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I normally just chew my pills or put power into a drink. Thirdly, keep going — this is a natural product that puts nutrition back into your body. This time when it returned it came back with a vengeance. So — do you have a booklet which explains? She may now cough once a day and that is a single little cough. Thank you so much Allison. And said they were sick of me being boring.

head in the clouds and heart on my sleeves.

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Sue I read your article with tears in my eyes-I have a 13 year Boston that is my old girl and I love her so much. It started with a cough and off to the vet we went. He tells me she has a heart murmur and put her on benzapril for the murmur and furosemide for the fluid build up-she has been on it for about a week now and the cough seems to be worse not better-I am off to the vet again tomo-I am going to have him xray her heart and some other things to cover my basis-I do know that this is the start of end which according to him is still 3 to 4 years but I feel so helpless and like I am not doing enough to make her comfortable-Thanks for this article I am glad I found it.

Hi Karen, I feel your pain I hope you can have a little longer cough-free time with your girl. I know every case is different but I think maybe your vet is stretching the facts a little when he says that the end is 3 or 4 years away. That would make her 17 years old which is usually the age that healthy small dogs live until. I have a chihuahua furkid called Akie. He is 13 yrs old and he has been diagnosed with CHF stage 3 recently.

Aparts of this he also having trachea collapsing which contribute to his coughing daily. I have been in and out to the vet quite often recently and nothing seems to ease his coughing.. His coughing is getting worst. Apparently, he is having Fortekor, Vetmedin and Furosemide for his heart enlargement. He has been diagnosed with heart enlargement 3 yrs ago, during that time he has been hospitalized but he recovered… I have been maintaining him by all the medication in correct timing each day, low sodium diet and no strenuous activities.

Apart of all the medications, he is also been taking Taurine, CoQ10, Hawthorne, Omega Fish Oil and etc supplements… I really have no idea where goes wrong recently… I just wish n hope that he will speedy recovery the soonest. The vet just told me that if I would have him for another 6 to 12 months… He should consider that I am extremely happy and lucky….

Hi Miri, It sounds like your blaming yourself for him not getting better. Maybe if you believe in reincarnation like myself you can take comfort in knowing that he may possibly come back to you, if not in this life maybe the next.

She is currently 15 and a half years old and acts like a puppy. She has been diagnosed with collapsing trachea and CHF. I kicked into high gear as things unfolded and so Tatie has a cardiologist, a general practitioner, a holistic vet and an energy worker.

She never needed any treatment for CT. None of these meds dosages have needed to be changed since her original diagnosis. She sees her cardio three times a year and he does diagnostics every other visit blood work, xray and sonogram if needed. As I mentioned, Tatie sees a holistic vet as well. Every month or two she also receives acupuncture or chiropractic in addition to the cold laser treatments.

I cook for her- beef and chicken boiled, a little broccoli and pasta, and no sodium. She weighs about 8 lbs and has been on a wonderful plateau for some time now. She could not get out of the loop. It was awful…a HUGE sound, very guttural, coming from a little dog. I took her to her cardio the very next day. He thought either the bath excitement triggered her or perhaps she aspirated a little water. What a trade off.

So she needs to eat to handle the effects of a drug that upsets her belly! I should also mention that I get her meds compounded. And so I go forth- one step at a time with Tatie. Oh, and someone mentioned something I deal with as well: Thank you all so much for posting you own stories. Support is so key to dealing with these difficult conditions. He has had CHF for over 2 years starting with massive seizures.

He is on pimobenden and after reading all these posts, I have added the Enepril also which I had here on hand from Fluppy. He takes 20 mg. Lasix per day but vet told me NOT to increase this dose since it can damage kidneys.

He coughed all night and wheezed. So sad to listen to. He got up and walked around many times, probably for water. He is on cough suppressents and also has had steroid injections. He also has Cushings Disease. Howdy is a medium sized Maltese and the largest one I have. He is just a happy go lucky kind of dog, never a problem. I am going to start cooking his food too. I give him his meds in Liverwurst but now reading the posts about SALT, going to change that plan too…Looks like I will be making my own liverwurst too!

Thanks for sharing all. Hi All, I have read your stories and feel mine may be of use. My dog was a rescue dog from Spain a small honey coloured terrier. I homed her 7 years ago when she was roughly about 4 years old then. I had her screened two years ago when we were coming back to the Uk and the vet diagnosed a heart murmur.

She was well and happy up to last Easter Monday when her resting respiratory rate was 70, coughing on exertion and she was breathing using her abdominal muscles, very lethargic and mucous membranes not pink at all. I went to the emergency vet and she diagnosed a grossly enlarged heart and CHF.

After treating with diuretics and cardisure she was released after 3 hours. She made a slow recovery on these meds but this morning she vomited 3 times loosing bile and frothy fluid she then drank three full bowls of water and her breathing was 60 per minute with blueish mucous membranes.

I went to the vet who gave me the choice of aggressive treatment or euthanasia. I am now very sad but glad she did not have to live with this condition over a longtime.

She was a much loved dog but I could not stay with her I did see her shortly afterwards and she was at peace. It was a very tough decision but one which has to be taken bearing in mind the suffering of the dog. I hope if anyone reads this they will find some strength to make the hardest decision of all.

Howdy is doing MUCH better. He is even lively and wagging! He is a maltese, Poor guy is bowlegged too! I bought him in Kansas from a home breeder. His coughing has greatly reduced using the small amount of Hycodan twice a day with the Pimobenden, Lasix and Vetrol for his Cushings Disease.

I boil his chicken with rice in the rice cooker with some garlic powder. I add doggie vitamins and he is just thrilled with his meal! God must have needed my precious baby boy because I had to send him to heaven the next day.

The vet does not know what was causing it, but he was bleeding internally somewhere, possibly from the Previcox he took daily for his deteriorated spine.

I miss him every second but when you love someone so much, you have to let them go instead of suffering. Although he still eats and loves his treats. I have had to make that dreaded decision many times and it gets no easier. I think we all can sympathize with what your dealing with.

I have to say my Precious coughed a lot also but all at once the cough got deeper and pretty much non-stop. Have you tried hydro codone to help suppress some of the coughing? She has been doing amazingly well thinks to the medications she has been on. The last two days the cough has increased. She has not been to the vet for a while, so maybe we will go for a visit this morning.

The coughing makes sleep difficult for both of us. Wow, I have to say you are lucky that your dog has lived to her age of I hope she lives even longer. So sorry to report that I lost my precious little girl May 7, I am having a terrible time adjusting to the loss. I miss her terribly. I am thinkful that she passed at home and in the arms of those who loved her.

My dog has chf, she is She coughs more at nite. Started on lasiz for about a week, cough continued. Will take the Vets advice for heart medication and I guess return to the lasiz also. She was on 40 mg a day, heart meds scare me because iam unsure of what might happen.

She cough an gags. What medication did you have you dog on, that she lived to be amazingly 19 yrs old?? Iam beside my self of what to do. If not for the cough my dog Cindy is fine. Plays runs around eats like a horse. Please give me an insight into the medications or combination of meds.

So I will be knowledgable when I talk to my Vet. We will be devastated to loose her. What to save my dog, need to help her so bad, just breaks my heart to hear her cough so much. And i cant do anything. Thank you so very much. Mostly your vet will start with one or two drugs and as time goes by and her coughing gets worse as it usually does they add more drugs. I am going through a similar situation but my babies heart is enlarged quite a bit. You would think with the advances we have in medicine there was more they could do.

I have to say when I wrote this article I never dreamed it would connect with so many other pet lovers. My point Sammy was a rescue, but if I had to guess he is probably He has had a cough since about 10 years ago, I thought crushed trac. And almost like both nothing happened. I just hope he keeps ticking because although he intentionally posses everywhere in spite, I really adore him.

Hi Jill, what you described are seizures. My Precious had the same thing and as time went on they did get worse. Eventually the vet determined she had low thyroid a possible cause of seizures and was started on thyroid medicine. I wrote a post about seizures that might interest you or others who are not sure if their dog is having seizures. Sammy is lucky to have you. Blessings to you both. Thanks so much for sharing your story. He was initially diagnosed back in November as stage 2, and in May stage 3.

Two weeks after receiving the stage 3 diagnosis he quickly went to a stage 4 and the cardiologist began treatment with enalapril, furosemide, and vetmedin.

He seems a little more energetic. I plan to start adding supplements such as the vitamin E, fish oils, etc that everyone has mentioned. At this time Carter was not showing all the symptoms of CHF such as coughing and wheezing, only lethargy and sleeping alot.

Hopefully his condition will improve and give him some extra time with me. Thanks for your story, I was wondering when he was diagnosed with the arrhythmia did he do any tests to possible determine what the possible cause could be?

I know arrhythmia can be the result of things like hypothyroidism. My Precious had low thyroid but surprisingly when looking at her you would never guess.

She really had no outward appearances of low thyroid. I suspect your vet probably feels Carter has bigger problems to worry about but I just like to mention this for other readers. Good luck, I hope Carter is with you a little longer he seems to young to have to leave you yet. It began with a cough, and when she did not get better with antibiotics they did an x-ray which showed an enlargement. From there we had an echo with the cardiologist and she did better until April of , when she ended up in critical condition and on oxygen for several days in the hospital.

Thank G-d they stabilized her and she has been on Lasix 25 mg three times a day, she is only 10 pounds, little thing, Vetmedin and Enalopril, until the Enalopril was stopped just two days to give her kidneys a break. A couple of months ago, April , she had stomach issues and the internist diagnosed her with a gall bladder mucoecele.

She needed her gall bladder out, but because of her heart failure this was not possible. So, added to the medication mix, are Denamarin and Ursodial for her gall bladder, liver and pancreas. Just two days ago, her blood levels for her kidneys were elevated so we stopped the Enalopril and are waiting for the tests for her kidneys to come back. Thank you so much for this thread. We got through the loss together. Hi Laurel, Since your Mom has past away maybe if you just tell yourself that she wants to be with Sophia again that it will be easier to let her go.

You will be in our thoughts. Thank you Sue for your kind response and also for hosting this web page. I think it has provided not only valuable information but solace from and connection with others who understand. She took care of me until the end. She normally shakes like crazy at the vet, but a tranquility and serenity took over, and it was her signal to me that yes, it was okay, it was time.

I was so ambivalent thinking it was too early. I have been reading all the posts, Allison I am very Interested in trying your treatment for chase. I have a rescue shitzu that was used for breeding only for seven years of her life from a puppy mill. We were allowed to get her because we have 2 dogs she could learn from , we have had her 5 years and she was supposed to be 7 when we got her. She is the most precious soulful little dog.

Just in the past couple years has she caught on that like can be grand and she seems so happy. Of course shortly after we got her we found out she had a grade 4 heart murmer and also had to have bladder stones surgically removed. She is very peppy, but has a nasty cough. I would like to get you amounts of these supplements, Molly weighs about 17 lbs. Your help would be appreciated. Oh I forgot to mention she has a trachea problem also that when she drinks she chokes and coughs on it.

Well, I believe I have found the correct site. My little tiny Dusti is a 13yr. Her cough is now turning into a high pitched sqeak where as before it was more of a hack. She sleeps on her right side with her little left paw extended every time.

I guess tomorrow I will take her to the vet. Bless all of you for we are all basically going thru the same thing. Thank you for starting this post. It sounds like you found some comfort here, which I am glad. I hope everything goes well with Dusti at vet. Hi Sue, Took Dusti to the vet, he said her lungs sounded clearer. Must be doing something right! Then, the next day the dreaded coughing again began. I held her in my arms promising my love for her was eternal. The last week has been unbearable.

Guess I will have to take her to Dr. How old is Deenie, is it possible you can get her a new companion? Maybe an older dog if she is not that energetic anymore. Deenie is 13 also. We have an 8yr. Too busy running around trying to find Dusti. Who was her sister I try showing her more attention. We think she was maltreated as a puppy, we adopted her from the shelter when she was about a year old.

I crush her meds with a pestle, then mix with peanut butter using a miniature spatula, then use my finger to spread it on the roof of her mouth. She licks it down while I kiss her nose and tell her how much I love her. Thanks for sharing how you get yours to take her medicine.

Maybe it can help others who have tried just about everything. A soft treat you can hide a pill in. You can form them to any size. I use a syringe like a baby one, a pharmacy will just give u one if u ask Then it is so easy to administer.

Depending on the meds, do not crush! Especially tramadol, that is nasty. I often hid between a spoon full of wet food. If she got a taste of even the residue from my hands, that was it, I had a fight on my hands. She was also a dog with she wont eatpeanutbutter or butter, or cheese LOL. So, now I make tuna salad with low sodium tuna and that slides down.

Another thing that works really well is a tiny piece of wonder bread with the meds squished between it. I would put on her wet food or dip in something meaty and that worked great for hiding the pill and hiding the taste. Good luck everyone, WHAT ever works, just some more suggestions. She has very few accidents. She started having some at first, now she can sleep all night without having one. She is crated at night with a bowl of water and potty pads just in case.

After reading these stories, I upped her Lasix just a wee bit this morning to a little over 3mg to see if that will help until I can get her back to the vet. I think her diet may have a lot to do with it, but she is extremely picky.

She wants to eat what the other dogs eat Beneful with milk bones for treats and chicken she loves chicken. And I tried the NF Kidney the vet suggested. It is hard to keep her out of the food I feed my other two dogs. I lost her mother last year to diabetes and renal failure. I guess this is not a good idea unless you can find a good food that your dog likes that is low sodium. I did add vitamins, digestive enzymes and probiotics.

I do agree CHF sucks. He is on Fortekor 2. We recently switched his food to Canine Life muffins and I have noticed a big difference with his cough. You can buy the muffins pre-made or you can buy the mix and make them yourself. You should look into it. You can order them or you can find them at some higher end pet stores.. Well, we all seem to be in the same boat, heart failure seems to have its course no matter what we do to try to make them more comfortable.

I have always fed my dogs people meat, dogs are exclusive meat eaters no matter what the vet or TV commercials say. We boil gizzards,hearts,livers, and all meats really including chicken, vitamin pill makes up for the rest. The coughing is getting worse, and always much worse when he gets excited, his appetite has improved lately eating things he never would before, starting to get a little leaking.

He has put on weight over the past three years, combination of illness, meds and no incantation to get exercise as before.

I am going to increase his water pill to three times a day, it seems all we can do is make them comfortable till we can no longer do this for them. I failed to say that those dosages are twice daily for Daisy who is 4lb Chihuahua.

I also had extreme difficulty getting her to take her meds that were in pill form. She had a seizure while I was trying to get her to swallow a pill one day and then I thought of crushing them up and adding a bit of water and sucking into a syringe. She takes it very well this way. Dogs with CHF are missing an enzyme in cat food that they need for a healthy heart. We have been giving her a little cat food with her other food and meds and it really does help ALOT. We tried seeing what she was like without it- and she did horrible- we put her back on it and she went back to her normal healthy vigorous self.

The vet agreed that that it was indeed helping and to continue as long as we want. I do believe that the rabies shot that my vet gave her was what caused her heart failure. She was perfectly healthy until the day he gave her the shot- and 3 hours later- she had to be rushed to the vets another one and they saved her life. The vet agreed that he should have never given her the shot and that many people are losing their pets right after receiving this round of rabies shots.

They make it illegal so you have to give your vet the money for vaccinations. Inside pets do not need a rabies shot every 3 years. Cat are carnivores and cat food contains a lot of meat or meat by-products and high in protein. Dogs are omnivores and require a more balanced diet of meat, vegetables and carbohydrates and healthy fat like coconut oil.

The higher protein in the cat food might be the reason most dogs love it but it alsomight upset his stomach and give him diarrhea. With cat food a dog can become easily obese and you also have to worry that a high protein diet can cause kidney problems. There are alternatives to booster vaccinations. It is a blood titer test. It test the level of antibodies to disease in their blood.

The problem with this as we all know blood work can end up being more costly than the vaccination and it is the law to have our pets vaccinated against rabies. I have to admit I am not one who vaccinates my dog every year like the postcard from the vet suggests. I just read your post. My Lexy, 13 year old 8 lb. Maltese had been living with a Grade 2 heart murmur for a few years. I do the rabies because it is required by our town for licensing. Dogs that may not be healthy enough can get medical exemptions and they could have titer tested to confirm immunity rather than vaccinating in cases where it can cause harm.

I hope for a miracle for your little one. A year ago he stopped eating and started having seizures. He went down hill fast. I have a wonderful vet Dr. Ware who took care of him and even took him home with her as he could not be left over the weekend at her facility.

When I walked in Monday everyone there was in amazement that he had pulled through. He is on enalapril, Vetmedin, keppra, cardizem and lasix. He started coughing and quit eating and his breathing got very labored. We have now changed him over to injectable Lasix. While at the vet for the day yesterday with an iv and Lasix he came home with Lasix injections every 4 hrs and was to start today every six hours.

Not able to get any of his other meds down with the exception of 1 dose of the Cardizem this afternoon. He ate a little today. My heart breaks for him when his cough gets bad and his breathing becomes labored. Will talk to Dr. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope things will work out for you both. We are BOTH miserable. What has worked for you guys?

I know things are always worse on weekends. I tried honey before without much help but at least it might help her throat. It sounds like she needs something more than just Lasix take her back to vet Monday and insist on something. Tussigon is a great medication for the coughing, I use it up to 4 times a day. Also in a pinch I use DM cough syrup you can buy over the counter.

Its the worst feeling to hear them cough like that!! Yes my Chihuahua has chf and grade 5 heart murmur. Been 9 months and he is doing quite well. On two different heart medications, lasik, cough med but must say he is holding his own! My pom Tucker is only 9 — we adopted him with a broken leg when he was about 7 months old.

I discontinued his Torbutrol, but he started refusing all food…Even homemade food… He is currently on Enalapril 2. He is still so young for a pom and is breaking our hearts that he will not eat….

My best advice is dogs like people get tired of eating the same thing so I constantly have to change recipes from chicken, beef pork or liver with different vegetables like green beans, carrots, peas and rice or orzo with some coconut oil for their healthy fat. Sometimes I still have to put cheese on top of her food she is so picky.

I lost my beloved 10 yr. Priscilla was diagnosed with tracheal collapse around age 5. She also started having seizures when she was around 4 yr. The day she passed away I noticed her breathing seemed labored. It seems 2 severe to be allergies. They had to put her on oxygen several times just to get the xray done. I turned into my driveway screaming at my husband to drive me back up to the vet as I was trying to breathe into her mouth.

So within finding out she had CHF my dog was dead less than 2 hrs. Needless to say, I was devastated! I was hysterical, inconsolable. It was a nightmare. I have adopted a new Chihuahua. I was in such agony I felt I needed another companion. I adopted my Roxie from a shelter with a very high euthanasia rate. She does the tell tale honking cough of trachea collapse.

Over the last 3 wks. Thank you for reading this very long comment. It was probably 5 wks. I have to tell you almost the same thing happened to me. I rescued a 6 year old Pomeranian who also had kennel cough forever.

She gets excited and coughs all the time. My vet did say she had allergies which I have to agree but she also has the beginning of collapsing trachea.

She also has frequent episodes of reverse sneezing which I know many dogs have but they only last a few minutes but hers last hours where I have to take her to the vet for a steroid shot.

My point of all this is I guess instead of thinking we chose this dog perhaps somehow this dog chose us because they knew what love and commitment we gave to our previous pet. It may be another uphill battle with their health but I know you can do it, as can I. I like to think that your Priscilla much like my Precious chose that time to make room for your next pet who needs you just as much.

I thank God everyday for sending me Precious 2, can you believe since she was a stray with no name I named her Precious because she looks just like Precious 1. Good luck give Roxie my love. Sue, Thank u so very much for your heartfelt response. Though I cried while reading most of it, it also brought me a lot of peace.

I think I really needed to write my story to move on a little. Also reaching out to someone who has been through similar experiences seems to help. Your words are so helpful to me. Priscilla may have left to make room for Roxie. That is a positive way to look at it.

She looks like she has black eyeliner around her eyes, has the sweetest face. When I saw her standing in the corner, her whole body shivering I knew I had to adopt her. She is very protective of my other dog a pitbull- yeah, funny! So I have to remind him not to do that in front of her- at least not yet. She is learning to trust, slowly. Funny, she has no problems with children at all, fast moving or not.

My one saving grace with the way Priscilla went is that it was so fast. I got her while my son was in the hospital just after he was born as a preemie. So I kind of got 2 babies at the same time.

It was a hard time for our whole family. She won over everyone who met her. Even my brother in law, whom swore he hated little dogs, loved her dearly. She was a joy to have around.

Roxie is here warming my lap. So you are right in that she knew I was meant to be her mommy. She is part of our family now. Perhaps Priscilla knew how painful it would of been for you to make that decision to put her down and leaving when she did was her last way of thanking you for your love and trying to spare you that pain. Blessings to you also.

Hi Sue, I understand exactly how you feel,my beautiful Lil 10 year old Pomeranian Chester was diagnosed with heart failure in January this year.

It broke my heart literally when the vet told me he had that as well as fluid in his lungs. They are not a dog in the sense of a dog, they are your best friend, a most wonderful companion and have a face that lights up your heart with a single smile. Until he strutted his stuff on the end of lead in front of me.

I had to ask about him, it was like he was willing me to. Anyway, turned out he was looking for a new home. Now, I also rescued and rehomed cats at that time , I sat down on the grass talking to the lady when he jumped into my lap, looked up at me and smiled. I asked if I could take him home and see how he got on with the mob, who were used to dogs. I put him down in the house, the cats all circled him, looked him up and down, looked at me and walked away, he was approved of,I rang the lady and just said he is staying.

That was the start of a love affair to last a lifetime. We have been inseparable,Chester goes everywhere, does everything and has friends everywhere. By the time we got there he was back in the land of the living. He was put on oxygen for 2 hours and was in intensive care overnight, the vet kept in touch through out the night until he stabilized at 3am, my baby boy was back with me the next day.

Chester had another bad turn in August, once again another rush job to the vets, more oxygen, this time he had to share with me as I was holding it on him and I started to feel faint.

Bad news, his Lil heart had enlarged a wee bit more and there was thickening of the lungs, he was in final stage heart failure. I was told every day with him was a bonus and he had maybe 6 months.

His weight had dropped to 3. After a night of crying and cuddling my baby boy I was willing to try anything. She has cured dogs with heart failure the natural way, I had nothing to lose except Chester. Amanda was wonderful, she had been thru the same thing with two of her dogs. I did everything she said to do until I got his bundle of goodies from her. He has more energy that I have to slow him down for fear of over taxing his heart.

Hopefully it will be a long healthy life. Thanks for the website. Unfortunately for me I had to put Precious down last year. It was extremely hard but I know the time had come. She was a stray with no name so naturally I had to name her Precious. Thanks and blessings to both of you. Hi Cheryl, thank you for your reply.

I will also give him some plain Greek yogurt today to see if he will take that. I am hopeful that Mr. Tucker will start enjoying food again and eat on his own.

Thank you for your beautiful story Cheryl. I do believe our pets return either with reincarnation or what some call soul walk-ins.

Whatever the facts are my beliefs bring me peace. Many blessings to you. I have a 14 year old chihuahua that I have had since he was 1, he was just diagnosed with CHF and heart murmur.

The vet put him on furosemide 10mg 0. His coughing has gotten so much better. He has been on this for about 2 months now. Well 3 days ago he quit eating,until last night he ate some but not a whole lot. He continues to drink water.

I was going to see if maybe prednisone may help, but of course I have to carry him in for him to answer that question. Just a simple yes or no would of helped. I am not asking for free advice, If the receptionist would of just taken a few minutes out of her so called busy schedule to ask would of been nice.

My vet will always talk to me on the phone if I need some advice. What are you feeding him, soft food home made food? I always cook home made food for my dogs but my one Pomeranian can be very picky. I have resorted to cheese or braunschweiger on top of food for her to eat. Try to relax honey, your dog will eat when they feel better. We have been on heart meds for about two years, my dog has his days when he is not hungry and other days he eats fine.

I have always build my dogs gizzards, livers, etc, chicken some beef and Turkey wings and legs, vets complain for one reason or another, but dogs are carnivores, period. I cut meat into small pieces. I do snacks when he is not eating well, I buy only USA chicken strips which I cut into very small pieces.. Dogs Well has good fresh snacks they love. I insisted the dog get cough medicine with codeine I give twice a day, it helps when the coughing goes on and on and on. All my dogs live a long time and only have health issues when they get over 13 and this is normal aging.

Thanks for your suggestion, I have been cooking everything under the sun it seems, even his favorite rib eye steak. I was able to get him to eat tonight, some gravy out of a can of Alpo Lamb and rice, he went to the bowl I had for another one of my dogs and was licking that so I fixed him some of the gravy and he ate more than he had in the last 3 days.

I will nurse him along over the weekend with your suggestions and call my vet again on Monday. God Bless you and, I pray it works. I am so glad I found this site. She was 6 or 7 when we got her and shortly after we got her was told she had a grade 4 heart murmer.

She is the sweetest dog and if she were a person she would be one of those people that took everything in stride and would find something good about it. She has always had trouble drinking water, coughs when she drinks, we have tried raised bowls and now just use ice cubes.

She has had a cough for a while but this last week it sounded congested. Now she is coughing so much and sometimes I sit up and hold her upright which helps some. How do you decide to put a pet down when she seems to accept her lot and is still happy? This kills me listening to her , they say they will let you know when they are ready.

When I take her to the vet she never coughs there and sometimes if something gets her attention it stops the cough. Her heart is quite enlarged and they say it is compressing the throat area, not sure which part to call it. I put her pills in bread and she gobbles them down. Oh and she is on a combination cough syrup that is compounded.

She is twelve years old if we were told correctly. I keep telling myself that I need to make that decision soon, I had it in mind for today but I keep hoping the newest meds. Please Sue do you have any suggestions? Would the suppliments be something that I should try?

By the way her name is molly. My heart goes out to you. I am sending you much comfort and many positive thoughts and well wishes. The day I brought her in I was still not sure if I was doing the right thing. But, she let me know. You will know in your heart when the time is right. Listen to your inner wisdom. It will not fail you. Laurel, Thank you sooooo.. I have sat and wondered how would I know. He has good days then bad days, and the good ones so out weigh the bad right now, I hope and pray I do know when its time.

Thank u for your reply. The last couple days have been mostly bad with molly coughing and gaggi ng. I get up with her at night as layimg in bed listening to her struggle is unbearable. If I hold her in an upright sitting up position like wnen they sit up to beg that this usually stops the coughing. Takes about 10 minutes and somtimes when I let her down it controls the cough for a while.

Sounds strange but , maybe it relieves the pressure from the enlarged heart making an appointment today, which will probably end in her euthanasia.

Trying to get the crying over now so I dont blubber like a fool there. Iknow anything else is just prolonging the inevitable at this point, they said she was agrade 5 last week. It is weird that she usually doesnt cough on the way there or while there. Then I worry she is trying to show she is not ready. As they say they let u know and with our other dogs we did know, doesnt make it easier even then.

I just hope I am doing the right thing if I end this for her. It is like you are putting a death sentence on them. My old vet would gently say he thought it was time. Which I had complete faith in his opinion.

Ugh sorry I have rambled on, I have to tell u last night one of thd stray cats I feed was on the porch with molly when I let her out, she laid down and he came over and started kneeding her side like he knew she needed comforting. I could have cried. Thank u for caring enough to reply. The tears are pouring down my face. So sorry that you and your sweet baby have to go through this.

I pray that God eases the pain that you are in right now. I just hate that these innocent loving creatures have to experience such things. I know that your baby has been lucky to have experienced the love that you have give her. God Bless you and you will continue to be in my Prayers today and in the coming days.

You are doing the kindest and most loving thing you could do for your Molly. She will be with you in your heart, always. Thank you so much Today has been very hard. Took molly to vet and for the first time she coughed in the office. He said she was having difficulty breatning. He x rayed her and took me back and showed me comparison from a year ago. They took several over the past couple years. He said her heart was the largest he has seen in a dog her size? Very little room left and pressing on her lungs and trachae.

He said could try to keep her comfortable a few more days. I said what would you do if she was yours, he said I cant say, but she was in a struggle for breath and lots of belly breathing. She was not herself today and when she was sitting on table she looked at me so sadly, ifelt guilty. My husband left work early to go with me. He knew this one was especially hard for me.

I gave them the go ahead and left the room. Thank heaven for hubby. I have loved all of our pets through the years, but some touch your heartin a special way and this is one of them. I still feel guilty because of the way she looked at me in such a sad way. The vet said he was surprised she had done as well as she has in the past weeks.

In two weeks four trips for check ups and new meds. One is a lhasa, lucy and a pom, chloe. Nine and ten years old. Hope they stay healthy for a long time. No more pills , no more mopping accidents on the floor, stupid me , I will miss that because it was part of her this past couple years. I never saw a mean bone in her little body and being a puppymill breeder dog for six of her twelve years is awful but if her puppies were anything like her they had to be sweethearts.

Thank you all for your support and caring about molly and all the others who are going through tough times. This site is awesome. My Priscilla, whom I lost May 9th was one such pet for me. She was my precious little sidekick. I luckily had my supportive loving hubby with me when I lost her also. You are in my thoughts. Virtual hugs sent you way.

Hi Donna, Why did you stop the predisone? As a pet sitter I have cared for dogs have been on Predisone for years. I know there are long term bad side effects but it is about quality of life. If the predisone helped please try it again. I know it is always hard to make that decision by yourself. My new Pomeranian, Precious 2 also coughs a lot when she gets excited and I was told she has the beginning of collapsing trachea. It sounds like this is happening to your Molly now since her heart is enlarged.

I guess she has a double whammy now for her health. I hope you can find the strength for making the decision that sounds like is near. I really believe that pets who we love this much will return to us again. I think Molly will also find her way back to you. I am crying like a baby reading through all of this. My 14 year old pallpiolln named Blossom is dealing with Chf.

She also is on enalpril and furosemide but I will look into removing the enalpril from her diet. She was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and was doing well on the meds, just the occasional coughing spell. Recently she has gotten much worse and is coughing nonstop and every breath seems to be a struggle. I am going to the vet as soon as possible but she gets extremely stressed out when she leaves home, to the point of anxiety attacks.

It is so hard to make this decision as I have had her since I was only 6 years old. She has been there ever since I can remember. I feel that she is telling me that it is her time, but my other family members think otherwise, as she is still walking and eating.

Thank you so much for posting this thread it truly did help. Do what your heart tells you. Sue I quit the pred because she wasnt putting out the urine as much as before she took it and her cough was getting worse.

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