posts ceased. Can you update us regarding the cancer? If not, no worries. The vagus nerve conducts information between the posterior hypothalamus and brain stem of the CNS, and vital organs and glands Oslen, Higher brain functions of the cortex also influence vagal function.

The PNS is inhibitory, and promotes energy conservation. The primary defense strategies supported by the PNS involve energy conservation. According to Schore , PNS activation promotes passive coping strategies such as withdrawal or disengagement, dissociation, and the immobility response Schore, Examples of passive coping styles include physical or emotional withdrawal.

Emotions commonly associated with PNS function have a negative valence, such as shame, disgust, hopelessness, and despair Schore, The Dorsal Vagal Complex The unmyelinated part of the vagal nerve the dorsal vagal complex or DVC influences organs below the diaphragm.

The myelinated and more rapid portion of the vagal nerve the ventral vagal complex or VVC mediates parasympathetic activity above the diaphragm, including motor movement of many aspects of communication, such as facial gesture and sound Porges, The more common functions of the DVC are activities of digestion, rest, and restoration Porges, The sympathetic system, on the other hand, is more mature at birth, and this evolutionary strategy enables the organism to be shaped by its interaction with the environment, which is mediated by mobilization behavior of the SNS Schore, Initial sympathetic activity also fosters early attachment and bonding Schore, The gradual maturation of the parasympathetic system is associated with the capacity to inhibit sympathetic activity, and results in a reduction in mobilization and baseline levels of arousal.

If parasympathetic functions come online too early in life, they inhibit the degree to which a developing organism can learn from and adapt to its unique environment because they prevent important exploratory functions associated with mobilization Schore, Parasympathetic activity is associated with inhibition of the intrinsic pacemaker of the heart, and results in a lower resting heart rate.

A mature PNS is also associated with the capacity to live and to engage with the environment from a state of moderate arousal. This is a state of energy conservation that fosters the capacity to engage with others Schore, through VVC-mediated activities such as communication Porges, This is an exciting opportunity for someone to join our team at a time when our Visitor offering is developing.

We have already expanded our pets corner to include exotic pets, We have now completed phase one of the new Wildlife zone which has a variety of native and European species focusing on conservation, rescue and education, this new area of the Park is 5 acres and houses reindeer, fallow deer, Native Raptors and other Bird species, Native mammals including Scottish Wildcat, Red Foxes, Red squirrel just to name a few.

There will be some invasive species representatives such as Bennetts Wallaby and some smaller deer species too. Our farm Section specialises in Rare Breeds and the history behind those breeds. All our dishes our made from our own home bred and reared meat. We are very proud of our farm but are always looking for new ways to improve our facilities and to include our visitors in the overall experience.

We are looking for a modern day, practical, pro active Farm supervisor to help us to manage and maintain our current breeding programmes, Health plans, Preventative medicine strategies and pasture management.

The Successful candidate will be Key in motivating the team to maintain high standards, always deliver fantastic customer service and demonstrate best practice in all we set out to achieve. This is a very specialist role as the successful candidate will have the skills of an experienced Livestock Farmer as well as the experience of working with Public and Children. Reporting to the General Manager. The successful application will have: The successful applicant will be expected to: We ask that the successful candidate has their own transport to and from work, be punctual and flexible with working hours and is willing to relocate.

Please mark any email correspondence FAO:

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