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A Herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement by Alicia Garza
The information summarized for you from sites for every keyword? So you upgrade to their "Professional Package. There are too many to include them all here. And access to the Solo Build It! The green oasis also hosts a brand new cultural centre. Or integrate with MailChimp or Aweber, which allows you to use the Site Designer-customized newsletter opt-in form to build your list. Favourable tax benefits for companies and expats ensure that the actual rate of corporation tax is considerably lower than in many other countries.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

I have former students who still have notes I wrote to them more than 20 years ago. The key is to use special stationery post-its are a no-no and write in your most careful, delicate handwriting. Fold it crisply, secure it privately with a piece of tape, and speak from the heart.

Make your words direct, specific, and keep exclamations and smiley faces to a minimum. Again, the lack of frivolity adds depth and dignity to the gesture. The more meaningful and cherished it is to the student, the more it will rev their intrinsic motivational engine. I love your essay! Noticing improvement, hard work, or success beyond what your students have done before, and simply noting it—the pure truth of it—can be profoundly meaningful to them.

But it takes a keen eye, a soft touch, and a willingness to hold back, just a little, in order to create the perfect moment. Click here and begin receiving classroom management articles like this one in your email box every week. I love your suggestions of praise without lessening the place where praise really should go.

My kids love a bump and always puff up a bit when they receive one. He knows exactly what to do. Looking forward to traveling back in time? Belgians love the good life. We have a packed cultural calendar, plenty of greenery and an outstanding healthcare system. No wonder we rank 17th in the World Happiness index.

And, as a Belgian discovering a new planetary system, it goes without saying you choose an appropriate name: Located in the old Belle-Vue brewery, the museum introduces visitors to art from a 2. This venue - unique in Europe - provides a voice for the underground generation.

With more than direct destinations, the port of Antwerp links many European businesses to the rest of the world. Conversely, for the rest of the world, Antwerp is a main gateway to Europe.

Can the Red Devils win the World Cup and make history? Since , you will find surprisingly many beautiful cliches in the Charleroi photography museum. The former 6, sq m Carmelite Monastery houses 3 million photo negatives, 4, cameras and 80, photos. To see everything in a flash is simply impossible! Belgium has a reputation for providing excellent healthcare. Not just because we combat diseases, but also because we help to prevent them.

For example, Belgium played an active part in developing vaccines against Ebola and Pfeiffer's disease. The Memorial Van Damme has repeatedly been voted the best athletics event in the world. The Belgium steel industry is developing steel sheeting with an integrated photovoltaic PV layer to serve as a sustainable roofing material. Top marks for top teaching. Belgian education has an excellent international reputation.

In fact, 7 of our 16 universities are among the best in the world. Belgium has major ambitions in the digital sector. By , we aim to feature in the top 3 of the European Digital Economy and Society Index, and have plans for 1. In , a Belgian chemist invented Bakelite, the first form of plastic.

And we haven't stood still since. High-speed connections are vital for the digital economy. The interesting mix of architectural styles reflects the history of our Western culture. Some of the world's leading biotech companies are based in Belgium. Furthermore, these companies apply leading research methods to boost yields, protect the environment, improve health and enhance the quality of life. Brave all steps of this steeply impressive staircase and you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view across the Meuse.

The grass is always greener on the other side… Except at Belgian festival grounds. No other country in the world has so many music festivals. The Antwerp MHKA is exceptional not only because of its location — in an old grain silo, but also for its bold exhibitions.

Prepare to be inspired by its selection of contemporary art, film and visual culture. Every few years, international artists are invited to light up the city of Ghent. When you're looking for property in Europe, Brussels is among the most popular locations.

Prices here are significantly lower than in other international centres like Paris, London and Frankfurt. Brussels decorated in the colours of the rainbow! A museum that brings music to your ears. This beautiful art nouveau building houses over 8, different musical instruments, making it one of the largest and most diverse collections in the world.

As one of the founding fathers of Art Nouveau, Victor Horta was a prime mover behind the grandeur of modern Brussels. Hotel Solvay and Brugmann Hospital are just two of his masterpieces in the capital city. The lower-left panel, depicting the Just Judges, was stolen in and has never been found. Today, the whole world has discovered the pleasures of visiting a spa, and they have this tiny town in Wallonia to thank for it.

While the heyday of these thermal baths dates all the way back to the 16th century, it still remains a wildly popular destination for wellness fans. Oostduinkerke is the only place in the world where shrimp fishing on horseback is still practised. A year-old tradition that has been proudly kept alive to this day. Thanks to the Tax Shelter system and a generous sprinkling of Belgian expertise, the animation sector has grown tremendously.

Not only does it provide full-time employment for more than 1, people, it has also already won one Oscar and a heap of nominations. Belgium's open economy has always been a source of pride. Not only that, a recent study shows that Belgium is the third most globalised country in the world. Every spring the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken open their doors to the public. A magical place for anyone interested in rare plants and art nouveau architecture. The European Innovation Scoreboard assesses the strengths and weaknesses of national innovation systems in European countries and Belgium's regional neighbours.

We rank 8th on the scoreboard, classed as a 'strong innovator'. Belgium's research system ranks highly too. Belgium is home to one of the world's largest 3D printing facilities. Furthermore, it is home to the industry's largest group of software developers.

The Hallerbos is the most important and most extensive wooded area between the river Zenne and the Sonian Forest. When the wild bluebells bloom in mid-April, an enchanting lilac flower carpet appears as if by magic. IMEC is an innovation hub that is a worldwide pioneer in research into nanoelectronics and digital technology. Four days and three procedures are all you need to get a business up and running, making Belgium a frontrunner in Europe.

But that's not all. You can also benefit from our Tax Shelter system, as well as an innovative crowdfunding platform. Belgium was one of the founders of the EU and remains an important international player today.

This flea market on the Place du Jeu de Balles has attracted visitors far and wide for over a century. With a little knowledge and a little luck, you can discover vintage treasures throughout the week. The New York Times called Brussels the new Berlin… What better place to find out for yourself than Art Brussels, where you can re discover art at some galleries. The brilliant and versatile Rubens didn't write history, though.

The river Lesse winds its way through a landscape of imposing rocks, mediaeval castles and natural forests. More than 2, foreign companies have their European head office in Belgium. Our country lies at the heart of the EU and is a hub for international contacts.

The Abbey of Villers-la-Ville dates back to the 12th century. Its majestic ruins silently attest to the past lives of Cistercian monks. The green oasis also hosts a brand new cultural centre. These indestructible establishments are where you'll find the true beating heart of Brussels. Belgian nuclear technology has won many accolades, including a Nobel Prize. We have exceptional expertise in operating pressurised water reactors and are a leading producer of radioactive isotopes for medical applications.

Over years ago, the people of Brussels planted the Meyboom for the very first time. Today, this folkloric tradition has evolved into a colourful parade that features giant dolls and is recognised by UNESCO.

Only four authentic coal mines in Europe have underground galleries that are still accessible to visitors, and the Blegny-Mine is one of them. Not all our fashion designers are world famous. We also have famous stars. Some people dive to a depth of 33 meters here. Singapore is much more than the sum of its numerous attractions. Don't stop at finding out what you can do when you visit. Let our Passion Ambassadors show you what you can be when you're here.

To make your trip to Singapore as enjoyable as possible, here is some general information to take note of before you leave. Singapore offers a wealth of fun, wallet-friendly ideas for you to happily explore the city. Passion Made Possible Find your passion, find your tribe. Where passion and possibilities meet. Foodies Taste something different, in new atmospheres and in new ways.

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