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Strength Training and Size Gains
But since muscle is more dense than fat, you can gain muscle, lose fat and get smaller. If they did not I might suggest the A,B,C split but it is rarely needed. Got an extract that you might like to see. Leigh is out to help others achieve their goals and dreams. Thanks for your rational approach to strength training,.

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Let me change the subject a bit and pose another issue I need your response on. What about SCT bodyweight training? It would really be the ultimate training program if it could be applied anywhere anytime, no weights. Increasing testosterone and managing to keep estrogen low…in males…have been leading to new leases on life for many individuals even as we speak. Even moderately high levels of estrogen has been implicated in the diseases mentioned and especially prostate problems.

Acknowleding your position though it is clear that massive increases in testosterone is not necessary for its benefits and decreasing estrogen too low can also create health problems. For reference see especially lef. Just a general question. What do you think is the length of time that a healthy person can reach the upper limits of their genetic potential using textbook precise static training? Mike Mentzer used to claim that it could be reached in one year or less using Heavy Duty.

In your training clients have you seen people making progress every workout for say 5 years straight? Thanks Pete and Greg, I really appreciate your answer. I never guess at these things. Then you need dozens of people to perform the workouts under nearly identical diet and other exercise aerobic, cardio, flexibility circumstances — then you only get generalities and averages anyway. So if you knew the answer from a study like that was Already a marathon runner?

The variables are enormous. Remember, progressive overload is indispensable in generating ongoing muscle gain. How do you add progressive overload when you use only bodyweight for resistance? Although this is totally off subject, I have a question Pete. The other day I tried doing the seated barbell curls, so they were in the strongest range of motion, and I did some reps in that range.

The weight was So i began thinking, maybe Dumbbells would be okay for an alternate version of this? I found it much easier to get the dumbbell in the right position, and it provided zero stress but felt just as heavy with it being 15kg per arm, which is 30kg overall compared to the barbell at 22kg anyway.

John, why do you believe that a stronger muscle is not bigger? How would that even happen? Of course you know people who have built big muscles using higher rep workouts. They use saturation workouts.

Lifting cinder blocks all day long in your backyard will put huge muscles on you. It is the CNS that stimulates muscle growth and not the stress imposed upon the muscles themselves.

The CNS argument is a small one. Leighan, why do the seated barbell curl when you can do a standing barbell curl inside a weight rack for maximum activation of the biceps muscle?

James, define sustained cardio? That could do it. Look for our free report on saturation workouts to explain why. I need some clarification on rest. Now would you try again the next day for that one movement or rest until you are ready to do that same group of muscles? Example, right now I am at 4 day rest between each session of 5 exercises each A-B yesterday I was unable to do one of my holds and tried that hold again today giving all I had and could not lift the weight.

Need your help, thanks. Just a question about Smith-Machines. Would these risks still be related to the SCT movements? The workout can be done on a smith machine.

I like the power rack better because you also have to stabilize the weight as you lift it but the smith machine will work because of the small distances that are used for a static hold. Robert, wait until the next A or B session to do that exercise. Giving it more time will help.

Try it and let me know what happens. Is there going to be much different in results when done on a power rack instead of a smith machine? Another note; many Smith Machines, including the on at the gym that I go to, have a slight angle to them which replicates the normal range of motion.

I know that if I am not thinking positively I may not be able to lift as much as I might if I had a more positive outlook. Tom, that could well me one of the many things that affects performance. Try doing a max lift the day you get served with divorce papers. On the other hand that might make some people tear up the gym and set personal records on every lift. This is one of the reasons objective measurement is important.

As long as you are getting all the strength and size gains you want with your current-lighter weight, more-volume training, stick with it. But if you are not — remember the often quoted definition of insanity regarding not changing strategy. I always to better with an E-Z curl bar and a dumbbell mimics that position because you can pronate your wrist a bit.

We tested incline and decline intensity and they were both close but less than flat bench presses. To me, that means the triceps or chest, or whatever exercise that allows the most weight to be lifted.

In other words, the exercises that works the upper, lower and mid pecs at the same time. Just track the numbers and make sure they are all going up. Most people find that the super-heavy leg presses do stimulate their hams. There are studies that show you can still gain mass with as little as calories per day on average.

It is recommended that you are still getting 70g of protein, but even that is conservative advice as when lacking nutrients the body tends to use other avenues for muscle gain. HGH and testosterone go through the roof in and absence of protein, another thing studies have shown. The body simply burns fat stores for calories when it has to and that can include for muscle building. The lack of protein one does confuse me a bit, but there appears to be some way for the body to deal with that issue as well.

Sometimes people confuse muscle size with transient states. In a calorie deficit state you have less water and glycogen filling the muscle. Proper stimulation or training and rest are the overwhelming factors in muscle building as far as I can see. To be conservative these days I still make sure I average 70g of protein per day, but if you have fat to burn the body will use that to make up energy calories you would otherwise get from carbs or excess protein that is broken down into energy.

In my experience there is a lot of confusion out there on this topic, some people confuse getting big with putting on fat with muscle and some people misunderstand the temporary loss of water and glycogen from muscle during a calorie deficit. I would speculate the beta hybrid workout will build a bit more mass, but all of the SCT workouts will pack on muscle if done as stated. It is lifting very heavy weights to failure past what the muscle can really handle so it has to respond by growing if you give it enough rest to do so.

That does indeed interest me! Thanks for posting it. That protein statement confuses me as well haha. I also remember Pete saying in one of his audio Seminars that someone stated muscle will still grow without the presence insulin, testosterone or even food, provided stimulation has occured.

Like Matt I would like my upper chest to be fuller up to my collar bone as well as my inner chest. I realize that the flat bench activates all muscle fibers in the pecs but have also added the incline bench to my CNS workouts both narrow and wide grips.

I do the incline after the flat and have noticed that I am only lifting 20 lbs less on the incline than the flat bench. I am also interested in effeciency but find that the extra 10 minuets in setting up and preforming the incline are worth it! Perhaps the best and easiest way is to simply lift the weight on the leg press and then raise the front of your feet off the plate so only the heels are able to hold it up.

And find the weight you can truly hold up mainly with back of the legs. If the weight is too heavy my toes go back near the metal and I can tell it is too much for my hamstrings and glutes. So I use less weight that I can hold properly on the heels. You can simply focus on contracting your muscles against the resistance. So why waste your time trying to strengthen them. These are just somethings I thought i would reiterate. This begs the question; why does the vast majority of people work out in the weakest range with resistance that is not enough to stimulate maximal growth?

I am very enthusiastic again. I namely have been testing your Static Hold system from June I also have used your System very sparingly, last time I did it was on the 4th of January in the Squat: I started on the 24th of June doing Squats: When the records were done, I used the lifting hooks, that I purchased from the U. Now it seems, that if I may bee well and healthy, I am going to double many of the lifts in one year. Do you think, that I can lift this year in the Squat kg and kg and in Dead lift kg this year and kg next year?

It may be, that I expect too much, but on the other hand it may occur, that I am too modest in my expectations? On the s I did a full BP with ,5 kg in Finland, so I have lost a lot of strength after those years, but I will keep trying to do better, when I will be 75 years of age! Quite a high goal, is it not? But a nice goal. Thank you so very much indeed, Pete for your revolutionizing expert advice! I will be happy to receive any help from your part.

I lost almost all videos and texts, that I bought from you, when my computer crashed totally and left me without important information. Only a minor part was reserved on another computer. I wish you were doing leg presses instead of those squats. Any chance an nearby gym would let you come in once a month and use theirs?

Try doing the bench press is a range of motion where zero pain occurs. Then build your strength in only that range. Thanks for the inspiration. You can still put on fat and decrease your waistline…and have plenty of water in your system.

Strength is great, but I still am yet to see a decent argument, or scientific argument to equate strength training. Most powerlifters look like any old fat guy you see on the street…how do they train??? My weight is going up, my fat is going down. Water plus food in your stomach can only fluctuate your waist by an inch in a day.

The bottom line is I test my waist every morning so it is at the same time and very similar water levels and it is decreasing. The fat is lessoning along with excess water. They lift almost every day and in a full range of motion.

Plus they rarely lift to failure as they are trying to train their nervous system as much as the muscle. But if they want to lift really big at some point you run out of what you can do with your nervous system without the muscle having to get bigger. You tell your body it has to get bigger when you lift as much as you possibly can, which is exactly what is done in sct.

Strongest range of motion and you can only hold it for five seconds. That is beyond what your nervous system and muscle can handle and your body reacts, if given rest to do so, by growing the muscle to handle that stimulus the next time without having to breakdown. After rest that muscle tissue IS bigger. As bigger as you can get as fast as possible as you are lifting as big as you can and then you are resting and letting it grow as fast as possible without interference.

And you if keep pushing it beyond its limit, it will keep engaging this response. Enough stimulus or too much stimulus without adequate rest to let muscle grow is always in question.

The only reason volume trainers grow using full range is because when they are lifting less than they would with sct they try to make up for that by training way more and more often. For every guy that gets results with this there are 20 other guys that walked as it was getting too hit and miss results wise and they were probably feeling drained and overtrained.

Sct has all that you are looking for in gaining mass, specific feedback on when you are getting bigger and stronger and when you are resting enough and ready to train again. It often results in overtraining and results screech to a crawl fast as well.

The beta hybrid sct workout is very intense and there is also more volume. So in theory it is even more intense and should stimulate more muscle growth. But maybe it needs more rest too and it might end up being similar in speed of results. I hope you get this now John. I written a bloody novel there and everything you are looking to have answered on building muscle as fast you possibly can is in there if you read it and reread it if needs be.

SCT makes you stronger and therefore bigger too! You can grow your muscles, you can change muscle composition, and you can teach your nervous system to employ more muscle per contraction. Personally I have grown to my required visual size and now focus more on performance and power this requires different training special to my chosen sports. But whatever route you choose, you can only get the best results if you take care of both exercise, rest and nutrition.

Some people fuel their workouts with bodyfat lucky them and others just have to eat more quality food. Genetics and previous lifestyle play a big part in how the body deals with a demanding workout — but I believe that genetics is minor compared to previous history. Skinny guy who never did any real work in his life will take much longer to get that great body, than will a guy who once had an average ok physique. They can both get there in the end, but they must each do what is best for them.

And then re-assess and move on. For the guy who is getting stronger, but smaller… re-examine your diet and your rest periods. Maybe your calorie intake is ok, but what about the nutritional quality of the food — are you fueling up for growth or for a long run? I wish you all the best in getting what you what by whichever means works for you.

Thanks Pete for all the science that you bring to workouts! But how on earth do you get stronger and smaller? Even someone doing neurological training only would not be able to get stronger losing existing muscle tissue.

Yet his main activites include heaps of walking and dancing. On the other hand, I heard many bodybuilders say one should do high-rep light-weight with calves becasue they mostly consist of slow-twitching muscles. Is this theroy well-founded? I enjoy SCT training but after doing shrugs and deadlifts exercises my neck and trapezius feel very stiff and compressed for a few days which is very uncomfortable.

What should I do? Do other trainees have the same problem? There are many ways to build muscle. I just talk about SCT as the most efficient way — not the only way. Do one 1, kilo toe press and see what that does for your calves — regardless of your particular fiber ratios. Neither one of those should be compressing your neck. I find the shrugs actually relieve tension in my neck. Keep your head up looking straight ahead during the deadlifts and keep looking straight ahead during the shrugs.

Got an extract that you might like to see. Funnily enough, it actual relates to the calves directlyL. Dr Voss was one of the early researches into muscle fibre types, actually performing numerous musicle biopsies, which are quite painful, on himself as part of research.

He told me that the color of the muscle tissue in his calfs would change week to week. Some weeks there was a predominace of red fibres slow twitch , some weeks white fast twitch. He went on to say that the changes may actually take place day to day or even hour to hour, depending on things such as temperature, rate of exisitic metabolic activity, and so forth.

To add to this, I want to say something about my own experience which I found similar to what you stated about a friend of yours. From an early age I always walked on the tips of my feet. I have no idea why. Sometimes I even do it now without realising. On a toe press I can do over lbs.

That was without any previous training. I did standing calf raises on the stairs a few sessions but that was it. I quickly hooked my ab strap up to the front tow hook on my Honda civic and climbed in to the strap and used 80 lbs of dumbells to hold my feet down.

I pulled the Civic from a flat back position to a finish position moving the civic approx. In about two weeks I plan to crunch my Honda Odyssey mini van!! Fiber types that change hourly? Wide variations in individuals? Now you have to work up to a Cadillac! These stories illustrate how poorly designed exercise equipment really is.

People can get much stronger than the machines in a gym if they train in a way that taps their true maximum strength. My suggestion was that he may be through training learning to recruit more muscle fibres in a lift — which would make him stronger , but not allowing sufficient rest and nutrition. Such a response could occur for a short period of time — though sooner or later the strength gains would vanish as the muscle mass reduced past the threshold. Such a scenario can occur in previously trained individuals who have not trained for a while.

They maintain their size to a degree but lose the ability to recruit. Of course, body fat losses are the most common cause. I just assumed that the guy in question would have been monitoring bodyfat using calipers, and already discouted that option.

I also ordered the hooks simultaneously. Deadlift held lbs on the 10th. Cant wait to see what happens with the hooks tomorrow or Friday. My right elbow hurts a little when I press on it where the forearm muscle connects to the top part of the elbow joint.

There are no range of motion limitations. I suspect it is from the close grip holds of lbs that I did on the 10th as well. Also started one legging the leg press. Takes to damn long to load and unload 40 x 45 lbs plates. Now I just load around 14 to 16 plates with the goal being 20 plates. Not bad for a guy getting ready to turn No joy on the JackHammers. I checked with Dave. They have to make them in big lots and the last time he did it took way too long to get them all sold.

They are an expensive item to buy and ship and I suppose the economy has caused people to cut back. If the guy on the right will never have muscles the size as the guy on the left does this mean he will never be as strong?

If he can get as strong does it mean his muscles will be getting more dense? I totally agree with this article about the genetics. I always laugh when my friends want to try a new routine to get abs like the guy that does the routine. Even if they pinpoint and do exactly what that guy does in his workout and his day to day life there abs will still be different due to there genetics. The point is people have different capabilities. Do you think the guy on the right could ever set a World Record for weightlifting?

Do you think the guy on the left could ever set a World Record in a marathon? A bigger muscle is going to have more contractile ability or be able to produce more force than a smaller muscle. The demonstratable strength is going to vary with different limb lengths, fiber type ratios, how proficient one is able to do a specific strength skill, etc.

The important thing is to build what you have in the safest way possible. Get as strong as YOU can. Let your body worry about the size factor. Danny Padilla weighed a meager pounds before he started training, and he later went on to win Mr Universe. I had a question on that as well. The stress on my wrists is just too much at the weight my biceps can handle. I hate to use the slanted bar, but it is the only way to avoid that pain, and then get into some gains. I am guessing, but I think my lower arm is more involved when my grip is not so supinated?

This cheats my biceps from a direct hit I know, but I am not sure what else to do. Any help is as always appreciated. I think a skinny guy will get what he wants. If he trains for mass he will get it. It just might take him longer and he might not hit the same weights. However, maybe then he can look at volume or hyperplasia workouts that are starting to be muted. Ultimately with the right training and barring famine I think every guy can get the size he is looking for.

I say use the e-z curl bar and be comfortable. Any technique that delivers both more weight and less pain to an exercise is a win as long as it still focuses on the target muscle — and bending your elbow upward is all biceps.

I agree with that statement…in my home country of Indonesia there are so many labour workers living below the poverty line..

Keep in mind that these guys dont have time or money to join a gym, nor even care about their diets. These guys are fine eating any decent meal as long as they can eat x a day. They dont have the time and money to care about high protein, low fat foods. Yet they have fantastic bodies because their muscles are stimulated enough from their labour work, and yes of course because they have low body fat as well. I am 84 and beginning the static training in your course that I just purchased.

I had your course before and lost it. I had a stroke last February so had to quit with the training for a time. Now I am back and in good shape. I was amazed after that length of time, I walked into the gym and right away could do the leg pres at lbs, yesterday i did the whole rack of lbs. Now I need to do the one leg press as there is no more weight for me to use with both legs. By recomendation of my neurologiost I use creapure after each workout for bigger muscles.

My last workout I used on the deadlift while using one ton hooks and it felt like the wrist wraps were going to pull my hands off. Albeit I got the weight up, but I just kind of let my hands dangle maybe with a semi-closed fist as I lifted the weight. Have you ever heard of anyone having this issue? Congratulation on a very serious deadlift! It sounds like you might be letting the hooks hold all the weight. Wrap your fingers around the hook and use all the grip strength you have.

The hooks are an aid to your grip, not a replacement. Let us know when you hit lbs. I agree with the idea of the article that genetics determines what a person can ultimately look like. A single pair of parents can produce quite an array of offspring. People are really stuck on this. The area and the radius have a fixed ratio — that will still be true in million years. Newton is still correct until the sub-atomic level. Does anyone have any recommendations on what equipment to purchase?

K, I have no recommendations as to SCT equipment, only a couple of companies to avoid. Email me if you need to know. Now I have a slight problem.. I maxed out the toe and leg press on my ZERO workout! The gym have no more weights to put on.. I did not know I could hold kg! I do have some pain but I think its a good kind and a tingling sensation.

I held it for 5 sec and perhaps I could experiment the possitions and length of time until I get to a better gym? I also have a challenge with my hands not being able to lift the weights that I otherwise could with my legs obviously but in such as deadlifts and shoulder shrugs.. Lat pulldown was also maxed at 95 kg.. I should go over to 1h but I think I need to work on posture.. This page might help you: Thank you Pete this is brilliant cheats! I will let you know how it works out for me after a while..

I think it will go simply awesome! I broke my training down and decided to give up the weights and focus on flexibility more. What is happening with that Pete and Greg? My best guess and it is a guess is that he was overtraining with weights and when he did less of it his performance improved.

It is a recurring theme though, as is the stronger you are the quicker you are, so it is confusing. What would be your advice? How should he train? Hi Jerome, there is information on this page: To answer your question, Ronny, I bought a pair of lifting hooks and they work.

Well it does now. My shoulder shrug also went from to lbs. Hows that for 61 yrs old. Feb 4, was my SCT start date. I started with lbs on the leg press and on March 25th I pushed lbs. Oh, and I added a hold for my forearm at 70 lbs February 4th, and on April 17, did 85 lbs.

Have a question about the tricepts, close grip press. I went from pressing ,, down to lbs. So not being happy, I went to a tricept push down machine, and did per arm. Does it take longer for muscles to rebuild at age Is there any scale?? I ordered a pair of the lifting gloves that you recommend and boy was I glad I did. Takes a long time to get them, so if you want them quicker, go with a 2 or 3 day mailing.

Leaving for the gym, go every 10 or 12 days now, but will change soon to about 15 to 20 days. Older guys take longer. You mention using dumbbells. How are you restricting the range of motion to your strongest range? I use two hands to get to my strongest position, hold 5 seconds, then grab it with both hands and let it down.

I also do my forearms the same way Ken. A barbell inside a power rack is better. It might help with your lagging arms. Also, using a biceps machine with both hands and then doing the static hold with one hand can also be effective. Is this true, Pete? How much muscle weight can I expect to gain in the next month using SCT? Not sure how much weight I am losing is fat and how much is muscle. People do it all the time. But it takes careful control of training and calories.

You need enough to build new muscle tissue but not so much that you gain fat. People who are already too fat often build muscle and lose fat at the same time. That never, ever happens. Do you believe that? Nobody knows what you can gain or lose. You train hard and measure as you go.

I have the same issue. Even if I try to provide some assistance with my grip, the weight is just too much. The hooks slide down past my outstretched fingers. I am enjoying the PFT gains though. Hi Pete, I am using the programme since 19 April and am making great progress. Will this feeling go away after a time and will my sleep return to normal?

Are there any other guys out there experiencing the same? How do I hasten overcoming this feeling? I thank you in advance for your help. Les, this will go away. Its just a release of hormones from the workouts. Your body will adjust.

Pete, I have contributed to this blog, occasionally, but I feel compelled to tell you this tale. At least my record book, anyway. Has it been around that long? Even experimented with partials. I loved your workout and quickly brought my full range, max on the bench from a fairly steady , struggle with over to a couple reps with , in less than 3 months.

I was really impressed except I just could not quite make the leap from a regular workout to laying off for weeks at a time. I experimented with sct and actually came up with my own version of what you now call PFW.

I mixed really heavy partials with longer lay offs, especially on the big movements like deadlift into my workouts. Now, in my mid 50s, I had gotten up to six plates on the deadlift for My version of the workout went something like this: I would lift a weight heavy enough that at 5 seconds I am starting to lose it, at 7 it is down on the pins.

I might give it a little bounce at each second, so it was almost like doing 7 reps. I would then wait about a minute and do it again but this time I can not hold it past 5 seconds. Then wait as much as 3 minutes and do it one more time and usually can not hold it for a full 5 seconds.

If I could hold it longer than 5 seconds on the second lift, I would increased it for the last lift. And, of course, on the third lift if I could hold it for 5 seconds I would increase the beginning weight on the next workout.

I was not very scientific about it and would do that every so often, sometimes on a regular basis, like once a week, sometimes I would not get around to it again for a few weeks. Today I lifted !!! I had about a 7 week lay off. Not to make excuses but, I had some work that backed up, had some crap piled up around my weight area, had a funeral to fly home for and a few other things that just got me out of the routine so I did not do a thing for this whole period.

Oh I may have walked by the weight pile, felt guilty and did a quick set of presses or curls with dumb bells, but that was about it. Today, I finally cleaned up the area, warmed up with 4 plates and was shocked at how light it felt. Jumped right to the 6 plates and was shocked again, actually did like 15 partial reps. First time I attempted it, I could not get it off the pins. Rested for about 30 seconds, psyched myself up, set, ready, lift.

I workout in cycles, which I know is not healthy, but because of life I may go months without working out then get back in the routine. Everytime I lay off, I gain weight as fat. For those who want to build their forearms, the information is in the arm training specialization workout — but only a fraction of people buy that compared to Train Smart.

Yeah, I sort of wondered that maybe you didnt put it in your full body workouts because people just dont do forearm exercises. Which is kinda sad in my opinion, because as you said in your free report forearms are one of the most noticed bodyparts. Hi Ken, Sorry for the late reply, thank you for your kind words of encouragement and sound advise!

My grip strength have increased greatly, I can lift now kilos dead lift and on the shrug, did that one twice.. Hi Greg or Pete, Sorry if this sounds stupid but please could you explain to me why a standing bicep curl is better than a seated one.

We say seated is better. We tested a few dozen experienced lifters and they scored better on average with the seated position. Standing was a very close second. I have my own gym with squat cage and olympics bar with wight up to kg.

I going to start training according to your program and did my first bench yesterday static hold with kg. I will have to get some more plates soon. I have been lifting for almost 30yrs and I feel broken from all my hard work. Your program gives me new inspiration and I think this time I will achieve my goals.

Looking forward to your reply. Hey, anything you do — including washing your car or cutting your lawn — will impact recovery somewhat. You never get something for nothing and all those other activities add to what your body has to deal with. That said, you can do whatever other activities you need to do and still train with SCT because you have meaningful numbers to tell you whether or not you got enough rest between SCT workouts.

You can get an idea how to adjust your frequency from this article: Hi Pete, I am increasing the weights all the time, however, my bench press and close grip just stopped progressing. Is it possible to increase in all areas and not improve in one or two? Am I maybe stressing my muscles too much doing close grip on the one day and 8 days later doing the bench press? I look forward to your comments and those of the other guys as well.

Soon some areas lag, usually because they need more rest. Just leave chest and triceps off your program for one cycle and see what happens when you try them again. Now i would like to purchase one of your books. Can you tell what would be the best material for me? John, try the power factor routine.

The problem is, and its the problem most our trainees have, is that they gain strength so quickly that they quickly outgrow the machines at the gym. I doubt your home gym will be able to keep up with your strength gains. Hi Pete and Greg, I was just wondering, what should I do to strengthen my wrists?

I find that on pushing exercises I naturally curl my wrists to be able to lift the weights. In most cases though this results in the wrists giving out before the targeted muscle. Is there any thing I could do strengthen my wrists or is it just the same as strengthening the forearms? Rama, try to keep your wrist straight when you do the push. Think of it this way…..

If you bend your wrist when you punch, you can and will hurt it, and possibly even break it because the force will not be supported by the bones in your arm. Do the same with the static lifts. Well I dont know why but I felt I am able to push more this way…. I thought it might have to do with the smith machines in my current gym I never had this problem in the previous gym I went to.

Thank you in advance for your answers. Les, it could be that your crunch is not as heavy as it should be. I know I can easily use the whole weight stack of any crunch machine that they have at the gym without so much as breaking a sweat. So you may have to look at that. Some guys just find it harder to put muscle on the chest. That will definitely tax the fibers and the enzymes in the muscle and will push them to hypertrophy.

Hi Pete, I have been practicing static and now power factor since when I purchased your Train Smart e-book. I know there is a slight difference on on the triceps and pecs betwen the two lifts, but it seems that, basically the pecs, front delts and triceps are working hard in both workouts, causing a need for more recovery between workouts. I have experimented, regrouping the exercises with many different arrangements and like your XFT, 3 day split where the legs are one day, pulls another day and pushes on a 3rd workout.

Me and my brother are going to be living proof that this works, bring on the weights! Rene, congratulations on your results and welcome to the world of static contraction. Now, I train once every 3 weeks and I never lose my muscle. Its an amazing feeling not to be tied to a gym anymore. Thanks for spreading the good word. With your help I believe static contraction will take off around the world!

They are on different days because they are so similar. Most people have no trouble making steady progress with this split. If they did not I might suggest the A,B,C split but it is rarely needed. I had to laugh when I read it again. What would be so impressive about that?

Pete or Greg, I have an equipment question. When doing close grip bench or curls, a straight bar really hurts my wrists so I use an EZ curl bar. The problem is that it is too short for the spread of pins on the power rack. I have used a regular bench with a narrow spread and would keep the bar above the racks, but with really heavy weight it can obviously be dangerous.

Do you have any other suggestions? I usually work out alone. How to train forearms? Pete are you still selling that jackhammer product or what else can I get? I never sold it, it was made by the folks who make the 1 ton hooks. They recently stopped making it.

Hi Pete, can I have both? You can have both but they require different exercises. Grip machines are hard to find. A few years ago I started doing sct for forearms. No hanging my hands off a bench and curling my wrists, the weight I wanted to use was too heavy.

I would lift the heaviest dumbell I could hold, hang it from my side or maybe lean against the dumbell rack so the dumbell hangs down a little in front of me. Then I would simply tighten my grip a pull it up tight. Very, very little movement. My arm size and strength blew up in very short time. So, I made my own adjustable kettlebell with plumbing parts. In fact it kind of resembles the hammer strength thingy you advertise. Just has no moveable parts. I can probably send a pic if you need.

It looked like a handle with a pipe hanging down. You would load the pipe with weight then squeeze the handle. I have had the same issue. I have done three different things, and I have to say that the third one is giving me the most gains.

Usually, when I ask for help, I do get the questions, and then I simply refer them to this site. Remember your form, I like to use the Scott curl bench for this. For me this has been a great change for my biceps. My endurance has increased and I notice too, that my tolerance for heavier weights with the straight bar has gotten better too. Thanks Rob, Sorry for the misunderstanding but I was referring more to the triceps close grip bench press.

And, yes, I do also like power factor training but still can go heavy enough that I would prefer some sort of safety device like the power rack. There is no one to ask for help, I work out in my own gym at odd hours. I use it to great comfort for my wrists. FYI, they also make a shrug bar and Gripper machine. Should have it ready in a few days. I am pretty good at the mile: My question is this.

When does everyone work out at the gym? This question is preventing me from doing this workout. Try some Beta workouts. I got your PFW. I understand the Alpha training, but in Beta training do you just not increase weight but just increase duration? So the entire excersize for each muscle is just like one really long set??

Hey KC, I work out at night, but I am a night owl and I have always enjoyed training in the wee hours. I know that some guys on here work out in the afternoon and evening and have either come to enjoy the stares or learned to ignore them.

Just experiment and find a time that works best for you. You can get stronger in Alpha strength and you measure that with the Power Factor. You can get stronger in Beta strength and you measure that with the Power Index. Perhaps you can go to your gym at some different times, and figure out when the quiet period is and train then. I had to wait for someone to finish on the power-rack yesterday, then I was effectively hogging it for a while chest and lower back.

Like I said, no other training or exertion so my body is purely resting. So my scores went way down, because the 40rep effort sucked — maybe I was struggling too much with the kg weight it kinda felt heavy! So should I drop it down to kg or 90kg and focus on getting the reps up higher?

I love this workout, buying your book was a great investment! When I go home at night after one of these workouts, I am so drained that I actually have to take a nap and also go to bed early lol! Is it better to work this program alone, or with a partner? But I did want to know if a partner was good, or not. Other than the leg press, most people use about the same weight as the steroid monsters who train at the gym all day every day.

OK…then I do feel better. I like it when my short sleeve tees are tight around the arm. I like the comments about my chest. So which program would build me the quickest and the biggest without killing me?? But hate to be sore after a workout. The three days of dreading to sit or stand just are not fun.

And honestly Pete, how long does it take to really learn this system. I also hear about timing and reps. How do you do this part? With a stop watch, or what? Or should I just buy the book and find out?? And let us know how you do.

Try the Train Smart workout — less wear and tear and soreness. Hi Pete When using a smith machine that does not have the saftey stop things on, is there anyway to improvise saftey stops so that if you lift more than you can re rack on a static contraction lift it wont all come falling down on you?

You Might have misunderstood me, it has the saftey catches all the way up that the bar rests on but it doesnt have those saftey stop things that you can adjust so that the bar cannot pass a certain point. Sorry for being unclear do you see what I mean though now.

But serious, why would anyone want to train to get old wear and tear , when we can get younger? Anyhow, I waited 10 days between workouts and felt the last workout was really heavy.

I added 2 days and the workout yesterday was lesser heavy. Can I say that? I really felt strong and gained in every exercise! I want to let people know about SCT, how good it really works. When i think back, just months ago I really thought I never would train, ever, like I really hated training overall traditional weighttraining, Yuck!

To all who hesitate, just do it and feel it for yourselves! Nothing to lose, except your excessive fat! The smith machines at my gym do have the safety stops and I make sure they are set prior to lifting anything!

I mainly train on Saturdays anytime between 1: Most gyms are not that busy at that time. I do have a workout partner, but when I am on my own I pretty much have the run of the place. A cheaper one but you do need to renew it is Venice Nutrition and you can teach nutrition legally.

I want to get the first 2 since I already have the other 2. Anonymous NCSF just launched a new nutrition certification program so you should go to their website and maybe check them out. They don't have homework just a lot of reading and lectures. They base their learning on getting you to start a health coaching business and they give you a website and later business cards and brochures.

Please don't go to IIN, it's a rip off. Rating nutrition certification by: I am thinking of taking the Venice nutrition certification. Has anyone taken this certification? Rating I am in Intergrative Nutrition by: Anonymous I posted the first comment. I am in IiN and if you do decide join their mailing list. I love everything I am learning. Robert Notter teaches the business side and he charges for his business shops, you get to go to a conference learning from David Wolf and other top doctors from around the country, you get a website, free second year and your very own health coach.

I think it's worth the money and you also can get college credit. You don't have to do continuing CEUS. Now if you do it, do the Spencer Institute Wellness and start working and use the IIN as a write off since your a wellness coach.

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