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In addition, it includes telephone counseling and meal selection from over different heat and serve meals. Way too expensive, food is bad, causes bad gas and cramps and too much fine print. For the first 2 weeks i actually had to force myself to finish my meals, not because they tasted bad but because i was full. Any coupon post or blog article ever written about the online store will be listed below. We're fresh out of active NutriSystem Canada coupons right now. On of the more recent studies of Lean 13 show an average

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If you plan to be on Nutrisystem for at least two months, then I personally think the Core Plan is one of the best options to choose from. Nutrisystem also has a number of different plans for people with special dietary needs or medical conditions.

These include options for people with diabetes and vegetarians. This means that their Uniquely Yours plan is off the table for Canadian residents. Basically, most of their other plans are options, though, so shop around their site a bit to find the best option for you. If you sign up for auto-delivery they may be offering free shipping to certain regions of Canada.

To find out for sure you will want to check online when you go to sign up for the plans. If you do end up having to pay for shipping, they usually try to keep costs to a minimum. For a long time, only people living in the United States could enjoy all of the benefits of this convenient and cost-effective meal delivery diet, but that is no longer the case, as they are now offering service to Canada.

To learn more about their plans, costs, and benefits of this great weight loss system, visit the official Nutrisystem website. Nutrisystem is one of our Top-Rated Diets for because of its convenience, results, and long track-record of success.

Hi there, So few questions about this program. How much is it per day? Can you send out what foods are available from a brochure? It would be worth checking with them though to find out for sure as they may have updated their menu for Canadian customers.

If you check out our Menu page , it has most of the foods listed along with videos of the Basic menu — Hope that helps! I wish Nutrisystem would offer their frozen menu in Canada….. I will have to decide if I will keep it or not…..

The frozen food menu is fantastic….. Love it and it works. Best of luck with the move, Judi, and congrats on your success with Nutrisystem! It might be worth calling them to see if you can work something out — the frozen menu definitely is the best!

I would love to order the program and the discount would really help! They have a number of options for customer service, which you can find here: As a member, you also have access to telephone counseling, a number of online tools for meal planning, food tracking, fitness and activity tips and the Nutrisystem members forum.

Nutrisystem has three plans for Canadian men to choose from: Basic, Core or Uniquely Yours. There are also versions of each plan tailored for diabetics. Are you a vegetarian? Nutrisystem has a stand alone plan you too! This is the most popular plan.

You can choose between three levels within the Nutrisystem plan: Basic , Core and Uniquely Yours. All of these programs provide 28 full days of breakfasts, lunches, suppers and two snacks yes, men get 2 snacks. With the Core program the most popular you will be able to select from a menu of over different menu items.

The Uniquely Yours plan also gives you a great selection of pre-made, ready to eat meals. The Basic plan includes 28 days of meals and snacks but it does not include telephone counseling or meal selection. This plan includes 28 days of meals and snacks. In addition, it includes telephone counseling and meal selection from over different heat and serve meals. In addition, it includes telephone counseling and meal selection. This plan is not recommended for Canadian customers as it includes frozen food that cannot be shipped into Canada.

The vegetarian plan has two levels: Favorites Pack and Custom Menu. Once again, they are both 28 day meal delivery systems and are comprised of pre-made non-frozen meals that you select from the Nutrisystem menu. The diabetic plan has three levels: Once again, they are all 28 day meal delivery systems and are comprised of pre-made non-frozen meals that you select from the Nutrisystem menu.

At first glance, you are right to wonder if shipping food from the USA is not going to be too expensive. Don't worry, they have thought of that too.

Nutrisystem Canada Men's Core 28-Day Plan