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The scale of the scheme is breath-taking. If you would like to become please let me know. We looked at the the Herbalife Annual Report , which states that I would say the hardest part of my job was constantly picking up boxes and loading them inside the heat of the truck, not so much the weight i had to carry. Menu Skip to primary content. That means earn more money than you spend. We both maintain our new healthy weight ever since.

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Herbalife Review – Should You Become a Distributor?

Also there are separate websites for other countries like Canada and the UK that have affiliate programs that pay in local currency. The Weight Watchers affiliate program is accessible through CJ. Market Health is an affiliate network that is dedicated to health and beauty affiliate programs. Phil and on news stations. Just imagine selling just 10 of these per day or even in a month to be more conservative. Market Health pays out twice per month, on the 1st and 16th and you can get your earnings through a check, bank deposit, Paypal or via a Payoneer Master Card.

The first step to getting started is to forget about the Herbalife and the MLM model. You need to start researching and learning everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. In conclusion, with all the investigations and finger pointing going on, Herbalife is probably not the best choice right now to start a business. There are much better choices outside of MLM like affiliate marketing which can be easily learned and is very profitable even for ex-MLMers who have never made anything.

If you have experience with MLM, Herbalife or just want to weigh in on their current situation, your comments are welcomed below. You can check the Herbalife website to find the procedure on how to become a Herbalife distributor in your country.

If you do want to become an Herbalife distributor, email me at [admin edit: If you are serious about this opportunity please email me and I can sign you up to become a distributor. Roger coyld u email me tips on being an independent distributor and how to be on the road to sucess. I am distributing a healthcare product and want to know the best way to achieve this.

Do you have a website? How do you reach your customers? Teri, this website was not made for that purpose so I discourage people from posting their personal information as it can lead to breaches of privacy. Advocare is the 1 Best nutrition MLM hands down. Hebal life was just sued for 2oo million for being a pyramid scheme.

Email me for info and I can explain better. Thank you for your time. I like how you actually are fishing for business and claiming you can explain something you know nothing about. Herbalife is in over 80 countries and if a company with such global impact was bad, then it would not exist for over 35 years. Herbalife was actually not sued. It is however, MLM. We help change people lives for the better everyday. I personally was able to lose 63 pounds in just 6 months and feel amazing now.

I know people that have lost well over pounds and living their lives they way they want to now not the way they have to. I will say as far as success stories the biggest problem is you hear nothing but failures. I have met a lot of people… myself included who did not work.

I have had decent months closer to 1k and other months closer to Truthfully that was how I was taught from my organization. The monetary side of it can be great but if it is your priority you have already failed. This coming from a guy that makes a substantial amount of money as well as others that in various levels of the marketing plan.

I also was taught about personal development and believing in myself where in my actual company I work for they do anything they can to shut you down and keep you at the bottom. I cannot dispute that. I learned a lot from being in Amway as well — personal development for example; and I feel as if that prepared me for online marketing and the struggles I had to go through before eventually being successful based on my own personal goals.

Herbalife is people who know nothing about nutrition preying on obese people who know nothing about nutrition as a means of exploitation to generate the wealth they DREAM of. It will cost you a lot less than flavoured witches potions! But I get your point.

That is not true! Many people I know with eating disorders have been able to overcome their disease! They teach you to eat right amounts not to limit your eating.

Eat the right things! I personally know a person who had lost so much weight due to eating disorder. I feel many people think oh they just go after obese and overweight! That is not the case. They share the nutrition with everyone. Thanks for the info Arthur.

Unfortunately, the few "successful" distributors are those that have learned how to become recruiting machines -- deceiving their friends, family members, co-workers, and just about anyone who will listen to them into paying money to join a "business opportunity" that is destined to become a financial loss for the vast majority.

Herbalife, for its part, refuses to report how much of its product is sold at retail to non-distributors and how much revenue they generate from signing up new distributors. They refuse to disclose the average net profit or loss of Herbalife distributors. They even have the gall to reclassify 73 percent of their distributors that were lured into the business with get-rich pitches into retail consumers saying that these distributors "primarily join us to receive a wholesale price on products they and their families enjoy.

The scale of the scheme is breath-taking. There are , Herbalife distributors in the United States. Somewhere between 60 to 83 percent of them are Latino. If left unchecked, Herbalife could recruit, defraud and dispose of as many as 4 million Latino distributors over the next 10 years. To more and more Latino leaders and advocates, this reeks of predatory ethnic targeting of epic proportions. I have asked Herbalife to make six common sense reforms that could help it become a better company, where distributors might have a chance to make an honest living selling their product.

Yet the company has refused to consider even one of them. So at the end of the day, is Herbalife a legitimate and effective business model for Latinos or an illegal pyramid scheme that targets and preys on them?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, there is an easy way to tell. If distributor income is primarily based on sales to the public, the company may be legitimate. But if distributor income is primarily based on the number of people recruited and the sales to them, it's a pyramid scheme.

I believe that the evidence is overwhelming that the compensation of Herbalife distributors is primarily based on the number of people each distributor recruits and their sales to them. Furthermore, I challenge Herbalife to report their retail sales to the general public people who are not distributors and their sales to new recruits so that we can settle this issue once and for all. Continuing to hide these figures from the public, their investors and regulatory bodies can only mean one thing in my opinion: We encourage other organizations and people of good will to join us in this fight.

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