Nutritional stimulation of the autonomic nervous system

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Using Diet to Balance the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems – Part 2 of 3
My son has suffered from seizure like dystonia affecting the left side of his body, mostly extremities for the last 7 years. Gonzalez has yet to be truly discovered. Customers who bought this item also bought. Really doesnt work out that well. The only time I am peaceful is when I am by myself! Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. One thing leads to another.

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Nutritionally Controlling the Autonomic Nervous System by Pat Davidson

Don't fuel the fire or you'll go higher. Over doing it day after day is like adding fuel to the fire. Less pressure , less demands. Oler, ND on August 7, at 3: Rest, rest and more rest is often what is needed. Then comes the mental game of dealing with doing less than you'd ideally like to Kimberli Doty on August 8, at 8: The only time I am peaceful is when I am by myself!

Too much anxiety and being clammy! Judy Roehrig-Marshall on August 6, at 4: I'm curious if you have an opinion for this: Could this mimic symptoms of Fibromyalgia? I do have nerve damage in my neck and hands, but my neurologist diagnosed Fibromyalgia. However, my Rhuemotologist says it's not. Hi Judy - that's a great question. Without more data, I cannot really make a determination in your case. Shellie on August 30, at 3: I am going through this also.

Very dry skin 2. Sort of like little pustules.. Ive had excema when i was a child to teen. One thing leads to another. Ive also learned that patients with Fibromalgia is suseptable to various metals..

Really doesnt work out that well. It actually is starting to make much sense. Just done the guy said. Take a week or 2 and write down as much as u can.. Dee on August 19, at 1: Does Having Hypothyroid affect your nervous syztems?

Im Healing from Hashimotos, and I am also Healing from. Anxiety Disorders in all ways. I Notice calming as My Thyroid is improving so I assume it connected as well. And any other tips. Ive been resting alot, and Im. Whats the best exercises for a Healing a Nervous System, as Well? Bless You, and Thank You so much.

Oler, ND on August 22, at 5: I would also suggest that you seek out the assistance of an ND in your area that specializes in thyroid disorders to provide you more specialized recommendations. Karen on August 25, at My son has suffered from seizure like dystonia affecting the left side of his body, mostly extremities for the last 7 years.

He also suffers from anxiety, depression, hyperhydrosis, poor sleep. We have seen many doctors and he's had several tests to rule out causes but was given the diagnosis of pseudoseizures or psychogenic seizures. He has tried many antidepressants and none got rid of the seizures only adding extreme side effects. He has lost trust for doctors at this point so I was wondering if you have any suggestions at what direction to go, or what to try.

We have tried many alternative treatment as well but to no avail. The only thing that stops them temporarily is medical marijuana. Everyone want to just treat the symptoms and not look for the cause. Oler, ND on September 6, at 7: Although we are not currently accepting new clients, you can contact NeuroSupport to find a provider that may be able to help provide you some guidance: MrsK on July 3, at I hope this is not a conflict for the site, but to the Mom of the son with seizures and to anyone interested, get the book called the Plant Paradox by Dr.

Read it and follow the dietary lifestyle changes. The foods are very similar to those mentioned here. You will not believe what all can happen to our bodies with so-called healthy foods; not to mention the real junk we eat. The book gave me hope and a plan. Trace on September 14, at 8: I'd like to also mention that medical devices or implants can wreck havoc on your immune system possible causing these issues.

I made a huge mistake many years ago,of having Breast Implants put in. And only after years of trying to convince doctors they were making me sick, and then having them removed, I found out the hard way. Implants are FDA approved thus making patients feel it is okay to put into our bodies.

And sadly, some doctors say they are without much consideration of the harm they may pose on their patients lives. Breast Implant Illness if you search, is now becoming increasingly well Known. Maybe this info might help someone else before it's too late. Cynthia on December 27, at 4: He began to loose weight a yr.

Now is down to lbs!! His naturopath mention that he could have a condition involving his "nervous" system not shutting off. She is in process of doing pages of blood tests. Would this condition be one for her to consider? Oler, ND on January 2, at 6: Good luck - Sincerely, Dr Chad Reply. Cheryl on January 19, at 6: Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I feel I have all the symptoms of a sympathetic dominance. Sometimes, at night, I have terrible digestive issues and feel like my heart and or breath is not right, and felt like I needed urgent medical care.

I'm just coming off a vegetarian diet. It's been a few days of eating lots of meat. But I just had another episode. Can I heal myself with diet, or do I need medical care?

Thank you so so much in advance. Cheryl on January 19, at 2: I am also on synthroid for hypothyroidism, which I think I developed right after going vegetarian. I've seen a gastro specialist and regular doctors, and have had numerous ultrasounds to no avail. Last night after an episode I was awake for hours trying yo calm down I also have been having cold hands, feet, body, allergies, sometimes frequent urination, brain fog, fatigue, etc.

Just hoping going back to eating meat will eventually balance me out. And I am not headed for a heart attack or heart failure. I appreciate you and your advice more than I can express. Thanks is an understatement. Oler, ND on January 23, at Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the comment and question. I recommend that you contact a naturopathic doctor in your area to assist you. It is very likely that you can help correct the underlying imbalances causing most if not all of your symptoms with the correct guidance.

Cheryl on January 27, at 8: Hi, I'm new to this. I have an acute case of fibromyalgia and at times especially when it's cold or it rains my nerves kick into overdrive.

But lately the nerves in my face are really doing a number on me. I had my thyroid taken out last year around this time but haven't had any trouble with the nerves in my face until a couple of weeks ago. Could it be my fibromyalgia or the taking out of my thyroid that maybe causing this and if so, what can I do about it? Oler, ND on January 27, at 6: Hi Cherly, Thanks for the question; it's really hard to say without a more thorough workup.

That should help point them in the right direction. Amino acid therapy may also help; to learn more, please visit: Brady on March 5, at Hi, I was wondering whether the sympathetic nervous system can be overactivated by doing an intense crossfit workout.

I eat very healthy plant based diet , but now am experiencing high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, fatigue, and night sweats after my workout weeks ago. Oler, ND on March 6, at 6: It is very unlikely that the SNS can be over-activated after a single intense bout of exercise. It is certainly possible over time, especially if recovery is impaired. Hope that helps - Dr Chad Reply. Brady on May 27, at 9: I also think I was inadequately recovering.

Perrin on March 7, at 7: Does anyone notice an increased SNS most of the time. However shortly after eating the PSNS kicks in and a nap is needed? It seems that my autonomic system is very sensitive to both. Also I have had chronic pain from sciatic nerve issues for 9 years now.

Oler, ND on March 7, at 8: Hi Leo - thanks for adding to this discussion. I suggest you start by keeping a food diary and eating balanced meals i. If that doesn't get you the results you are looking for, look for an ND or functional medicine provider in your area to conduct follow up testing. In our cross-sectional study we compared HRV parameters for a healthy control group and constitutional thinness with patients with anorexia nervosa and overweight children.

We had found that, children with anorexia nervosa had had significantly lower heart rates at night whilst in overweight children significantly higher heart rates. Concomitant anorexia nervosa patients - children with constitutional thinness and the same body mass index BMI had a significantly higher SDNN standard deviation of all RR-intervals while overweight children had a significantly lower SDNN. Within all groups we had found a strong and significant correlation between SDNN and heart rate at night.

The obesity education program KIDS and the in hospital refeeding in anorexia nervosa patients significantly improved heart rate variability. Chi square test show a highly significant interrelationship between changes in BMI and changes in 24 hour heart rate. Micro nutrition and the role of omega- 3-fatty supplementation was measured and discussed. Our data were compared with data of undernourished and stunted children from the literature.

We concluded that not current BMI but rather metabolic rate predominantly determines intrinsic heart rate. We propose a comprehensive model to explain the impact of nutrition on the autonomic nervous system and discuss the therapeutic consequences. The concept of nutritional transition was developed to explain the changes in the worldwide prevalence of under nutrition and obesity, according to the changes seen over the last decades in lifestyles and standards of living [1].