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Though testes develop this fluid, which is the worth its mass in gold, yet this making needs the influence of the other important hormones as well. Although doping tests occurred, the majority of professional bodybuilders still used anabolic steroids for competition. There is an increase in blood flow to the breasts. More recently, there has been some research suggesting that other nutrients may stimulate MPS. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. However, no such effects were observed in the RA patients.

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The Ultimate Guide to Muscle Protein Synthesis

The key to mastering a skill quickly is following a proven system. Please join Ben McDonald for this energizing, engaging and effective session. We guarantee you will leave with a teaching system, smile on your face, access to post session video support and most importantly a new skill that you can implement right away into your training repertoire.

Coach Vives will discuss concepts of fundamental, transitional, and functional exercise inspired by the developmental sequence, providing a progressive approach to applying functional exercises with an emphasis on vital core training. She'll follow up with a look at transitional exercises that progress core stability in more complex standing, single-leg-dominant, and locomotive activities.

These exercises and strategies bridge the gap between essential core training and more dynamic functional movements. Think you have what it takes? This revolutionary high-intensity workout truly follows the music. Body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio, and plyometrics are synced to original music designed to match each move.

This session is offered on Friday at 8: Does the music move you? We all have an innate ability to find and feel the beat of music. In this session, you'll learn how to take music and use the rhythm to your riding advantage. Experience how to work with various beats that are layered in with fun drills and games for a safe and effective ride. Unleash your inner beat! Learn the secret to creating buzz in the locker room and a wait list for your class.

Get ready to have your mind blown and your classes sold out! Join Gin Miller as she introduces the most exciting concept in group fitness since Step Aerobics. A brand new presentation on the emerging field of sports medicine focused on weight-training injuries. Learn their common causes, the different types of assessments used, and the most effective treatments and rehab exercises for these injuries.

Take your assessment and rehab knowledge on these injuries to the next level for Monday-morning clients. Stairmaster has created a formula that allows clubs and trainers alike to make use of any and all available equipment options, employing unique interval protocols that result in endless options for plug-and-play workouts.

Plug in the details and play! Learn the foundation of the kettlebell get-up, sometimes referred to as the Turkish get-up. In this practice-focused session, DTS Fitness Education lead instructor Freyja Spence will guide you through the step-by-step drills used to teach and refine the get-up.

This movement challenges steering strength, coordination, athleticism, and shoulder and core stability. Sacroiliac SI joint pain is a debilitating and problematic issue. Often confused with low back pain, it can arise from causes.

Furthermore, asymmetrical flexibility or poor posture increases the likelihood of SI joint dysfunction and pain, particularly when increased loads are added. Get the knowledge and skills to identify clients suffering from SI joint pain and avoid creating problems in clients at risk from SI joint issues. K Institute formula for creating effective stretching, stabilization, and strengthening programs for clients with SI joint pain, and understand when you need to refer at-risk clients for medical assistance.

Evolve your core training and take it to the next level! Featuring a fusion of elements from pilates, you'll experience an integrated approach to moving from your powerhouse and the core's relationship to total-body strength, balance and power.

Tackle your complete core in six body positions and walk away with fun, functional, and unique ideas to add to your workouts. Dive deep into core stability and mobility as you learn movement complexes and strategies to build core strength and improve performance and function. Why do most coaches struggle so much in becoming successful business owners? And with good reason! The risk of getting it wrong is so great. Follow the right path and your business and income grows.

There are close to 3, startup companies innovating in the fitness technology space according to leading venture capital tracking site AngelList. Determining which of these is on the verge of disrupting traditional fitness club operators and which of them compliments what we are already doing today is critical to setting a strategy for your fitness business. In this panel session our technology experts will unpack the complex and ever evolving world of fitness technology and shed some light on trends that every fitness professional and club operator should be monitoring.

Because every client has unique demands, learn a basic Halo Training workout and explore how to progress or regress exercises for functional strength and stability, flexibility, and injury prevention. An exciting four-event athletic challenge utilizing the WaterRower, Battle Ropes, and body-resistance exercises in teams of four athletes each. You'll be immersed in fitness drills and thrills that include the assistance of other participants, all designed to show you how team-building games will help you double your strength and stimulate your soul.

Make your test today your testimony tomorrow! Can you already do splits and bridges but want to take your flexibility to the next level? Learn contortion techniques that can be used to make your flexibility stand out.

There are many tools that can be used to kick up your training to be able to achieve those next-level shapes and poses. It's important to know proper technique so that you can cross that line into advanced movements without getting injured. The shoulder is one of the most problematic joints in the body.

It's also one of the most mobile. Personal trainers say "put your shoulders down and back," but is this always best? Examine the anatomy behind common shoulder injuries and get a new perspective on corrective exercise program design. Motherhood is a busy time and involves multifaceted movement. It isn't uncommon to see a woman holding a breastfeeding child in one arm while balancing a laundry basket on her hip!

Preparing for the dynamic demands of motherhood while still pregnant is key and is the ultimate in functional fitness.

Learn about the various movements of motherhood and how best to train your pregnant client for those movements. Using the principle of specificity and some creativity, you'll elevate your training and fitness classes to a new level. This intense circuit will release mobility impairments from head to toe. We'll highlight common imbalances and problem areas and demonstrate specific release techniques.

Much more than a foam rolling session, the Gauntlet will also take you through active mobility drills to ensure that the brain and nervous system can control the newly acquired ranges of motion. If you want to learn how to apply the latest research on mobility and learn by doing as opposed to listening, this session is a must. Get ready to feel the most limber you've been in years!

Learn about the most important structures in the brain and how yoga increases both neuroplasticity the brain's ability to change and neurogenesis the brain's ability to grow new cells after just one yoga session! This new understanding is what makes yoga and meditation the medicine of the future. This informative workshop is meant to demystify yoga by understanding the basic safety principles involved in a class flow.

Involving both physical practice and discussion, we'll include the key elements of YogaFit, including the YogaFit essence, three mountain format, seven principles of alignment SPA , and transformational language. Experience what sets YogaFit apart, making it the most popular style of yoga for the fitness industry.

Be inspiring, save your vocal cords, and get the undivided attention of your participants. The bulk of the meaning in any message is communicated non-verbally through facial expression, posture, and actions, i. Work with the music and motivate participants to perform movements with top-notch technique. From a profile that takes you across various terrains to the addition of technology for incentive and fun, experience the unique teaching style of our award-winning master trainers during a ride where we can each truly achieve more, together.

Are you ready to join our trifecta? Will a power-filled profile cause your party riders to walk away? We'll delve into the aspects of body positioning, goal setting, musicality, and using metrics, all while keeping humour alive throughout as we blend both perspectives. When the music and coaching are spot-on, rhythm riding can be a magical experience.

The right rhythm ride doesn't need smoke and mirrors or unnecessary distractions. We'll show you how to capture and captivate your riders the right way and provide your members with a memorable, results-based, musically amazing cycling experience. Bending and squatting are primal pattern movements that depend on an efficient hip hinge pattern. Stuart McGill — one of the premiere authorities on lower back health — states that the hip hinge is paramount for injury prevention and performance. Learn how to rebuild that hip hinge pattern from the ground up following the DTS Fitness Education seven-step system.

A practical, learner-focused, interactive session. Elite workout methods like HIIT, PHA, ploymetrics, super-setting, combo lifting, 3-dimensional movement possibilities, functional body weight training and much more, come together in one powerful class that offers you the most successful way to get lean and shredded fast. This class is unparalleled in its approach and its results.

The latest training tool for boxing specialists and fitness enthusiasts alike. This session is offered on Friday at 2: Experience this advanced multi-modality workout that will leave you properly worked but wishing for more.

This advanced session will illustrate innovative TRX coaching practices and emerging new programming in a high-energy, multi-modality setting. Learn how to deal with major shoulder concerns within the scope of your practice. Understand the major shoulder conditions and how to improve or prevent them through corrective exercise programming. Learn how the bar can enhance strength, stability, balance, and core activation by simply changing the way you hold it.

Whether you grip it, tip it, flip it, or strip it, even the simplest exercises will feel brand new and accessible for all. This panel will share their advice based on their respective fields of expertise, sharing their bold and incisive predictions about the future. When inverted, the Stability Barrel can sustain full body weight to target balance and control. The padded gentle curve on the opposing side provides a platform for support and proprioception and allows for preparatory counter-movements in flowing sequences.

With a focus on multiplanar form and function, create deeper mental focus and the concentration needed to develop core strength, increase flexibility, and achieve greater balance and kinesthetic awareness. Get ready to find out where plyometrics precede stretching, strength is in length, breath is transforming, and sport meets your spirit: Experience the power of muscular energy and heat followed by the life force that flows through dynamic and sustained yoga stretches.

Discover these great tools to help you learn and grow. This hands-on workshop blends assisted stretching, therapeutic postures, and acupressure techniques to help your clients improve their mobility, muscular recovery, and athletic performance.

Designed specifically for personal trainers and small group fitness instructors, this session will help you address the undertrained component of flexibility, teaching you skills that you can apply with your clients immediately. A program of strengthening and flexibility exercises to improve core strength, range of motion, flexibility, mobility, and posture, while helping to reduce joint pain. This hands-on workshop is designed for personal trainers and group fitness instructors who want to help teach their clients functional exercises which can be incorporated into daily life.

These exercises improve body awareness and help clients move through their day taller, straighter, and with greater ease. Too many fitness professionals struggle to find prospective clients.

They struggle with inspiring people to commit to health and fitness goals and to their programs. They get scared and uncomfortable when asking people for money. And they are afraid to challenge clients to make commitments. They believe that helping people and asking for money are at odds with each other.

Understand the energy of each of the 7 seven chakras and how we may have either deficiencies or excessive characteristics that impact our well-being. Identifying and practicing poses that relate to each chakra along with specific cues, mudras, and mantras, you'll that will leave us balanced and centered with take- home practices to stay that way.

The nature of most fitness regimens keeps hip movement along one plane, leading to lack of mobility through both the hip joint and low back. In addition, research shows that the hips are where we store our trauma. In yoga, the hips are aligned to our sacral chakra — our emotional centre and creative energy. When this is blocked, we suffer. We'll discuss the anatomy of the hip joint and its effect on surrounding areas of the body, exploring low back pain and abdominal weakness. You'll get personal attention to proper alignment and learn poses for both you and your clients.

Small group training uses smart circuits to effectively train multiple clients and athletes. Arming yourself with tools and principles for progression allows you to identify clients' individual needs quickly and target training goals. The functional movement screen is just such a tool — it tells you when movement patterns are ready to load for higher intensities or if corrective exercises can be substituted to provide a smart alternative and regression when needed.

Learn about these strategies and get exercise examples that you can use regardless of your style and experience in training. Revolutionize your cardio workout and feel the Latin heat with exotic world rhythms in red-hot, never-before-seen ways. Walk in and dance out! A cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.

Instead of listening to the music, you become the music in this exhilirating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Back by popular demand!

Step up to the stage, get on a bike, and let the performance begin. Indoor cycling is all about balancing the elements of solid riding, commanding the group, and creating a memorable experience. Create a memory in this session, sing your heart out, and have a few laughs as you join other riders to sing and cycle along to your favourite songs, past and present.

Your teammates and you will practice, strategize, and then race a team pursuit on the Olympic velodrome, courtesy of Stages Flight. Discover how a group working together can accomplish what an individual alone never could. About the only thing missing will be the g-force through the turns!

In this workshop you'll learn what to play, when to play it, and where to find the music and remixes that no one else on your team will have.

Music is magic and we're going to make you all magicians! Join an all-star team of canfitpro presenters as they celebrate 25 years of fitness! Take a journey through past, present and future with your favourite fitness pros as they tag team a workout that will have you sweating, laughing, and learning. The versatile practice can be used in personal training or in group class format.

In this master class, DTS Master Intructor Freyja Spence will take you through the primary components, culminating in a complete 'flow. This exciting session delves into the details of optimal recovery and provides a number of sequences that you can apply immediately. The way you wind down from the main effort of your workout can have a tremendous effect on maximizing results from your hard work and helps to set the stage so you can perform optimally in your next session.

Learn how to avoid the common mistakes that many trainers make at this stage of their workouts and how to map your sequences to the physiological requirements of effective reloading and recovery. Too often, exercise programs begin with "how much can I lift? Lee will discuss the process of focusing on how well your client is performing during exercise and activity, not just how often. Review the latest research on this methodology and how it can be used practically to improve outcomes.

We'll look at specific case studies in a variety of personal training, strength and conditioning, and sports medicine settings to demonstrate the benefits of this philosophy. More is not always better. In this talk you will get a deeper understanding of the links and interactions between biomotor abilities and performance. Alejandro will show you how to organize your ideas and create your own unique system that will establish distinct training-induced outcomes in the least amount of time, all the time!

They don't know how to lead a team and lack the management systems required for continued growth. They feel stressed and overwhelmed with wearing all the hats in their business for so long, and lack confidence in their ability to lead the growth of their company at this stage. In this session, we will show you a proven process for creating more time and freedom to enjoy your success and do the things you love to do, as well as build a team that has your back and grows your business with you--and finally, to better serve more clients and make a bigger impact on the world.

This fresh presentation reviews new consult forms and strategies to help clients implement healthy eating behaviour. Most eating plans are given to clients without ever asking what they like to eat and where.

Most clients end up not using said eating plans because they don't know what some of the foods are or how to prepare them. These forms and information sheets help determine how, where, and why people eat. You'll leave this enlightening lecture with all of the forms required to help implement an eating program.

With every step we take we encounter ground reaction forces that rapidly enter the body. Emily explores how the stabilization to load impact forces must be rapid and integrated between the feet and core. Learn the neuromuscular, biomechanical, and fascial interconnections between the foot and core. You'll experience activation techniques and progressions that will change the way you look at stabilization, impact, and human movement.

Designed for yoga instructors, this hands-on session explores yoga asana assists from a Thai massage perspective.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the physiology of touch will help you discover the more discrete internal cues of the tissues and the sensations that underpin skilled assists in your yoga classes. As a result, you'll greatly enhance your ability to sense and respond to non-verbal feedback mechanisms, guiding your class participants into a deeper and safer expression of their practice. By combining balance, strength, and fluid mindful movement, this dynamic session includes sequences that flow gracefully from one to the next.

Crunches have been around for over a decade now and the promises of flatter abs and no more back pain have never been met. It's time to move on to modern core movement that will ease back pain, flatten your abs, and strengthen your core for good! To analyze why someone can't achieve a posture, we must look past the surface of the body and see it as a moving skeleton, identifying which joints are involved and determining their range of motion. Instead of correcting the body to conform to our expectations or poses demonstrated in books, teachers should allow the body to form in a way that makes sense for each individual student.

We'll offer simple tests to determine when compression occurs in key areas like the shoulder, pelvis, and ankle, and identify the limits of each student. These anatomical principles apply to all yoga postures. Get your Zen on and your heart rate up. Combining the best of both worlds and alternating classic yoga poses with intense full-body moves, this class is sure to increase blood flow, stretch muscles, and focus the mind.

Walk out feeling rejuvenated after challenging your heart rate and soothing your muscles. This session will begin by showing you how to implement Chad's Prepair2Perform model: We'll then go through an interval-based movement progression model i. But how should instructors best use all these exciting advances?

Maximize the benefits of technology and keep riders engaged and inspired both on and off the bike. It has been said that training makes us weaker: But does the need to keep our classes challenging and exciting put us at odds with this truth? What are optimal work-to-rest ratios? Do your interval profiles deliver a 'dose' sufficient to create the results your clients want? Understand the vital role of recovery and how powerful it can be when applied properly.

If your clients or you are experiencing a fitness plateau despite regular training, this session may provide answers, along with fun and practical examples of ways to bust through to the next level! Our wildly successful class-design workshop BOGOF is back by popular demand — bigger, better, and primed to leave you with a ton of ideas that will keep you and your riders happy for a very long time. We'll discuss members' wants and needs and look at how to keep all types of riders happy in class.

It's all in the way you set it up! Learn how to assess, regress, and progress breathing patterns using different positions, challenges, breath holds, breath counts, and mental imaging.

Breathing pattern disorders are a common issue that every personal health coach should be aware of: Join us for this interactive session to gain key information, insights, and tools that you can apply immediately with yourself and your clients. So how can a coach separate him or herself from the bunch?

What's the future of personal coaching? Learn how neurological, biomechanical, and hormonal assessment can be a game-changer for your practice.

Join Mo and Helen for this dynamic fusion of fitness and function, integrating 50 years of experience in functional training philosophy and practice into a 60 minute training session that will highlight 25 of their favorite exercises in a 60 minute workout.

If you teach group fitness, train personal clients for the sport of life, or simply want to work out with this dynamic duo, this session is for you! This workshop explains the best way to apply these advanced athletic training methods and key strategies for training power and explosiveness in all clients and athletes. To be a Spartan takes more than just completing an obstacle course.

It's a mindset — a lifestyle — an attitude. This workshop will show you how you can help yourself and others become both 'race ready' and 'life ready. Challenge your mind, train your body, and discover your inner Spartan as you embody five key principles: Amplify fitness and athleticism with a high-energy training template that will optimize results for all fitness levels.

Learn unique Sport C. Come prepared to be challenged with advanced training techniques, enhance your exercise library, and accelerate results! This session brings together a unique group of extraordinary women whose passion, talent and determination have established them as extraordinary leaders and change agents. Each panelists will share their view on the changing field for women in business. Through this interactive session you will discover ways you can blaze your own path as a female leader.

This session welcomes men to join in on the conversation. Beginning with the ideas of postural rehabilitation and muscle rebalancing, we'll explore how newer ideas of fascial integration, proprioception, and preparatory counter-movements are being incorporated in a workout that goes to the next level.

An extraordinary athletic challenge utilizing the WaterRower and battle ropes. If you love rowing and battle ropes exercises, experience both in this power-packed program designed to challenge your stamina and charge your spirit like never before!

Build your exercise library with a class-ready overall workout that provides practical examples of the concepts of breath, support, yield, and flow: We'll use small props in a buoyant, playful way for an accessible workout with a lower-body emphasis. Learn to honour individual freedoms and limitations and customize exercises to avoid triggering pain while maximizing movement efficiency. This workshop will examine the simple foundations of hydration, movement, and principles of tissue mobility that contribute to overuse injuries.

Walk away with knowledge of MCT and how to restore normal tissue mobility before injuries occur. The pelvic floor and diastasis are finally getting some press, but is what you're reading on the internet the whole truth? Often viewed as two separate topics, the pelvic floor and abdomen are intimately connected and understanding their relationship is critical for anyone working with…well, anyone!

Everyone has a pelvic floor and everyone can have diastasis recti. Learn the anatomy and purpose of the inner core and how to work it most effectively and you'll rejuvenate your tool kit — your clients will be asking for more of your secret sauce. We all have our stories, and for some people they involve traumatic chapters of abuse or neglect. Humans are hard-wired for protection and survival, and when under stress we'll react by either fight, flight, or freeze.

Learn how to create a safe space for your students by being trauma-informed. We'll cover common triggers in the fitness environment, what it looks like if a student is triggered, and simple techniques to regulate the nervous system and promote a healing environment for all.

Using the chair as a prop is a wonderful way to bring confidence to our clients who are new to yoga, or have difficulty or are incapable of moving down to the floor. Learn a full class flow and multi-level options that we can start using straight away for our seniors, pre-natal, obese and post-surgery clients or anyone else who will benefit from a slower paced, safety focused practice.

Enabling our students to build strength and flexibility in a non-judgment format. Every exercise professional should be creating a holistic program that improves performance and durability.

To be effective, functional exercise should be used as a fundamental component of program design. Proper exercise progressions — designed to focus on weaknesses while maintaining and progressing strength and power — are a must. Ideally, overall gains in strength, power, and endurance are laid on top of a solid foundation of mobility and motor control. Lee will discuss the importance of functional exercise, describing and demonstrating how to implement and progress it effectively.

Keiser was the first to introduce power and is still a leader in power training across the globe. You'll get the theoretical background behind power training and then get your rear in a saddle to experience its real-world application.

This session will power you up and take away the guess-work of how to add power training effectively to your classes. From the basics of mixing to bar counting and through the different software available, this workshop will give you the tools to produce a professional mix of hand-picked, hand-edited music that perfectly suits the mood, terrain, intensity, and movements of your ride.

Are you passionate about your music and looking to learn or improve your mixing skills? Join master educators Dennis and Javier as they unveil the secrets of creating killer, purposeful playlists! Power has become the hot topic in indoor cycling. Measurement is motivation and, when used properly, it can help members of all fitness levels improve their fitness.

Learn what power is, how to coach to it, and how to use it to motivate in a variety of different ways. There is power in Power! Learn how to identify common low back pain triggers. Remember, there is always a cause for back pain! In this session, you'll be introduced to a system developed by leading back health expert Dr. It will assist you in determining common motions, postures, and loads that are back pain triggers.

You're guaranteed to walk away with a new appreciation of the importance of daily spine hygiene practices and assessment skills that you can apply right away for yourself and your clients. Breathing is the highest priority on the totem pole of life, yet the science and practical application of breathing has skipped past the weight room on its way to the mind-body studio! This session brings the research into respiration back to strength training and shows how commonly employed breathing techniques actually work to hinder the biomechanics and physiology of the body.

Learn how to assess breathing patterns and identify common problems that can lead to chronic postural and orthopedic problems. You'll leave understanding how properly timed breathing can facilitate optimal movement and enhance performance. This practical session focuses on getting the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Learn efficient and innovative methods to quickly evaluate movement and identify key movement faults to ultimately coach better. Integrating key concepts from the TRX training method, this session will deepen your understanding of human movement and provide a highly effective method of communication that is sure to redefine your coaching standard.

Want to have one of the most extraordinary workout experiences of your entire life? Industry icon Todd Durkin will coach you through an unforgettable workout — vintage 'TD style.

You'll laugh, smile, and sweat, all while digging really deep. Do not miss this truly epic session! Using just your eyes and brain, simple observation of your client walking can yield deep insight into areas of potential weakness in the body and injuries just waiting to happen.

Discover how to identify core dysfunction, muscle imbalances, and postural issues with a minute gait analysis and then pinpoint additional assessments that will provide the most information in the shortest time. This highly simple yet effective approach to gait analysis doesn't rely on expensive cameras and equipment, and doesn't require an in-depth understanding of ground reaction forces, biomechanics, and orthotics.

This workshop goes far beyond the basics and offers enough variations to last all year! You'll explore how exercise essences can be enhanced, inspiring a new movement experience.

This workshop will spark creativity in programming and allow participants to tap into their innate body wisdom to find alternate variations that best suit their movement potential on any given day. In this workout that brings a mindful flow to mobility, you'll discover how you can use group classes to help people improve mobility, decrease pain, and recover more quickly.

The sitting disease and automation are killing our nervous systems, proprioception, function, metabolism, and mobility. Today more than ever, our clients and class participants walk in the door deactivated.

Even those who work out regularly spend most of their day in low nervous system activation. In this seminar, you'll learn how to use vibration technology to prevent injury, optimize performance, systematically apply warm-up, and prep your clients for life, sport, and working out.

Created by Suaad, this dynamic program is based on traditional ballet conditioning exercises that will shape, sculpt and stretch your booty muscles, increase metabolism, and burn fat to give you the best butt of your life. Hot Booty Ballet stands out thanks to the use of the Hot Booty Bands which add an element of resistance training to allow for deeper physical benefits.

Routines are choreographed to match the lyrics and musicality of each song to take you on a fitness journey. No dance or ballet experience needed! The world of water fitness is slowly embracing the idea of integrating new trends into vertical water training classes and aqua personal training sessions. We'll examine the challenges and opportunities associated with introducing new aqua concepts from an instructor, participant, and facility programming perspective.

Learn how to incorporate yoga postures, mindful breathing techniques, and the latest integrative therapeutic techniques into your work with both children and adults who are navigating the challenges of Attention Deficit Disorder ADD or Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD. We'll look at the connection between yoga, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness, as well as how 'attunement' — a form of energy work — is used to help those with ADD and ASD both in a yoga session and in everyday life.

Promote self-regulation and reconnection within a yoga session and explore how to use those skills in real time.

Exploring the Yamas, the ethical manner in which we interact with the external world, can not only significantly impact our yoga classes but also allow us to better coexist harmoniously with others. Learn how to add texture and variety to all of your classes by embodying the five Yamas in your own way, and how to integrate them smoothly and authentically into your Asanas. Enjoy the journey through the Yamas that you and your students will benefit from both on and off the mat.

The resulting benefits being participants lost significant weight, increased self-esteem, and gained a positive outlook. From revolutions to reps, take away effective ideas that will give your riders the know-how and the tools to add fusion-style rides into their training repertoire and programming.

How many hours do you spend trying to create that perfect ride profile? What if we told you there's an easier way to create purposeful, goal-driven, fun rides — in no time?

From beat junkies to power pros — we'll show you the way to cut down on prep time and still deliver measurable results to your classes and clients! If you're going to do it, do it right!

While we love motivating the masses on the bike, we know that what we do off the bike is an integral part of a well-balanced fitness program. We'll take a good look at the ranges of motion and common muscular imbalances involved in indoor cycling. You'll get the tools to create complementary flexibility and strength-based programs to counter the riding position on the bike. Experience two cross-training programs that integrate mobility, strength, and cardio while staying true to the promise of doing it right.

Over the last 10 years, the number of hip replacement surgeries has skyrocketed. The good news is that the right type of exercise can help to mitigate the development of osteoarthritis, which is a common issue for those undergoing this procedure. The question is how do you determine what exercise is right for your clients? In this session, you will learn some simple yet effective assessment tools that will help you to individualize exercise choices and techniques.

You will also walk away with some of the foundational components of our hip hygiene program, which has been designed to keep your hips healthy and happy. No 1,3 Dimethylamylamine needed here. Get pumped with Assault and Assault Your Workouts here! Giant Sports Giant Pump Not much is known, but rumor has it that the experts over at Giant Sports have a stimulant-free pre workout supplement that will take nitric oxide boosting to the next level.

They aim to make it both powerful and affordable. They provide an incredible source of protein that continuously helps to repair and build muscles. Selenium is an essential mineral that helps to prevent cellular damage, and Riboflavin, also known as Vitamin B2, is valuable for body growth and helps to release energy from carbohydrates.

Yet it is water soluble — so it is not stored in the body and continuously needs to be replaced. Moreover, because of their nutritional make-up, egg …. Both are great, but which one is better? Well, that depends on what you want out of a pre workout. However, more is not necessarily better. This amino acid is commonly used to keep the liver healthy. In fact, the largest concentration of CM is in the liver. The amino acid is produced in the mitochondria before it is converted into a highly bioavailable form of Arginine.

Half a decade or a decade ago, Arginine reigned supreme in the nitric oxide supplement department. It worked somehow as some people swore by it. In fact, most people developed arginine related side effects. Arginine failed because everyone has an enzyme called Arginase. This enzyme rapidly degrades the …. Cobra Labs also claims that The Curse is capable of giving you motivation and, their words, the aggression and desire to lift more weights.

The debate of fasted training vs. We know that carbohydrates are necessary for a functioning glycolytic energy system, but are there distinct training advantages to strategically timing our intake of nutrients? They contain dangerous drugs like amphetamine. Coded deep in our DNA, sex is among the most natural pleasures we get to give and take with our bare bodies. More than promoting superior athletic abilities, many pre-workouts have been equally effective in improving sexual performance.

This boost in sexual prowess has been openly attributed to Nitric Oxide enhancers that generally make for …. It is never a bad idea to be mindful of the body. Yes, especially as the number of obesity cases continue to skyrocket in spectacular fashion, it definitely pays off to keep our bodies healthy and in perfect tune with the weighing scale.

Over the course of the last 50 years, since the industrial revolution, the world has put on more than its fair share of weight thanks to our consumption of fake food-like products that are ultimately alien to the body.

It is because of products like synthetic cheese, fiber-free juice, and 5-minute noodles that obesity continues to run wild across the globe like a fat ugly monster.

In America alone, almost two-thirds of the entire population are unable to escape the clutches of …. This product features scientifically proven ingredients to deliver awesome pumps, improved endurance, and decreased recovery time. Stacked with Game Day, this product is very beneficial for athletic performance, and does NOT contain banned ingredients or anything to cause you to fail a drug test. Most commercially available pre-workouts are prepared with clinically synthesized ingredients and patented blends that increase the price considerably.

Needless to say, adaptive training and gym work is a case where commitment and motivation is worth more than all these extra ingredients, some of which are not really at all necessary.

Do you want to persist and power through the intensity of your workouts with nothing but the bare essentials? Make your own pre-workout. It costs relatively less. It does not come with filler ingredients. And it gives you the freedom to experiment with the amounts and dosing protocols until you arrive …. In fact, OxyELITE Pro never fails to get the top spot as the best selling fat burner in at several major online stores, and is the most searched after fat burner on They have to keep body fat low while re-building muscle mass every day.

This is a difficult task without an optimum melatonin rhythm, and the sound sleep it brings. Almost all muscle recovery and growth occurs during the melatonin phase of the cycle And research shows clearly that partial sleep loss fattens you up like a goose Even minor disturbance of the melatonin rhythm also increases insulin resistance, and disrupts both glucose regulation and hormonal controls of appetite 16, The main appetite-inhibiting hormone is leptin.

With normal melatonin, leptin rises during sleep and controls appetite, not only that night but also next day. The main appetite-stimulating hormone is ghrelin.

With normal melatonin, ghrelin falls during sleep and rises to stimulate appetite the next day. Poor sleep and low melatonin tip the balance in favor of ghrelin, leading to increased appetite and food intake Levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol, also rise, and anabolic hormones decline, especially growth hormone and testosterone These imbalances set up the low-melatonin athlete for muscle loss and fat gain that cannot be corrected by diet or training.

For the last 30 years we have used specific nutrition for athletes to maintain normal melatonin, and have been very successful with numerous elite athletes including World and Olympic Champions