The Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

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6 Reasons to Avoid Meal Replacement Shakes
This also helps to keep the calories down. Protein shakes tend not to contain any added vitamins and minerals other than those provided by the protein source. High fiber foods also tend to have less calories, therefore also contributing to weight loss. While you can replace several meals per day with a shake, I think that two or even one shake per day works fine. In a small bowl, whisk together egg whites, protein, cinnamon, and vanilla. It depends on what you want.

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Meal Replacement shakes vs Protein shakes

Quick And Effective People wanting to build muscle or burn fat can use meal replacement shakes to fit any diet requirement. Some people may think that meal replacement shakes are only for the muscle heads and fitness freaks - not true! Anyone who has a busier lifestyle or has trouble keeping up with their daily nutrition can benefit from having a meal replacement powder on hand on for those non-stop days. Athletes currently in season can also benefit from having a meal replacement shake.

Sports competition can be very demanding on the body, and it's nice to have a little something in the locker room or your travel bag to make sure you don't go into battle unprepared. Maximize Your Meal Replacement When looking for a meal replacement powder, be sure to take into consideration the amount of calories, carbs and protein that it contains. Meal replacement shakes are designed to fit low-calorie and high calorie diets, so find the one that fits your requirements.

You can also adjust the serving size to fit your nutritional needs and always be in control of your meal replacement.

Take these meal replacement shakes when you can't fit in a healthy meal or immediately after a workout session as a post-workout. Consider taking a meal replacement shake every couple of hours to spread your intake out over a longer period of time. Meal Replacement Meal replacement powder, shakes and drinks are ultra-convenient and provide a range of nutrients for a variety of needs: High Protein Meal Replacement Shake! This is not always practical — especially if you have no time for cooking or shopping for groceries.

In essence, meal replacements are a healthy meal in a glass. Swapping out one or two meals per day is not only an easy way to lose weight, it saves you having to cook special fat-fighting meals and are generally very cost effective. You can usually consume your meal replacement shake anywhere you like which means there is no reason not to be able to stick to a meal replacement diet. Meal replacement diets are a great, easy, simple way to lose weight — just chose one of two meals per day and replace them with a meal replacement shake.

Looking for meal replacement shakes recipes? Protein shakes, unlike meal replacement shakes, are not designed for weight loss but for muscle gain. When you exercise, your muscles are broken down a little — a process called catabolism. To repair this damage and build the muscles back bigger and stronger, protein is required. Most experts agree that you need around one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight or about two grams per kilogram.

Getting enough protein per day can be tough unless you are able to eat meat, fish, eggs, chicken or dairy at each and every meal of the day — all six of them! Protein shakes make it easier to get enough protein into your diet as they are easy to drink and require no preparation other than mixing with water and then chugging down. There are several types of protein shake you can get:.

Whey protein — made from dairy so high in protein but also contain lactose which many people are allergic to my selection of the best whey protein. Caseinate — also made from dairy, caseinate is a slow-releasing protein ideal for nighttime use top caseinate protein. Egg protein — a good source of protein but not a very nice tasting shake best egg protein available on the market.

Hemp protein — better than soya and also good for vegetarians however can be expensive best hemp protein selection. Pea and rice protein — another expensive option but ideal for vegetarians pea and rice protein. Beef isolate protein — a new development in protein powders. To maximize muscle growth and recovery from exercise, you need to consume protein throughout the day. As well as providing a much-needed protein shot, protein shakes are also ideal for immediately before, during and after workouts — especially strength training.

Before a workout , a protein shake will minimize muscle break down during training. During a workout, protein shakes will help start the repair process. After a workout your protein shake will help speed up recovery. Protein shakes generally contain very little else other than protein and a typical serving provides anywhere between 15 to 30 grams or more of protein. You can add other things to your protein shake to give it more calories such as fruit, peanut butter, or coconut oil, but this turns an almost pure protein shake into a weight gainer or meal replacement shake.

Most protein powders are designed to be mixed with just a little water or milk to keep the emphasis on protein. Find my tasty, high on fiber and healthy protein shakes recipes here. If you are exercising hard and trying to build muscle, a protein shake may be useful — especially if you are training hard with weights and struggle to eat enough protein per day.

Now you know the difference between meal replacement shakes and protein shakes you should have no problem choosing the right one for your goals. Instead, you need to use them regularly and combine them with a generally healthy lifestyle. Small changes, such as drinking more water , exercising regularly , eating plenty of vegetables , and walking more can go a very long way to making you fit and healthy, and adding the right kind of shake can help get you the results you want.

One email per week, exclusive content, no ads, and, of course, you can unsubscribe anytime you want. I've shared my story here. Thanks for your comment. Based on my experience, a meal replacement shake for breakfast combined with healthy snacks and healthy meals will help you to lose weight. First time starting meal replacement shakes, I would recommend doing it 2 or 3 times per week, giving time to your body to get used to the shakes.

Regarding protein, it all depends how much protein you have on your workout days. If you feel you need to add protein to your diet on those days, continue with your protein shake. Have a great day. Hi, thanks for your comment.

You can buy protein bars or do your own protein bars, more and recipes at homemade protein bars vs commercial protein bars. If you are looking to build muscle, protein is important but most certainly the meal replacement shake you are drinking should have around 30 grams per scoop or per 2 scoops depending on the product.

Plus if you drink another one at night you have another 30 grams of protein, so in total 60 grams per day. Would they use the two combine? Meal replacement shake for one meal and protein shake after the gym?

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