Is a gluten-free diet good for your health?


Gluten-free diet fad: Are celiac disease rates actually rising?
Peronally, I find that free-range eggs, sesame, sunflower seeds, almonds, and soya milk are more easily digested than meats. Drink plenty of good water instead of all that tea and coffee. Thank you, Sharon and Jess, for your helpful suggestions! Dairy-free is often recommended by naturopaths, in combination with the wheat-free diet. However, some people are even sensitive to oats, so be careful with these. Equally lazy, but savoury.

A Medical Mystery…

Celiac Disease Testing and Diagnosis

I am a 26 year old female normally very fit and active and I have reached a similar point as Mary. I luckily believe i have identified a link with gluten and other foods but its taken some doing and a lot of time and severe symptoms and i have had some flare ups as i am currently coping with at the moment. Still trying to pursuade both doctors and family that there is a link has been one of the hardest parts without being labelled as a bit loopy! I have now started support with a nutritionist who uses kinesiology tests and surprise surprise has helped to back up that I cannot eat certain things; one being wheat, and Informing me that my tests show severe problems with my stomach, digestion and possible my endocrine system.

Its going to take a lot of time to get better-mentally and physically but I will keep you posted. All the best wishes. Does this mean that both elevated and low MCV indicate B12 deficiency or was there a typo? Osborne, I had a very similar experience recently. My head was spinning. I had high blood sugars, my legs and ankles were swollen with adema, and yet I was dehydrated.

I had a urinary tract infection which went undiagnosed until the summer when as a self-paying patient with no insurance, I had put off the test until July or August even when my medical team urged me to get tested. I had horrible chronic fatigue and pain. Because I had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease since I accepted this chronic pain as what I have to put up with.

But my tolerance for pain decreased at that time since the beginning of I was on maximum oral medication for diabetes including Metformin mg and Glyburide 10 mg both x 2 per day, along with blood pressure medication and a statin drug to reduce my cholesterol and a lousy bottle of pain medicine that barely touches the surface of my pain which is an anti-seizure drug called Topiramate. Well, I left my job and fortunately, when I applied for Unemployment Compensation, based on leaving my job for medical reasons and miss-treatment on the job, I was able to collect compensation but only until end of December I had gone around and around with doctors and got as much treatment as I could as a self-paying patient.

I had my liver diagnosed with an ultra sound because I felt it was enlarged. Then I had my urinary tract infection diagnosed and treated. I was exhausted with chronic pain and chronic fatigue. I requested an increase in my thyroid hormone medicine and my prescription was tweaked to increase the hormone just a little from.

I was warned that my increasing the hormone that it could make my bones more brittle. By January i started getting bone fractures in my feet. Of course, I weighed approximately and my medical teams have been more than willing to blame everything about my health on my weight. But I never had stress fractures before. This is what I did to change everything.

I went to the University of Bridgeport Naturopath Clinic and I filled out the intake paperwork and listed all my problems and I told the doctor assigned to me, that I have so many problems I cannot remember them all. We know diabetics have a lot of trouble with inflammation. And we are putting you on a liver detox program with hydro therapy to improve your circulation so that your skin wounds can heal. Either way, my inflammation in my mind was the result of bone problems, pain from bones, and digestive problems.

I was put on an elimination diet to eliminate: Within days I felt a burst of energy. I even felt sexual energy that I had not felt my entire life. My mind fog began to clear up. The only thing with this kind of restricted diet, I could not always figure out what to eat besides boiled squash, salad and lean meat chicken or fish.

But over time, I have gotten used to it. Sure, I have my bad days, but not too many of them. I have had a few instances of eating bread and butter and then I felt aweful afterwards. After doing this elimination diet for 3 months my liver enzymes went from down to I have recently reviewed my blood tests even back to when my liver enzymes were and that was before taking the shit load of diabetic medications prescribed to me over the years since I was diagnosed as a diabetic in April I have never taken my statin drug consistently but made a conscious decision to quit the drug entirely this year.

Because of that my endocrinology doctor refused to test me for cholesterol. The message is that she is not liable for ruining my liver with the statin drug, so she does not need to measure my cholesterol. Fortunately, my primary care doctor has order a test for cholesterol.

I am improved as to pain and chronic fatigue, but the battle is not over because I still need to take diabetic medicine and I believe I am one of those patients with the MTHFR gene defect whereas I cannot release toxins from my body without the enzymes.

Because I ran out of the enzymes in the past month and I began to feel very sick again. I understand the importance of diet and enzymes and also the damage caused by conventional drugs for my Type 2 Diabetes and the cocktail of other drugs for other metabolic problems. Last year I fell on ice and herniated a disc in my back.

I had surgery to repair after months of pain. I had great difficulty recovering from the surgery. I already knew or suspected I was lactose intolerant. Since that time I am almost always gluten free. When I eat the smallest amount of gluten or dairy I get a lot of mucous in my throat making it hard to talk. With no more gluten this lasts 3 or 4 days. Now my daughter, age 22, has been diagnosed with Crohns this past week.

She says she has diarrhea mixed with constipation. She is very ill and going on steroids. She is very pale and very fatigued. Please forward to me any helpful suggestions. I cannot seem to find anybody in my area with knowledge of Mthfr ct to assist me in my healthy endeavors. I am reading everything I can to help myself, changed diet, exercise 3x a week, I quit my job, I could not think anymore due to my brain not working.

Got off folic acid onto meth5 works for me thanks dr ben Lynch online mthfr. I am a little better, but not good as I would like. I now have gallbladder issues, bone spurs everywhere, arthritis, my bladder was checked for cancer 2 times, my breasts the same, folic acid is not my or probably anyones friend. Fyi folic acid is put in everything due to our crappy government almost, it is a cheap synthetic form of folate!

I tried the phone consult with a nutritionist from manhattan but after the 30 min consult she has yet to get back to me. Any advice will be great! A lifetime of misdiagnosis. Sickly child who doctors simply referred to as a nervous nelly. I was a mere 80 when I graduated high school. A dermatologist who laughed and told me I was allergic to housework. I could go on. Thank you for the information about the B12 testing, my levels come up normal but I have always doubted the accuracy of the test.

All my life I had stomach trouble, chronic constipation, bloating, etc. At age 50, I was feeling more tired than usual and woke up one day with bruises up and down my arms. My doctor sent me to a hematologist, who promptly diagnosed me with ITP and put me on steroids for 6 months. During that time, I asked about nutrition, and he said nutrition would not help me. I have since found a nutrition doctor that has tested me and found me to be gluten sensitive, allergic to dairy and yeast.

As long as I eat right, all is good. Nutrition is so important. And I have found that we need to be our own advocate! Thanks for looking out for us, Dr. Hi Dr O I would give my eye teeth to consult with you. I am suffering so greatly that i too feel constantly suicidal. My story is very long and complex and relates to all the posts above.

Essentially what I want to say is that when I was tested correctly to find out all deficiencies and these were corrected i felt awesome.

Each time through various circumstances my health has been derailed restoring it has always been through very high nutrition. At this point I am so toxic and deficient, short of enzymes and minerals, have osteopaenia, CFS,Leaky gut,viral illness,B12 problems, immune dysfunction, nervous system issues and on and on. A year ago I was in a way better state. Thanks for reading though I know it is not very specific. Can you tell me where I can get that food sensitivity test run as I googled it and cant seem to find it.

Also wondering the best ways to test b12, magnesium and digestive enymnes. Can I ask one more thing. With all your info on rice and corn nit being gluten free why do all the world leaders in gluten i.

Tom Obryan, Rodney ford, Dr Perlmutter all say these grains are gluten free. Why also do they not recommend gene testing.

As far as the other good doctors and their opinions, I cannot comment. I can only say that gluten by definition is in all grains. The type of gluten that most doctors focus in on is called alpha gliadin found in wheat, barley, and rye.

Unfortunately it is only 1 out of thousands of different types of gluten. Why the research on corn, rice, and other gluten containing grains continues to be ignored by the masses is beyond me. I have had celiac disease for two years now. It started by me feeling very tired every day. I went to see by primary doctor and he had me take a blood test. That showed that I had anemia. So he set me up with a colonoscopy and endoscopy; colon was fine but results from the endoscopy show that I had celiac disease.

I have been feeling better but recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I start chemo in a few days and I would like to know what you recommend in way of vitamins to take to keep me strong while I go through this. My chemo doctor has prescribed a few drugs to prevent nausea. Any help would be appreciated. The best thing to do is get with a functional medicine doctor. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery. I will tell my story in short. I am a 67year old women. I was in pain for about 15 to 20 years.

I walked with crutches, my tommy was not okay. I looked on Google, and saw something about Gluten. No I am Gluten free. I walk without crutches, I have no pain, I drink no pills. My tummy is ok. Here in SA in this small town of Parys, no doctor could help me. I am young in my heart an can do lot of things. Thanks to Dr O. Thanks so much for sharing your positive story.

So glad to hear you are doing so well. All the best, Dr. Osborne, About 4 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and given medication that was forced to leave due to extreme side effects. I consulted with an Ayurvedic doctor and started an Ayurvedic formula and diet. Did well for a while but the inflammation in my joints persisted.

I travel a lot for work and it was difficult to maintain my diet during travel. I started a gluten free diet about a month ago and was forced to start taking Hydroxychloroquine Plaquenil due to continuing having flair ups, no energy and depression despite my diet and taking vitamins.

Is there a certain kind of test you recommend? Hi Yolanda, Sorry to hear of your health troubles. You can always call my office and set up a time to talk. O This is Angela. I have just been told by one of my daughters that I look like I am starving.

My husband thinks the same and I have to agree. I am extremely thin, without much fat at all. My sternum is showing. I need to gain some weight but I am not sure how to go about it, being gluten free. I am sure getting back in the gym with dancing classes would help, but that is not enough.

Can you offer some advice? Avocado, coconut, almonds, beef tallow, extra virgin oils, etc. You should also consider having your doctor check you for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Often times a deficiency can hinder your ability for anabolic growth and weight gain. Gluten affects me totally even though the doctors say I'm not Celiac the stool test says I am highly intolerant.

I get mouth sores, itchy, fatigue, depression, headaches, swollen tongue, and probably some that I've forgotten. Then I started eating breads again and other foods not on the program. This is when I started getting mouth sores and swollen tongue I thought I may be allergic to something but all my tests came back negative.

Then my immunologist decided to see recheck my thyroid levels I'm Hypothyroid and it came back at 8. After researching online, books and other reference sources all of what I read came down to the fact that even if you are not technically allergic to gluten if you have Hashimoto's you need to be gluten free because the gluten will continue to excelerate the destruction of your thyroid and your symptoms will just get worse.

Datis Kharrazian I got alot of information from him and loved his book. He also has a detox program that takes you off most known foods that people are allergic to and then has you slowly re-introduce them to see how your body reacts. Don't forget about all the other possible things that may affect you; high fructose corn syrup, artifical sweetners, too much sugar, potatos, soy, corn, etc.

And even if you can find a really good gluten free substitute for breads, muffins, cookies, cakes, bagels, etc. Breads should be used very little throughout the day and treats like cupcakes, chips, etc should be a treat not an everyday affair. My nutritionist told me that most make the mistake of loading up their cabinets with "Gluten Free" alternatives thinking their healthy but they should be concentrating on organic meats, veggies and fruits.

And to those of you who are dairy free if you havent tried Silk's Almond Milk or Blue Diamond Almond Milk in the cold section it is creamer than regular milk. Our family uses the original flavor since the vanilla almond milk has twice the sugar. It makes amazing smoothies! Kitty 15 March 12 I just read all these posts and the similarities to my situation tells me it is no coincidence.

I have horrible mouth ulcers and the white lines - "Wickhams striatae" which usually define Oral Lichen Planus and i kept thinking it had to be related to diet. As a vegetarian it is always a challenge to find adequate protein, so i began to use many more of the high protein meat substitutes which are mostly wheat gluten.

I am going completely gluten free as of today. Marie 10 March 12 To follow-up on the toothpaste suggestions above, sodium laurel sulfate SLS is a detergent used in laundry detergents and in most toothpastes to make the toothpaste foamy.

For some people, this detergent in toothpaste is an irritant and contributes to mouth ulcers. Several years ago I switched to a SLS-free toothpaste Biotene and saw a marked improvement in the frequency, size, and duration of my mouth ulcers.

If I bite my lip or cheek I may still get a small one, but it is smaller and goes away faster. Before you change your whole diet going gluten-free, try just changing your toothpaste first and see if that helps -- this one small change made a big difference for me!

Anne 5 March 12 To feedback to everyone my experience I had lower abdominal pain and had blood tests with negative results for anything wrong. I had an ultrasound and there was nothing 'physically' wrong with me I made a food journal and noted how I felt at the time of eating. THis was a 6 month process that allowed me to realise bread was a culprit. Further research pointed me to possible gluten issues.

I cut out gluten. I felt like I was walking on air If you want to do this and short-cut the process of eating journal etc then go ahead and try a gluten free diet Your body gets VERY used to not having gluten anymore and even the slightest amount makes you feel V.

When I do get caught-out with a hidden gluten ingredient, I get ulcers straight away and sometimes swollen glands with it Stu - Aylesbury, Bucks. I had always attributed it to all the tomato sauce on pasta and citrus that I eat my family has Italian roots so pasta and bread are very common.

For years I was vegetarian, and for awhile now I've been vegan, and 1 Feb I cut out gluten and since then no ulcers. I find it incredible that as soon as I stopped eating it, the three or four I had disappeared almost immediately. I experimented with it over the summer, stopped, they went away, and then I started eating it again, and ulcers returned.

My sister thinks I'm making it up for attention, but she's never had to deal with a few little sores in her mouth making her whole body ache. My mum supports me though, which is wonderful. I started to use garbanzo bean flour in baking, and I love it! Victoria 26 February 12 Me again Just read the post about toothpaste. I also found toothpaste to be problematic. I think you will find it is the SLFs as my mouth was constantly sore when using regular toothpaste Try switching to toothpaste from the health food shop All these work well for me.

Blonde Biker 9 February 12 I too was suffering with mouth ulcers quite frequently, also pain in my left ear and swollen glands. I would also frequently have a very sore scalp, as if it were sunburnt. One day I realised that these mouth ulcers always followed eating popcorn I also realised that once I started to eat popcorn I always had to finish the whole bag, so was obviously finding it a bit addictive. I cut out popcorn and the moth ulcers improved but many of the other symptoms were still present to some degree.

I then realised that I was also quite addicted to Tortillas, another corn product. So now not eating my 2 favourite snack foods I was seeing improvent, but not a complete lack of symptoms. It is amazing just how much corn creeps into our diets. Sauces and gravies thickened with corn flour affected me So maybe this could also be a problem for some of you sufferers out there If I have problems now I look back over what I have recently eaten and always find some corn product to be the culprit.

I advise you to do some research to discover the many names for corn derivatives Blonde Biker 9 February 12 I've had canker sores for years. The dentist said it's a virus, prescribed Valtrex for when they were really bad. The theory is that when you are fighting an infection or cold of some sort, you can get a cold sore or canker sore. Well -- I finally stopped using a toothpaste with flouride, and that helped tremendously. I don't think it's the actual flouride, because I use a flouride rinse that doesn't seem to bother me, but something that happens to also be in toothpast with flouride.

I'm using Melaleuca non-flouride toothpaste. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, too, and I thought "ah ha! Until I could get more, I started using this other toothpaste I have, and within days I got 3 canker sores.

I'm stopping it now -- it's too painful otherwise. For me, it wasn't the gluten, but whatever was in the toothpaste. But, if I think about it, could be gluten, because the ingredients say Tocopherol, which is sometimes derived from wheat, although not necessarily. All I know is that eating gluten-free but using the flouride toothpaste caused the ulcers to come back Michelle 6 February 12 what a miracle that i found this site!

I have 30 ulcers at the moment and a lump under my jaw, which from reading the above sounds like its a swollen gland.

I started eating porridge for breakfast last week and have been baking my own bread, so I'm thinking it's gluten. However, one doctor suggested he cut out crisps - he was so desperate he has cut out ALL potato - with success!!! He has had one or two small ulcers when he had a bad cold - but nothing compared to what he used to suffer with - he has been potato and ulcer free now for about 3 months. Its worth a try for you!!

Angie 13 January 12 I am finally free of mouth ulcers, I have suffered with chronic mouth ulcers my entire life as well as various other allergies and doctors couldn't tell me why. Within two weeks of seeing an holistic doctor and giving up gluten I no longer had mouth ulcers, it really was that simple.

Swapping over to a gluten free diet is not difficult and the relief is just amazing. Glenda 2 January 12 Gluten has always been an issue, its just that very few people were aware of it and there was no internet to do your own research.

In the 50's young children with undiagnosed gluten intolerance were put on a diet of only bananas and improved greatly, but were told after several years that they were cured and could eat normally again. Symptoms can take years to return, but the damage being done to the small intestine continues and the repercussions can be debilitating.

I have been gluten free for 2. Mouth ulcers were not a problem really but I suffered from the skin rash, DH, which plagued me from my earliest years, mostly appearing on my knees, elbows, scalp and lower spine - it was itchy and uncomfortable and unsightly and completely misdiagnosed for 48 years. You don't have to be diagnosed with celiac disease to have a reaction to gluten - it can be gluten sensitivity as well. I do not remember gluten being an issue years ago.

Dena Thompson 1 December 11 I has terrible mouth ulcers and ended up having a very bad B12 and iron deficiency. They never figured out why. The ulcers returned a few months ago - I stop eating bread and they disappear LizB 15 September 11 I use Mc Leans Mouthwash to avoid mouth ulcers due to Gluten allergy.

I try to keep to a Gluten free diet but when I inadvertently eat Gluten and a mouth ulcer appears, Mcleans Mothwash fixes the ulcers overnight. Faith van Dam 12 September 11 I had regular mouth ulcers all my life, sometimes for no apparent reason, but invariably if I bit my mouth or scratched my throat swallowing something sharp.

Probably once a month or so. Then about two years ago I went on a low carb diet which in practice was gluten free bread, pasta etc obviously not low carb! Mouth ulcers stopped completely. The only one I've had is quite recently and I strongly suspect it was a result of a restaurant meal I ordered a salad but I'm pretty sure there were scraps of bread in it. It is worth saying that I never experienced any GI upset that I'd related to gluten and also that I had had a celiac blood test while still eating gluten which was negative, so gluten sensitivity is not necessarily picked up on standard tests or symptoms.

Also interesting is that my hayfever is significantly better since going gluten free. Clearly gluten is causing the immune system to overreact in some way. I'm convinced it's worth anyone with GI or immune issues trying a gluten free diet. Lou 16 August 11 I have a daughter diagnosed 24 years ago with Coeliac Disease. Mouth ulcers and dental enamel defects are both symptoms of undiagnosed Coeliac Disease, among a whole host of other symptoms both common and less common.

Before being tested for Coeliac Disease, you must not go on a gluten free diet. If you do, the blood test results cannot detect the antibodies in the blood and the results will come back negative.

A small bowel biopsy should follow if the blood test indicates that antibodies are elevated. The preparation for testing is the equivalent of 4 slices of wheat bread daily for 6 weeks prior to the blood test. Sandra 5 July 5 July 11 Kelley - I have suffered for 17 years with chronic mouth ulcers and have just recently cut out gluten and I haven't had any mouth ulcers going on 1 week - YEAH!

Pete 19 June 11 I just came upon this website and information. I have now had severe mouth ulcers for about 2 months. They come and stay for a good 4 to 7 days, maybe they go away for 2 to 3 days and I think "hallelujah" and then to my dismay, they return.

Needless to say they are very painful painful while eating, painful while talking, brushing my teeth is a real nuisance. I think if nothing else, I am going to try a gluten free diet.

It sure can't hurt. I recently had allergy testing nd was advised to eliminate, wheat, gluten, dairy products. Having totally changed my diet, the mouth ulcers totally disappeared. I'm living and learning! I am about to see my GP to be tested for Coeliac Disease but in the meantime my diet will consist of rice, fish, white meat and fruit Usually happened in the roof of my mouth exposing my sinuses to infection.

After getting on some natural immune boosters and staying away from gluten and milk very strictly my mouth ulcers got much much better sometimes my usual out door allergies to flowers and stuff blooming will flare it up but i also use the "Neti Pot" seeing it on Oprah Show with Dr.

Oz with the salt rinse in it and 2 drops of whats called "GSE- grape seed extract" its a bacteria killer. When i stick to this i feel much better!! I can actually function Ash 26 May 11 It is so bizarre to me that people would prefer mouth ulcers to giving up bread It tastes exactly the same. Also make everything yourself. Your body will thank you. Stop being lazy and change you life. Brie 12 May 11 Ihave had allergies all of my 65 years. I could eat all foods until about 10 years ago.

My throat swelled when eating mellons or alvacados. Last summer tne inside of my mouth not tongue started swelling when I ate tomatos. Now my mouth swells when eating blue berries, a salad or crab cakes. I got a Kenalog shot 3 months ago, allergy shots every 3 weeks, allergy pills twice a day.

Rascal 65 17 January 11 This is so interesting to read. My Mum is coelliac and I was tested at 16 to see if I was and the test result was negative and I wasnt allergic which was a relief! Over the last year or so Im now 32 I keep getting a really bad mouth ulcer more like a swelling than a classic mouth ulcer on the roof of my mouth just behind my front left tooth. Probably on average once a month. Its the same place everytime it occurs and it is so painful.

Bongela doesnt do much apart from numb it for about 10 minutes but it lasts for about a week. It hurts to eat. Having read the above Im going to start a food diary and keep you posted! LucyS32 14 January 11 I've had mouth ulcers since I turned a teenager, I'm 22 now, they last anywhere from a week to two weeks and are SO sore.

Recently I have had the worst mouth ulcers I've ever experienced, lasting 2 weeks, four on the bottom side of my tongue in a little collection making it very painful and hard to talk and eat and more at the tip of my tongue, I had a very bad diet so that wouldn't have helped. My mom said she experienced the same and they went in her thirties: Louise88 3 January 11 Yep - same.

Lisa 30 November 10 I had mouth ulcers pretty regularly since I was a little kid. I tested negative for celiac disease, but tried a gluten free diet anyway. The ulcers went away almost straight away. I've got them a couple of times when I've accidentally had gluten, but never apart from that. I think there's definitely a link. Not sure if it's generally an allergy link, or from being run down from allergies, or if it's gluten specifically.

For me gluten solved the problem though. Plus I lost weight, feel more relaxed and less anxious and generally much better. Amy 20 November 10 I tested negative for a wheat sensitivity when using a blood test. I found a lab who would do bowel movement test sorry for the graphic description, but I know the next question would be 'what was the test'.

I gave up Gluten about 6 months ago and have been much better. They are not gone completely, but much milder It is definitely worth trying It is more expensive to feed your family Gluten-free--espcially if you still want pasta and desserts.

I still miss my bagels, but not much else. Holly 11 November 10 Gluten free diet has stopped my mouth sores that I've been having for 15 years. You really have to commit to NO gluten. Many things include it in their ingredients, but you have to read labels, ask questions when dining out and be very aware of what you put in your mouth.

Some are so sensitive, they cannot use the same utensil that has touched something with gluten in it. Give it a try I had a full blood check and they found nothing. It was a gut instinct no pun intended! I cut out all sorts of foods over the following months, fruit, diary.. I then read about gluten on here and cut if out so bread went and as much as I could find that contained gluten. It started to clear and I was finally free from ulcer pain for two weeks..

I had to check everything but they went. So for me, i'm not coealic according to docs test but gluten is not good for me at all. I had some pitta bread the other day and often cant resist the urge for bread.. However, I dont know if its getting better but i can tolerate very small doses. Some days i've had something with gluten like a buscuit or crisps and i'm fine but if i have bread a couple of days running its back.

I'm learning the levels but its still difficult. I always loved fresh bread I'm slim but always had a bloated tummy after eating it So feel for anyone reading this with mouth ulcers Which means they never really diagnosed me with anything, just called it IBS because they couldn't find anything wrong. I have double over stomach aches with alternating diarrhea or constipation and it's been that way since I was an infant. So started taking a complex.

Been great for 3 years. Then out of the blue started having bad urinary tract issues. Turned out I was reacting to the vit b.

Has to stop taking it. I was good for 5 months but the ulsers have started again. Started a lower does of the vit b, but urinary tract problems start within a few days of taking it.

My aunt is a acupunturist and herbalist. She was telling me about Gulton damaging the vitamin uptake system in your gut which causes a vitamin deficiance thus causing the ulsers on your tongue. She told me to start with just the oral lozenges a couple times a day of vit b Unfortunaly, same story for me. But maybe they might work for someone else that is less sensitive. I guess I'll try the gluten free diet. See what happends, maybe it will fix my IBS too. Thanks for the insights. My doctors assured me that it had nothing to do with menopause which I though might be the link.

I started testing foods and over a few months, I began to see a pattern. Anytime I ate anything with nuts, any nut, I got ulcers and burning of my lips. Once again my doctors told me that nut allergies do not react this way. When I do start to get one, I know I have eaten something with nuts or nut oil. We are all different and our doctors sometimes forget that. I have some kind of nut allergy. I don't break out in hives, I don't swell up.

I get mouth and tongue ulcers. Pecans are the worst for me. So I will continue to watch what I eat and if i get an ulcer and know for a fact that I haven't had any nuts, then that food gets crossed off my list of things to eat.

Food allergies are sometimes the culprit to mouth ulcers. Run you own tests. Keep a journal to see when you break out and then look at what you had eaten the day before. Help yourself and remember, we all don't always fit into our doctor's book of classic symptoms for allergies. Lynn 28 September 10 Heather-I experience mouth ulcers within minutes of consuming gluten or wheat products, followed by yeast infections and horrific cramps when my menstrual cycle begins.

I can pinpoint the exact thing s that I ate which causes these problems. Ofcourse, the mouth ulcers last for at least two weeks like your husbands and can sometimes show up much later than within minutes. It makes a lot of sense to me at least that he has sores if he "cheated.

Also, every doctor I went to said there was nothing wrong with me even though I had yeast infections for a year and a half and mouth ulcers my whole life. I had to take it upon myself to diagnose this. I hope he feels better soon! Brianna 22 September 10 Hi All, I'm posting this on behalf of my husband, although he doesn't know it yet. He seems to have suffered most of his life with a few canker sores here and there he's 31 now.

One time about 11 years ago he suffered from a food poisoning incident that sent him to the hospital with severe stomach pains. When he was in the hospital all of the doctor's asked if he had Celiac or Chron's which he answered no. Then a few years later his canker sores started getting worse and worse per incident. When the episodes happen they tended to be approximately months apart and last for approximately days.

Again like some of you, he will get some sores that are very large in size in addition. In the winter he went to a naturopath who recommended he basically not eat anything but meat, fruit, veg, fish, and nuts. When he decided to do the basically gluten-free diet that the naturopath recommended he noticed a huge difference in really not having any episodes.

The problem is that he has a mouth-full right now, despite doing the whole diet thing for at least 3 months. Now he did "cheat" a few weeks ago for one piece of bread small - but really good! I am always so concerned about him not being able to eat or talk for almost 2 weeks during these episodes. It also is always associated with some sort of weight loss, added on to the 30 lbs he lost since starting on the gluten-free diet It's a fairly big strain on our family when this occurs, and I know the stress it causes him socially as well.

I'd love to solve this one for him, take his pain away, but we seem to consistently hit roadblocks. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated. Thank you, and good luck to you all in your search. As someone who may not suffer the exact pain, it is definitly hard to watch your loved one suffer. My heart goes out to you all. As Doctor could not understand he further investigated and found out I have brittle bone desease due to gluten allergy. Gluten allergy prevent obsorbing clucium and other vitamins.

If you have gluten allergy do treat it properly unless you want shutter all your bones and other serious illness. Beer has malted grain so is off the list, too, unless you can find one of the gluten-free beers. Another affect of giving up the wheat I've lost a couple of stone in weight: Give the wheat a miss and see if you feel any better for it.

Mike 24 June 10 hi, i am a co-sufferer with mouth ulcers all the time in my mouth I found this website quite interesting. PP 23 June 10 HI there folks suffering with like myself. Hope this helps at least one person. Beth Beth 13 April 10 Yes, gluten-free can be difficult; even many types of candy contain gluten! I often tried to find rice-based substitutes instead - they were relatively cheap, and usually quite tasty.

For example, rice cakes, vermicelli which is, I believe, rice-based pasta , rice crackers, etc. Gluten-free bread can be quite bland and difficult to put into a toaster I find it crumbles but there are breads available.

If you prefer to do your own baking, there are a number of gluten-free flours. Try it for a week or two just to see, and if nothing changes, go back to bread!

Jess 12 April 10 Rinsing with pure hydrogen peroxide a couple of times a day really helps get rid of them.

Monica 12 April 10 Thanks for your comments,it makes sense. I am currently trying to go without gluten,but don,t think I will last long as I find gluten free products ie,bread etc,very bland and also pricey.

I know that mouth ulcers have been connected with things like IBS and other intestinal problems; however, lots of people don't think they have intestinal problems or only suffer mild discomfort.

All of the doctors I went to asked me if I had IBS or celiac's disease, and I said no; therefore, gluten problems are dismissed. It's worth a try though.

I cut back on gluten and sugar and mine cleared right up. I started eating gluten again and about a week later some showed up again Jess 1 April 10 i cannot believe all these testimonials the times i have been to the doctors regarding mouth ulcers not once did they tell me about the effects of gluten. She asked me lots of questions and did some routine tests. She contacted a gastro doctor and he wanted me kept over night.

However the doctor said that I would be okay to go home to my own bed tonight and return next day for further tests with the gastro doctor. So heres hoping they will find something which explains my severe mouth ulcers and my bowl movements. The anemia really had no particular symptoms, and I wouldn't have known I had it except for blood results during routine medical exams over the years. I went off gluten 10 years ago and the mouth sores and the anemia went away and haven't returned.

TomF 11 March 10 I suffer with very painfull mouth ulcers at the moment at the back of my tongue, roof of my mouth and down my throat. I also have bad IBS with lots of blood! My blood tests have come back normal and the doctor is stumped and has referred me to the hospital. I think I may be intolorent to Gluten. What do others think? I am away to try a gluten free diet as of today. Its tough without a diagnosis as I would get food on prescription but I will give it a go and see if the ulcers go!

Chris S 10 March 10 Can gluten intolerance cause only mouth sores and no other symptoms? I'm currently trying a gluten-free diet because nothing else seems to work. I'm just curious if anyone else has just suffered from mouth ulcers and not bowel problems, etc.

I didn't know what I could have been doing to cause them, but this morning, I was about to raid the cookie jar for some delicious chocolate cookies my wife recently brought home.

Something made me ask her were they gluten-free, and she said no, they are made with wheat flour.

Things I Wish I Knew When First Going Gluten and Dairy Free