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Just dont listen to the ADA!! Bill comment 1 and comment 2. Learn how your comment data is processed. I tried a few different things, natural supplements, and diets. Reader Results Leave a comment Go to comments. I have printed out so much from each of your blogs and share with all who ask. This is key for optimal mental and physical performance.

How Do I Know if I Have Gallstones?

How I Shop For My Basic Paleo Diet Food List

Insulin — A storage hormone. Excess insulin makes you fat and keeps you fat. It also accelerates silent inflammation. Glucagon — A mobilization hormone that tells the body to release stored carbohydrates at a steady rate, leading to stabilized blood sugar levels. This is key for optimal mental and physical performance. Eicosanoids — These are the hormones that ultimately control silent inflammation.

They are also master hormones that indirectly orchestrate a vast array of other hormonal systems in your body. A Two Block meal consists of 2 choices from each list. A Three Block meal consists of 3 choices from each list…and so on.

You can mix and match blocks as you wish. Or maybe you prefer to start your day with 3 blocks and have a lighter dinner or lunch. Feel free to experiment with your number of daily blocks and move them around as you see fit. Every athlete is different. The below chart will also help you determine your block requirements. The point is to develop the habit of eating at regular intervals so your hormones are balanced all day.

Some alternative treatments have also been found to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of troublesome gallstones. When deciding what course of action to take for symptomatic gallstones, doctors usually choose from among three main treatment options: Watchful waiting, nonsurgical therapy, and surgical removal of the gallbladder. Though a gallstone episode can be extremely painful or frightening, almost a third to half of all people who experience an attack never have a recurrence.

In some cases, the stone dissolves or becomes dislodged and thereby resumes its "silence. Even when the patient has had repeated gallstone episodes, the doctor may postpone treatment or surgery because of other health concerns. If your surgery has been delayed, you should remain under a doctor's care and report any recurrences of gallstone symptoms immediately. If you are unable or unwilling to go through surgery for a gallstone problem that requires treatment, your doctor may recommend one of several noninvasive techniques.

Note that though these methods may destroy symptom-causing gallstones, they can do nothing to prevent others from forming, and recurrence is common. Some gallstones can be dissolved through the use of a bile salt, although the procedure can be used only with stones formed from cholesterol and not from bile pigments. The drug Actigall ursodiol is taken as a tablet; depending on its size, the gallstone may take months or even years to go away.

Because some stones are calcified, this treatment often doesn't work. Another nonsurgical technique, shock wave therapy, uses high-frequency sound waves to fragment the stones. Bile salt is administered afterward to dissolve small pieces.

This therapy is rarely used. Doctors can also attempt to remove gallstones during an ERCP. During the procedure an instrument is inserted through the endoscope to attempt removal of the stone. When grocery shopping, just knowing that I have a visible rib cage is enough to keep me moving out of the cookie aisle. Reduced cravings, weight loss Nancy I am a 64 year old woman who has fought weight control all my adult life. January I started following Dr. I am maintaining my weight loss without cravings or white knuckling and feel great.

I have printed out so much from each of your blogs and share with all who ask. My husband is also on board. I may even take up hunting this season! Reduced cravings, feel great Peter After approximately six months of PHD I have zero craving for sweets and have easily resisted entire tables groaning with plates of cakes, doughnuts, cookies and so forth. Reduced cravings Stabby also here I have been eating the PHD for a while, and it has really reduced any sort of cravings and tendency to mow down, even if the food is really yummy.

I always gained weight when eating carbs before. My health and fitness improvements include the following: Very nutritious, no cravings This diet is super healthy and does allow plenty of choices: To go back to the beginning, the Atkins diet had two flaws which undermined long-term weight loss: Thank you thank you thank you, Jon Weight loss hadrion I decided to give Perfect Health Diet a go first and see where that takes me. My resting heart rate has also decreased, and I now sleep much more soundly.

Reduced cravings, improved mood, weight loss Bella Perhaps this is as good a place on your site as any to share the improvements I experienced after switching from a gut healing diet that generally can be described as VLC Paleo to PHD. Powdery substance in urine is gone.

Energy and mood are way better. This intangible effect has made perhaps the biggest impact on my day-to-day quality of life. Your PHD came into my life at exactly the right time and produced exactly the changes I needed.

I am still working out some hormonal issues, and fighting fungi, but my glucose deficiency symptoms are gone, and I feel better than I have in a year, which is to say I feel normal, finally. My husband has virtually no symptoms of colitis now. The one-on-one advice is a very powerful way to connect with your audience.

The more ketogenic my diet, the better my brain capacity, cognitive energy, energy stability, longevity, and the better I feel…. Because of the unbelievably low result of first test, I took the second one different finger, different hand to check… Results: I now eat calories worth of safe starch, all the recommended supplements, and as much coconut oil as I can stomach. They are in fact vastly improved, which I attribute solely to your recommendations. I can say that, because I have tried virtually everything else in the past….

Clearly something remarkable is happening, thanks to your recommendations! I started getting these headaches in my late 30s. I am now In the beginning I thought I had the stomach flu, because in addition to the headache I would always throw up or have dry heaves. The worst headaches would keep me immobilized in bed for up to two days. My brother-in-law, a neurologist, convinced me they were migraines. I finally consulted a doctor, who put me on midrin, which did not help, and a few months later I started on imitrex, which did help, at least at first.

Eventually, my headache pattern evolved, and I had at least a mild headache every day, punctuated by the occasional doozy. Apparently, this is a pretty common progression, especially with women my age. I always suspected there was something wrong with my lifestyle or diet, and over the years I have tried numerous experiments, but nothing ever worked. I was already familiar with the idea of a ketogenic diet for epilepsy, so I was immediately interested in trying a more ketogenic diet for myself.

I ordered all your basic supplements, and immediately upped my kelp to two capsules. I had been using coconut oil for curries, so I started using it habitually. Started eating calories of starches that you recommended—this was a little scary, after studiously avoiding them for four years! I was afraid I they might keep me awake at night, but I am sleeping like a log. Within a week of starting this regimen my chronic headache started to disappear!

Some days I would only have a headache for part of the day, and occasionally I would have no headache at all! I read somewhere on your site that NAC is good on a ketogenic diet, so I ordered it too.

I had never heard of this supplement before. It seems to have made a further positive difference. I have started taking it twice a day. Once before bed, and once in the late afternoon, when the headache sometimes starts coming back. Another amazing development concerns anxiety. Over the years I have become somewhat anxious when I drive on highways.

I grip the steering wheel tightly, sit forward in the seat, and am generally hyper vigilant. As mentioned above, this was magnified by the Topomax. I never had this issue when I was younger; indeed I used to fly helicopters in the army. Two weeks ago I drove up to New Jersey to pick up my daughter, a 3.

I stopped two hours into the trip to make a pit stop, and I suddenly realized I was totally relaxed, and had been for the entire trip! The PHD is strong brain medicine indeed! Thanks for all your research, insights, and ideas.

I think the Perfect Health Diet is going to be a game changer for many people. Hopefully it is the start of a sea change at how we approach the chronic maladies of our times.

As it happens, the PHD plan is not just about food; there is actually a pretty aggressive recommended supplement plan. Allergies, heartburn, dry eyes, low energy Dr. I really love this way of eating, and feel well on it. Celiac disease Brussie About 5 years ago, I started having horrible stomach problems pain, bloating, etc.

After many useless visits to traditional doctors, I finally went to see a naturopath who put me on a restricted diet: It was actually pretty much a PHD diet.

I went on like this for about 2 years. Then, about 2 years ago, I discovered the paleo diet. It was already similar to the way I was eating with some minor tweaks: Within a year of eating this way, I began experiencing some additional stomach discomfort, more bloating and pain.

I went to see a doctor for some help. Unfortunately, she just made the situation worse…. I would definitely recommend PHD to anyone looking for a healthy way of eating. I would also recommend it for anyone who is still experiencing stomach issues while on a paleo diet. Oh, and I upped my carbs! Allergies, heartburn, dry eyes, low energy Alex I recently had my carotid arteries evaluated via ultrasound for plaque and narrowing and was told there is no evidence of either.

Allergies, heartburn, dry eyes, low energy Bella Perhaps this is as good a place on your site as any to share the improvements I experienced after switching from a gut healing diet that generally can be described as VLC Paleo to PHD. Kind Regards Joan chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema Brian Paul, Many thanks for the excellent work and great book. Allergies, heartburn, dry eyes, low energy Melinda I had severe dry eyes while eating too low carb. He says that minimum keeps mucus membranes intact and protective.

Very strict about only plants and protein. I read your post about glucose deficiency and added rice and potatoes back into our diet. This cleared the problem up within 3 days and I was super grateful. That said, over the last month or so, I was wondering why my body seemed to be drying out from the inside out. I want to tweak my diet to optimum health and found your book. The information about the importance of mucin was helpful.

What was missing in my diet was the carbs that you and the missus recommend. Sweet potatos, white rice etc. I am fascinated that I have a laboratory of my own body to put your ideas to a test and have them show positive results. Thank you both so much for your work and above responses to questions and comments. My regimen was as follows… Diet: Added enough white rice to raise consumption of safe starches above calories daily; ate berries, turmeric, oregano, spinach, and fermented vegetables regularly; initially eliminated tubers which I had difficulty digesting and later replaced them with fermented tubers; and replaced coconut oil with olive oil.

Conformed my nutritional supplements to the PHD recommendations and added NAC; added grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, Kolorex advanced candida care horopito , Now Foods candida clear, and occasional activated charcoal; and tried a few probiotics, including ThreeLac.

This is all thrilling … Thank you so much for all your work. Your book and this website has helped me tremendously.

I had soft tissue recovery issues, joint inflammation, skin issues etc. After endless doctors visits, a smart dermatologist suggested I had a leaky gut and gluten sensitivity. At one point Hashimoto was also thrown into the mix. Paleo and GAPS took care of most of the joint inflammation and skin problems, but my T3 and some of my thyroid symptoms got worse while I was on the unintentional ketogenic healing diet. Your posts on this issue have been helpful, and I am now upping my carb intake.

I have bought the book to a few people in my family and my best friend…. I am so happy. I think this is the best lab test for your thyroid related metabolic state. The most useful is the old fashioned history and physical exam. Old time thyroid docs did this with no lab tests to guide them. The thyroid gland controls the metabolism of the hypothalamus and pituitary. Chronic elevated systemic inflammation and malnutrition inhibit thyroid function and thus ALL endocrine function, including adrenals.

I have increased my safe carb intake as weight loss is no longer my main goal and feel great! I went to five doctors, none of them knew what was wrong with me. I had blood drawn about 15 times for various lab tests. I was afraid I would be bedridden one day because of the pain. Last month, when the sun came out and the temps got over 25, I enjoyed a successful 2-mile snow hike for the first time in three years.

Moreover, while your your body may give you hints all is not well, that does not necessarily point you in the right direction. Particularly when you are embracing the latest ill thought out nutritional theory de jour. I am finally finding my way out of a dark tunnel using the PHD framework of optimizing macro and micro nutrition, getting tests, and careful experimentation.

This is the first diet and approach to health I have seen that really tries to reconcile all the research, and consider all the traditional wisdom, in contrast to the usual practice in recent decades of enshrining one or two possibly good ideas to extreme and ultimately damaging dietary prescriptions.

I read about some of Pauls tips and started eating high fat low carb, and i felt there was a difference. Also started doing ketogenic fast in the morning. I have a lot less symptoms now than before and i feel like the abx hits harder, especially true during my morning fast.

I think high fat low carb is a good idea for the people with this bacteria especially those who struggle with abx resistance. This blog along with many of the readers of this blog have been a tremendous help to me personally. Every other sympton, including the odd mental state you mention, is a perfect match, and I experience them all to a marked degree….

I have been diagnosed with general anxiety but never depression. I do not feel sad ever, just irritable and anhedonia-ac, if I may coin a word. I began to decline after suffering the second subdural hematoma of my life at age 20 when I was in Italy, followed by a 5 year binge on alcohol…. I ended up going 33 hours with some coconut oil and cream. It was a bit tough having to eat a bunch of oil on an empty stomach, but nothing too bad.

I often stutter or stumble over words again, for about 10 years now , which usually goes away only with two or three alcoholic drinks. But the speech problems stopped almost completely during the fast, which makes me thing that there is some link to anxiety and stuttering. I started taking doxycycline a few days ago, and I have already noticed pronounced improvement whether due to the diet or the antibiotic or both in controlling the irritability and anxiety that have plagued me for years….

I definitely feel great since making the diet changes. My testosterone is , and I am pleased to see that I maintaining my strength in the gym despite being on a ketogenic diet. Zach, the 12 year old on the diet, is much further progressed in the disease. Zach has begun holding up his head even though his neck has been hyper extended backwards since he was 9, he has begun pointing with his finger again instead of the palm of his hand, he is moving his right arm again some, and the latest thing is that he is now able to go from a laying position to a sitting position on his own by hanging on to something or someone.

He has not done this since he was 9 years old. Both boys have begun smiling and laughing all the time …. Zach has gotten off all pain medicine and only has a small amount of 3 [anti-spasmodic] medicines left which hopefully he can get off of over the next year. There was still some sort of migraine activity — I could often feel the sensations that in all my previous life, had always been followed by a headache — but no headache resulted….

Then I started following a diet similar to those used by neurologists at Johns Hopkins to treat children with epilepsy, with calorie restriction, frequent meals, and a ratio of fat to protein by weight of four to one.

After two days of this diet, my headaches stopped again. Normally this would create a debilitating headache, but the only result was a slight migrainy feeling that was easily controlled with two aspirin. Before the fast, aspirin had no apparent effect on my migraines….

A bad varicose vein is dramatically improved, and a teary eye problem which I think was caused by a clogged tear duct, and which I previously controlled with large amounts of vitamin C has resolved almost completely. I was on a low-fat, high fiber diet which is, necessarily a high carbohydrate diet. I ate lots of legumes, lots of whole grains, and lots of fruits and vegetables. I also ate low-fat and non-fat dairy.

As you can see, the only good thing in my diet was the vegetables. I was on this diet for about 4 years. My bowels were regular for the first time in my life, and it did feel good to not always be constipated.

I believed I was doing all the right things. I now know that slowly over time toxins were building up in my system. Eventually, I realized that immediately after eating a meal a meal that I thought was superfood healthy , I got a migraine before I could even get up from the table. I began to research, and by the grace of God, I found your diet and immediately purchased your book.

I have many migraine triggers, so they are not completely gone, but the frequency and intensity have reduced substantially. My doctor has put me on several different maintenance drugs over the years that were suppose to reduce the frequency and intensity of my migraines, but none of them worked at all. I am still hoping that one day I will be migraine free, but with my hormone related migraines, it will probably not be until after menopause.

My adult niece has also been a migraine sufferer for years and she is now on your diet, and it is working great for her too. We both owe you a great deal of thanks!

I had been a low carber for several years and over that time have suffered 4 painful bouts of kidney stones. Your post on kidney stones on a LC diet was eye opening. My urologist did various tests and I ended up with having high levels of uric acid and oxalates.

Incorporating your PHD, I dramatically brought down my uric acid levels. I hope this and the other benefits of your PHD will help prevent future stones. I have never had an easier time putting on and maintaining muscle in my entire life, despite the fact that I am not really doing any exercise, well, save for a half hour of yoga, 5 days a week.

Nothing I did really helped, I tried fatty salves, zinc salve, disinfectant spray … nothing helped. No more red skin, in fact, the hard skin part simply flaked off and left healthy skin behind.

AG May 16, at 5: Paul Jaminet May 16, at Mary Lee July 31, at 5: Paul Jaminet August 1, at 7: Hi Mary Lee, Sorry to hear about the gallbladder. Come to the Perfect Health Retreat Come join us for a week at the beach learning how to achieve a lifetime of great health! Buy our book Perfect Health Diet: Click the image below to visit our "Buy the Book" page: Supplements We recommend a number of nutritional supplements. To Support the Blog You can support the blog by making purchases at Amazon.

Click image to buy: A merry and blessed Christmas to all! Paul on Twitter Tweets by pauljaminet. Kamal on Twitter Tweets by zenkamal. I am a 64 year old woman who has fought weight control all my adult life. After approximately six months of PHD I have zero craving for sweets and have easily resisted entire tables groaning with plates of cakes, doughnuts, cookies and so forth.

I have been eating the PHD for a while, and it has really reduced any sort of cravings and tendency to mow down, even if the food is really yummy.

I was ZC but am no longer-I cycle carbs by using white potatoes. I also had an mental adjustment period of accepting white rice. Erik comment 1 and comment 2. Your book and writings have totally changed the way I think about my diet, nutrition and health. I have been shocked that unlike all previous diets for the first time in my adult life I consistently, not just choose, but desire the PHD foods over the crap foods.

Two weeks ago my doctor diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I started PHD a few weeks ago, after finding the blog, and then reading the book. Morris G comment 1 , comment 2 , comment 3. A couple of months after starting PHD there was an obvious improvement in mood and cognitive function. I feel great …. May I firstly congratulate you and Shou-Ching for writing such a wonderful book.

As far as the PHD only being for healthy people, I wanted to share my experience. I have particularly severe, chronic, complicated, and often silent migraines. Jim , email of April 2, I am the smallest I have ever weighed as an Adult. After doing very low carb for so long, I was worried too. Hi Paul, I just wanted to let you know that I was finally successful at adding back in some carbs.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder BPD and am taking a very low dose of risperdal same drug in higher doses used to treat schizophrenia. Jon email of Feb 7, Dear Paul, Following your PhD diet I have continued to lose weight at a rate of one half pound per day! Thank you thank you thank you, Jon. I decided to give Perfect Health Diet a go first and see where that takes me.

I have been on the PHD diet for over a year now. Els and here and here. Perhaps this is as good a place on your site as any to share the improvements I experienced after switching from a gut healing diet that generally can be described as VLC Paleo to PHD. Thank you for the gift of better brain function you have given me! After eating a meat and vegetables diet for a 1. IME, a comprehensive stool test proved helpful. When I went on the Perfect Health Diet plan, I hoped to clean up my eating habits and address some of my thyroid issues through food choices.

About 5 years ago, I started having horrible stomach problems pain, bloating, etc. I recently had my carotid arteries evaluated via ultrasound for plaque and narrowing and was told there is no evidence of either. Thank you so much for all the support you offer. Hi Paul, Thank you so much for the fantastic information! Paul, Many thanks for the excellent work and great book.

After cutting back on coconut oil and adding all the supplements suggested by PHD I am sleeping 6 hours straight and can dose the next two hours, a ginormous improvement. My wife and I have been VLC for a couple years now, myself probably a little longer than her and I tend to eat more saturated fat too.

Hi Paul You will remember 12 days ago I asked you about my sister who has CFS and was taking mls a day of safflower oil to keep eczema under control. I had severe dry eyes while eating too low carb. I reached my weight loss goals by eliminating grains and limiting dairy to butter and cream and reducing fruit intake.

I thought others might be interested in the results of my experiments with preventing constipation over the last few months. You have blessed my life. I had been on a Paleo diet for about six months when it dawned on me that I needed the rice to avoid constipation. Hi Paul, Thank you again!

I started PHD ten months ago after having previously pursued a low-carb paleo approach. Bill comment 1 and comment 2. I forced my toenail fungus into a major retreat by switching to the Perfect Health Diet which added more carbs, which, according to Paul, supplies the body the glucose needed to fight fungal infections. I am extremely grateful to you and Shou-Ching. What a wonderful series of posts!! Thanks for this Paul — very helpful. I started feeling terrible in the winter of An unanticipated but very welcome result of getting on PHD has been relief of arthritis in my ankles.

Hat tip and thank you: My husband is doing fabulously on the PHD. I added back white potatoes and even white rice based on Dr. I was struggling for a while and had to keep upping the abx dose every couple of months to get the same effect as before, and not deteriorate. Well I can comment on the topic of acne. My son, who is 6, … has been on the diet for less than one month and his hands have relaxed enough for him to regain his pointing ability which had been lost.

By day 23 [of a ketogenic fast] I became free of headaches. Before the Perfect Health Diet, I was getting migraines almost every day. Just a quick thank you for your website and the book which I purchased a month ago.

There might not be a perfect known diet for diabetes, but approximately six months ago, my dad, an obese man in his early 70s with Type II diabetes and recovering from congestive heart failure with other health problems as well , began following a not-especially low carb version of PHD along with daily intermittent fasting. Greetings from Liverpool UK! Dear Paul I completely agree with the review on your book given by Chris Kresser. My TG seem to run a little lower if I eat some carbs.

Paleo Diet Meal Planning