Why do I get a headache when I diet?

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Why do I get headaches everytime I start a diet?
Please note that we are not encouraging anyone who does not use caffeine to start! If the body is use to say calories per day and detects only calories per day for considerable length of time it reacts to the situation by reducing the rate of metabolism. The good news is you are cleansing your body of sugar and if the headaches are from sugar withdrawal, they'll go away after a few days. There is a lot of individual variation in sensitivity and some people do best completely avoiding caffeine. Please head on over to our new WebMD Message Boards to check out and participate in the great conversations taking place: Please note that sensitivities are often quantity related and are more likely to be problematic when consumed on an empty stomach — for instance, processed soups containing hydrolyzed yeast contains some tyramine and MSG in a variety of foods.


What Causes Headaches After Meals?

I believe I read somewhere that our bodies become addicted to sugar and that when you do a low-carb diet, you are basically detoxing your body and helping it to overcome it's addiction to sugar.

When this occurs, headaches are common the first couple of days. The good news is you are cleansing your body of sugar and if the headaches are from sugar withdrawal, they'll go away after a few days. I did also look up on the web and saw that with some low carb diets, muscle tissue can be lost, and this can also cause headaches because ammonia and nitrogen are released into the blood during the breakdown of muscle tissue. Ketones, byproducts of fat metabolism, are produced once the body switches from burning carbohydrates to burning fat.

My guess would be that it is either low blood sugar or caffeine withdrawl. I know that it took me years to find out that I have low blood sugar and that it can give me horrible headaches.

I used to diet alot too and cut out sugar which is carbs and I didn't know why I was getting the headaches. Turns out if I got some sugar in me I was all better. I reccomend going to the doctor and having them check to see if you have low blood sugar. If they're low-carb, it's probably because your body's not used to getting so few carbs. As far as I know, those diets sound bad Try not changing your diet as drasticly but instead exercising more to get those 10 pounds off. It really might be a lack of potassium which happens with many diets.

If you can't eat banannas on your diet, try taking a daily potassium pill. Try cutting your carbs back more gradually. Be careful about the low-carb thing, though! Sounds like these diets are causing your blood sugars to lower,that will cause a headache.

They may not be for you. Contrary to popular belief, a certain amount of carbs is necessary. Your body is used to what it was digesting before what you are eating now is new so it will take time to adjust if that does not help you should ask your doctor if what your taking is right for you. Related Questions I wanna start a diet Everytime I grow out my hair, I get headaches and it falls out.

Of course, what you eat is just as important as how much or how often you eat. A cup of cooked white pasta might have the same amount of calories as a cup of whole-wheat spaghetti, but nutritionally, they are worlds apart. Ounce for ounce, whole-grain foods are packed with more vitamins, minerals, and tummy-filling fiber than starchy white processed foods, leaving you feeling more satisfied after finishing a meal and less likely to suffer a hunger headache.

Which Foods Trigger the Most Migraines? Sometimes your become dehydrated when trying to lose weight. When this happens, your blood vessels constrict in an effort to retain moisture, causing spasms, and decreased oxygen to the brain. The result is dehydration headache. So, how much water do you need? Currently, experts recommend that you drink half of your body weight in ounces.

If you weigh pounds, then you should drink at least 90 ounces approximately 11 cups of water each day. Ironically, eating healthier can give you a headache.