Jenny Craig Lawsuit Claims Diet Led to Gallstones

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Nutri-System Diet Led to Gallbladder Disease, Suits Say
I wonder if the stones will go away in time now that I don't eat that crap! The email was courteous, professional, and apologetic for the experience I had. They had a class-action suit against them in the past, and I'm curious to see if this is still an issue? See also the following references: BB code is On. We will be looking into this and reaching out soon -the Nutrisystem Consumer Experience Team.

Less Than Appetizing Taste

Anyone With Gallbladder Issues Been on Nutrisystems Recently?

Note that while Shapshay's Jenny Craig lawsuit may seem to be alleging a marketing defect, that kind of defect only applies to hidden dangers. This means that obvious dangers a knife that can cut you, for example do not need to come with a warning.

So in the company's defense, lawyers for Jenny Craig may try to assert that health risks come with every diet plan, and that they should be obvious.

It's also not known what other substances Shapshay may have ingested, which could potentially also have led to gallstones. If her lawsuit proceeds, Shapshay's personal injury lawyer will likely need to somehow prove -- perhaps through the use of scientific experts -- that her Jenny Craig diet was the precise cause of her injuries. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Should I Sue for Medical Malpractice?

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I was on the diet for approximately 2 months and one day after eating one of their lunches, I suffered an attack that was so dibilitating I couldn't breathe. I called my sister to take me to a walk in clinic and they sent me for an ultrasound. The Dr said removing it was not a big deal, but I believe if something is there, it serves a purpose, so I decided not to remove the entire gallbladder until this became a real problem.

I have not had an attack since. I was not aware there was a link with gallbladder problems and nutrisystem, however today I saw a celebrity is suing Jenny Craig for the same reason, which prompted me to check if there is a link with Nutrisystem. I wonder if the stones will go away in time now that I don't eat that crap!

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Marshall, a year-old school music supervisor from Baltimore, have filed separate suits in U. Bekman, the lawyer for Ms. You have lay people saying, 'How much weight you want to lose? You want to lose 49 pounds in 40 days? They noted that to date there have been no verdicts against the company and that 18 cases already have been dismissed.

Their strategy has consistently been to try cases in the media, instead of the courts," said Kathleen A. Maylath said in a prepared statement. After the weight loss, he said, she had recurring attacks of nausea and pain that were so extreme that her doctor, who had diagnosed a gall bladder problem, prescribed a pain killer.

She was admitted for several days and referred to a surgeon who removed her gall bladder a short time later at the University Medical Center, the lawyer said.

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